Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm Still Here!

It would appear that momma has abandoned my bloggie. I was worried that she wouldn't post again until I'd crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, so I persuaded her to allow me a brief "howdy" to let my pals know that I am still alive and kicking.

Overall, things are pretty good for me. I've had a bit of a time with a nasty business known as SLO, but with frequent visits to the vet and the occasional wearing of a boot and limited activity, I've managed to get along. Sometimes I am forced to wear a sock, but I make the best of it. Hey, it's a look.

Why does momma say I have big clown feet?

However, a line was crossed when momma tied a poop bag to my leg.

Please don't ever do that again, momma.

I help momma make sure the birds are well fed and have fresh water for splashing about.

Hurry, momma, it looks like you let the birdie water freeze again!

Speaking of water, I had plenty of trips to the cement pond next door over the summer. 

Labradorable to the max!

And I still go to daycare a couple of times a week (well, that is when my middle aged leggies aren't feeling owie). Momma says the daycare people must thing she beats me since I never want to come home at the end of the day. 

This place is the best!

Did you forget what momma looks like? 

Hard to smile when there don't appear to be noms anywhere around.

Most mornings, I meet up with my BFF, Rocky, for walkies. Seems the proper human greeting in such cases is "Did he poop yet?"

Come on, buddy, let's find something to pee on.
Speaking of walkies, I still recall the day, some two years ago when momma made a promise to me that unless one of us was injured or the walking conditions were just too dangerous, we would never miss a walkie again. Momma has struggled with her own ouchie foot, so sometimes we go neither far nor fast, but she's kept her promise.

I don't really mind slow walks. It gives me plenty of time to get loving from just about everybody we meet.

Oh yeah, that's the spot.

As a bonus, we get to scope out all the holiday decorations during our after dark excursions. Momma had to buy a new headlamp because she has something called cat attacks in her eyes which make it harder for her to see where she's going. She also bought yours truly a brand new blinker which is much brighter than my old one and also (as we have determined through inclement weather walkies) totally water proof.

Wonder if that chimney leads to an underground dwelling.

But the point is that any walkie, no matter how short or slow, is better than no walkie, right?

And, oh happy day, after months and months of pulled muscles, oozy toes, and general malaise, the tennis ball is back! Sure, I only do eight or ten retrieves (as opposed to the 87,000 of my youth), but it feels swell to be dashing around the yard again and hear momma squeal with delight.

Oh how I have missed you, wonderful, yellow orb.

Finally, here's a seasonally appropriate photo for you to enjoy. Hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday season.

This is a lipstick free zone.



  1. are our hope for a a better world! Now that your Momma has blogged for you, perhaps we can humiliate the dumb old mumb to blog for us before the first of January twentyfifteen. Maybe. Sigh. It was so good hearing about your adventures and knowing that your foot is a bit better. Best Holiday wishes to you and all your fambly.

    Gus n Teka

  2. Dexter, this has been a wonderful week. A couple of days ago we heard from our old friend Asta for the first time in ages on the blog, and now you. So pleased to hear that things are going OK, give or take the odd ouchie foot, and that the walks promise has been upheld.
    It has to be said that you do not exactly look full of seasonal cheer in that final photo, but I guess we must give you points for at least making an effort.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Speaking as one whose mom has also stopped blogging, I do appreciate what Bertie just said, but I don't know how to make my mom make it a triple header. We follow your every move on FB, dear Dex, and are so glad that we can at least keep in touch that way. Happy holiday season to you and your momma and to all the angels we all love! Wirey kisses, Just Harry

  4. OMD FURST we hear from ASTA... and NOW... from YOU... THIS is a GRAND WEEK fur SURE... BUDDY you have NO IDEA how much you are MISSED around Blogville...
    We are sending you and your PEEPS our Wishes fur a MERRY HAPPY Holiday Season... and a FABULOUS New YEAR...

  5. I'm glad you're doing well Dexter! I'm sorry about both of your foot problems! I'm glad you still get to go for your walkies.

  6. Wowie.....We's sure missed you. My blogging has cut back too because my ASSistant has been so busy takin' care of my sicky human sissy wit da Lupus! Butt...we's still here too!

    You look good even with the wonky foot!

    Wishin you a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

  7. Absolutely fantastic to hear from you! Sorry about the legs, but you're so right any walk has to be a good walk.

    We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that 2015 is the year the legs improve!

  8. Hey Dex, Pal, it's great to see you and get news right from your good self! I am so familiar with those leg issues, socks, no tennis balls, etc, etc... But the ball does return if one is lucky and my advice is to enjoy every throw!


  9. We just love that picture of you with your SuperHuge smile, Dexter! Merry Christmas to you and your Momma and Master!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. It's good to hear you are doing well Dex. Our mom reads your mom's book blog and likes to check out some of those books. Have a great Christmas if we don't hear from you again before the big man comes.

  11. So nice to see you, Dexter. Sorry to hear about the SLO - those darn nails. But it is good to see that you still get some good ball time with Mom. Happy Holidays from all of us.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Hi Dexter! It's so nice to hear from you. We're glad you're doing well, 'cept for your legs. We hope you and your mom have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. :)

  13. Oh Dexter! So lovely to see your face again.
    Happy Holidays ++ Merry Christmas and may the New Year brings lotta walkies for you and your mommy ++ lotta lovely nommies for you :D

  14. Oh Dex! You've been missed, as gas your mom's humor and wit! Lovely to hear from you!

  15. It is always a wonderful day when I can see your most handsome labraface Dex!! Hope the toe owies ease up for the winter!!!

  16. Howdy Dex, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mate. Sorry about the foot trouble but paws crossed it will feel better in the New Year. Take care on your slippery walks. Hope Father Christmas brings you a nice juicy bone or a lump of coal, whichever is appropriate hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. So nice of you to pop in, we've missed you both! Happy Holidays!

  18. It's wonderful to hear about your lives. I'm so sorry about your SLO, Dexter. But, I'm thrilled that you can play fetch again. I have to say that you look incredibly happy in almost every photo (except for the no nommies one). Have a great holiday season!

  19. A furry merry Christmas to you Dex and your Mom and those frozen birdies. We too are frozen and we are meant to be having summer. We are demanding a refund. Great to hear from you. Woofs , Bodie and the Pesky Euan

  20. What serendipity! We haven't been able to get mama to open the yaptop to even check on our bloggie friends for months, and when she finally does - there you are! We're so sorry to hear about your SLO [a new disease to us], but glad to see you appear to be recovering. Jed had a malignant growth removed from his bum a couple of months ago. Most recent check-up was good, so paws crossed it doesn't return. Apparently his kind has a tendency to do that. He still has major auto-immune issues, of course. This was rough year for him. Abby is pretty much the same. Our faces are getting whiter and Abby has developed high blood pressure, but for now it's controlled with diet. Mama continues to deteriorate. If she crosses the Bridge before we do, we're coming to live with you.

    How are Oliver and the human grandpups? Merry Christmas to you all. Not sure if we'll get our recycled cards out this year or not, but we think of you [and the RH] with great affection.

  21. Hi Dexter! You've made a fashion statement out of the poop bag tied to the paw. Momma did the same to me when it was rainy here. Wahhhh!

    Welcome back?!!? (Hopefully?)

    Monty and Harlow

  22. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to see yoo!!! sorry abowt the slo that is no fun!!! that wuz wun of tuckers menny ishyooz and he offen had to ware a bootie or a sock a lot of the time too but it didnt slow him down mutch and i am glad to see it duz not slow yoo down eether!!! mary krismas in advanse!!! ok bye

  23. Well, duh. We totally missed this. It's so nice to see you, Dex! We're all pretty good here. Bart got his toe stolen by the vet and he doesn't even miss it. Ruby is creaky and bossy as ever and I'm just a fun guy with lots of girlfriends. Lefe is good. We hope you enjoyed your holiday!


  24. That's a great Christmas picture. We enjoyed your card, as well. It's funny to see you sitting right there, next to the birdie in the birdbath. He must be your Avian BFF or something! Hope that foot problem is nothing too serious, so you don't suffer the indignity of poop bag foot attire too often!

  25. Wonderful update - wonderful Wonder dog !! and Momma! I wish you all the best for the New Year!

  26. Hey, Dexter (ah, you'll always be PeeWee to me) I just found your letter and you're looking fine. Don't worry about the poop bag on your food, a little purple is always dashing on a black dog. We have almost given up blogging too, but I really miss it even though my Mom says she doesn't. We may get back to it some time soon. In the meantime, take care of yourself and your Mum.
    Your pal, Stella

  27. Dear Dexter,

    I have been following your antics ever since the Relentlessly Huge blog. I hardly ever commented, but I enjoyed all the entries on both blogs!

    I hope the family is all well and bouncy. I saw this sweet article about a mastiff doing the agilities and I thought you might enjoy it.

    Happy Holidays from a long time reader, and thank you for all the joy the blogs have brought me!

  28. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hoping you are both doing very well. Wish you both the best!

  29. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. We can see you like helping feed the birdies and you were so close to one. Have a wonderful rest of your week and hopefully no more poop bags will be attached to your legs.
    World of Animals