Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm Still Here!

It would appear that momma has abandoned my bloggie. I was worried that she wouldn't post again until I'd crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, so I persuaded her to allow me a brief "howdy" to let my pals know that I am still alive and kicking.

Overall, things are pretty good for me. I've had a bit of a time with a nasty business known as SLO, but with frequent visits to the vet and the occasional wearing of a boot and limited activity, I've managed to get along. Sometimes I am forced to wear a sock, but I make the best of it. Hey, it's a look.

Why does momma say I have big clown feet?

However, a line was crossed when momma tied a poop bag to my leg.

Please don't ever do that again, momma.

I help momma make sure the birds are well fed and have fresh water for splashing about.

Hurry, momma, it looks like you let the birdie water freeze again!

Speaking of water, I had plenty of trips to the cement pond next door over the summer. 

Labradorable to the max!

And I still go to daycare a couple of times a week (well, that is when my middle aged leggies aren't feeling owie). Momma says the daycare people must thing she beats me since I never want to come home at the end of the day. 

This place is the best!

Did you forget what momma looks like? 

Hard to smile when there don't appear to be noms anywhere around.

Most mornings, I meet up with my BFF, Rocky, for walkies. Seems the proper human greeting in such cases is "Did he poop yet?"

Come on, buddy, let's find something to pee on.
Speaking of walkies, I still recall the day, some two years ago when momma made a promise to me that unless one of us was injured or the walking conditions were just too dangerous, we would never miss a walkie again. Momma has struggled with her own ouchie foot, so sometimes we go neither far nor fast, but she's kept her promise.

I don't really mind slow walks. It gives me plenty of time to get loving from just about everybody we meet.

Oh yeah, that's the spot.

As a bonus, we get to scope out all the holiday decorations during our after dark excursions. Momma had to buy a new headlamp because she has something called cat attacks in her eyes which make it harder for her to see where she's going. She also bought yours truly a brand new blinker which is much brighter than my old one and also (as we have determined through inclement weather walkies) totally water proof.

Wonder if that chimney leads to an underground dwelling.

But the point is that any walkie, no matter how short or slow, is better than no walkie, right?

And, oh happy day, after months and months of pulled muscles, oozy toes, and general malaise, the tennis ball is back! Sure, I only do eight or ten retrieves (as opposed to the 87,000 of my youth), but it feels swell to be dashing around the yard again and hear momma squeal with delight.

Oh how I have missed you, wonderful, yellow orb.

Finally, here's a seasonally appropriate photo for you to enjoy. Hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday season.

This is a lipstick free zone.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Short Break Becomes Indefinite Leave of Absence

Friends, Dexter and I are taking an indefinite leave of absence from blogging. 

Nothing bad is going on, but blogging has lost its spark for me of late and I don't thinking posting should ever be forced.

Dexter and I are enjoying wonderful walkies, tennis ball fun, trick training, and just hanging out together. Know that Dexter has really blossomed in the time since our Mango crossed over the bridge. He's more confident and playful than ever and it is wonderful to see his personality come out. 

I'm sure we'll be back should there be any significant events. Sadly, it is often bad news that brings bloggers out of retirement. 

Here's a photo I took of Dexter today on our walk. We discovered a wonderful little outdoor theater on the campus of the local university. Took some time to just sit and enjoy the quiet. I'm doing more of that lately. Savoring moments. Really seeing what's around me. That includes breaking the tether to the camera (part of why we haven't been blogging). 

It's all good.

Mango Momma (and Dexter a.k.a. PeeWee or just Pea)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Short Break

Mango Momma here to let you know we're taking a short blogging break. 

Not to worry. Everybody is healthy and bouncy. 

Of course if history repeats itself, Dexter will do something so over the top labradorable in the next few days that he'll just have to share, but in the meantime, no worries and enjoy the spring (or fall if you are from those below the equator regions). 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terse Tuesday - I'm still here

Hey pals, I know we missed our usual weekend update, so just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. Momma and I have been enjoying the nice spring weather and having lots of back yard tennis ball fun. I also met the new across the street neighbor dog and hope to have pictures of her soon.

In the meantime, here are some labradorable photos that the nice daycare people took of me.

I believe that cookie is destined for my labramouth.

Nothing beats black fur for soaking up the rays.

Dexter done!

P.S. Here is a photo of my new neighbor dog from before she was adopted. Her name is Luna. Isn't she a beauty?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Wonderful Surprise!

First of all, I am happy to report that my Big Foot is significantly improved and I defy you, dear readers, to see a difference between my formerly ouchie foot and my regular labrafoot. 

One of these things is not like the other... or is it?

Even still, I had to miss a day of daycare and so when I was finally able to return, well, I had a lot of gossip to catch up on and was rather reluctant to go home at the end of the day.

Go back to work, momma, I'm discussing some things with my golden friend.

Despite not being bothered in any way whatsoever by my toe, momma is still limiting my walkies to soft surfaces. This translates into about 87 laps a day around the town common as she is too lazy selfish unimaginative busy to seek out alternate venues.

One does grow weary and my main source of excitement is trying to steer momma under those branches so that they smack her in the head. I have about a 50% success rate and with each head smack my tender ears are privy to increasingly blue language from the unfortunate human.

That's right, momma, just keep walking straight ahead. Hehehe. 

Subsequent to this morning's walkie, momma invited me back into the car with the promise of a "wonderful surprise."

Now, then, I am a cautious chap and have learned that my definition of "wonderful" is not necessarily aligned with those of my momma. Nevertheless, what could be worse than a return to the village green?

And, oh happy day, we arrived at the Doggie Gym!

Noting that momma had her camera out, I suspect she had planned a series of photos documenting my journey from door to pool. However as soon as I caught the briefest of whiffs of that deliciously chlorinated water, I pulled with all my might and it was all she could do to stumble along behind.

Nekked I dove in! No life jacket for yours truly.

Float like a labradog.

And for the next half hour it was, well, labrabliss.

Not being totally unaware of my own limitations, I did take the occasional ramp break to catch my breath.

Hey! I look like a corgador! What happened to my leggies?

But then it was back in (with such gusto that it apparently was impossible to get a picture of me porpoising along that wasn't blurry).

Check out the nice extension in my rear quarters. Like ballet.

So, yes, that really was a wonderful surprise and I feel renewed and ready to tackle spring.

Just going to soak up the rays for a bit. Feeling rather sleepy...

Dexter done!

P.S. From Momma
Dexter's foot has made a remarkable recovery and he is anxious to resume his normal walkies. It's true that we have been doing town common laps. Alternate venues are, I fear, mostly overrun with loose dogs and / or ticks. However, don't think he is suffering. Now that the days are longer, we've been getting in some evening tennis ball and trick training fun times in the back (soft surface) yard. And even though he did miss one of his regular daycare days, he got to go for a bonus day on Friday (and was, thankfully, worn out enough that he happily followed me to the car instead of trying to make a break for it back to the play area).

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Big Ouchie Foot

The weirdest thing happened. 

Last night my foot was a little ouchie, but no big deal. Then this morning it was ouchie enough so that I didn't really want to walkie. Momma called the vet and good thing too, because by the time we arrived, I had developed.... BIG FOOT!

Can you see it? It's my foot in the top of the picture.

Vet lady got out her special magnification head set and declared that I suffered from "Bubba Toe." 

I'll let momma tell you all about it, but all yours truly really is concerned by is that it is, to be honest, more than a tad uncomfortable.

Momma tried to get a photo, but due to her poor camera handling, it's hard to see anything other than the fact that I am a very good doggie who allows his feet to be grabbed without making a fuss.

Perhaps a belly rub is in order as long as I am upside down.

Since I'm not supposed to walkie for a little bit, I resigned myself to roaming the estate where I discovered this alarming trophy from Master's latest project house.

You can stay if you help keep the bunnies away from Master's blueberries.

You would think that with me feeling less that my usual that momma could at least snap a photo that wasn't yet another black blob face. It isn't like I'm moving fast at that moment.

Next time check your light sources, momma.

Dexter done!

P.S. Dexter has an infection in his toe which is most likely caused by ingrown fur. My vet calls it "Bubba Toe" after her bull mastiff and it apparently is quite common in dogs with big, hairy feet and affects only the outer digits of the front feet. As a caution, she also took x-rays which showed no issues in his bones other than a little arthritis on his inner front toes. He's restricted to "soft surface" walks for a few days and taking antibiotics.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snow Nutties on Saturday

The other day, I was walking along, nice as can be, when all of a sudden, it seemed like a really good idea to face plant in the snow.

Why am I doing this?

Now, alert readers know that I am not prone to silliness, so this irresistible urge was quite confounding to yours truly.

Help! I have been overtaken by snow nutties!

Once upon the ground, embraced by the crystalline particles, well, I found myself quite unaccountably rolling and thrashing about and taking no small amount of pleasure in the sensation of the gritty cold against my labraback.

Can.... not.... stop!

It felt GREAT!

Momma! You need to try this!

Eventually, I came back to my senses and did my best to return to an upright position with what grace and dignity I could muster.

Wow! That was crazy!

I can only attribute this unexpected departure from sanity was brought on by an extraordinarily long and cold winter in our part of the world. One does worry if further madness is in store.

Dexter done!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's My Business (and nobody else's)

Momma, I wish you wouldn't discuss my private business with your crazy dog lady pals.

Oh, Dexter, lighten up, I'm just trying to figure out if you are unusual in having countless rules about where and when to potty.

Maybe you could do it anonymously from now on. One of your human pals said I suffer from Seasonal Poop Disorder.


It's insulting.

Well, what about this?

This has to be in violation of MA Chapter 272.

I can't believe you took that photo, let alone posted it on the interwebs.

I wanted to demonstrate how, with a perfectly suitable patch of grass close by, you still insist on pooping in a snow bank.

What of it?

Hmmm... I think somedoggie might have pooped here last year.

To be honest, Dex, it's annoying. With the roads clear, I just have on my zoomie shoes and my feet get all wet when I have to pick up your poop in the snow.

That is not my concern and.... WAIT! Put that flashy away right now!

Poop dance interrupted. Now I'll have to start over.

You know, this is starting to feel kind of weird. Don't you worry about the neighbors seeing you photographing my most private moments?

Um, well, not really.

Get a life, lady.

Look! There you go again! Why oh why do you have to poop in the snow? 

Did you really need to bigify this shot?

Maybe if I ignore her she will stop.

Well, Pea, it truly mystifies me. When the world was covered in snow and ice, you were desperate to find even a hint of grass to use for your business and now that there has been melting, it would appear that only snow will do.

This from the woman who will only use stalls #1 or #4 in the human potty room at work. 

Huh? No, no, no, totally different. Hey, how about I take a photo of you looking labradorable.

You can try, but frankly, I'm not really in the mood.

Seasonal Poop Disorder indeed!

Dexter done!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Helpful Guide on What to Eat

I have come to learn that some of my pals are what might be described as "fussy eaters."

One can only assume that this is due to confusion regarding what is and is not actual food.

So, I have created this helpful graphic to assist you in determining what constitutes a consumable.

Hope that helps.

Dexter done!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Flashy Fail Folder

It happens to all of us. There you are doing something incredibly adorable and photogenic and the foolish human completely misses the shot.

My pal, Garth Riley, inspired me to look through the archives for Flashy Fails. Now, mind you, momma has been very conservative about loading photos onto the computer in an effort to avoid getting a larger hard drive, so most of these are a bit old, but trust me, for every amazing picture of yours truly...

This one is from the time before snow.

There are several that should never see the light of day.

The Absurdly Blurry Action

Maybe less coffee in the morning would steady your hand.

The Weird Foreshortened Body With Scary Close Up

I think she just blinded me with the flashy!

The Partial Body

Stand back! Stand back!

The Unfortunate Football Shaped Noggin

My snooter looks 87 feet long!

The "OMG, I think there's a cookie in my mouth"

The Doggie Porn

Are those my puppy nards?

The Pixelated Action Video Still

Are you feeding him instead of me again? WTF?

How about you? Do you have failed photos hanging around or does your human delete them and pretend they never happened?

Finally, for pals in the US, don't forget to move your clocks forward tonight. Daylight savings time begins tomorrow and just in time because Momma and I are both pretty tired of after dark walkies (and the associated less than stellar photos).

Well, at least I don't have laser eyes. Sigh.

Dexter done!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Night Chewy (with action video)

Every Monday night is chewy night here at our estate. I can tell the time has come because momma puts a chewy blanket down over my bed (my preferred location for enjoying mastication).

Once that blanket is out, well, I can hardly contain myself as you will see in this short movie (sorry about the ad, sigh, one of the pitfalls of using YouTube music - just click it away).

I'm a multi-tasking guy, so I like to use chewy time to practice some of my doga poses. 

Downward facing doggie, that's me!

Hmmm... maybe up close isn't the best photo at the moment. I look a bit stoned.

There is me, there is the chewy, there is nothing more. Nom, nom, nom.

Dexter done!