Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plenty of Nothing Going on Here

Memorial Day weekend was a complete bust. We had so many exciting plans and then Momma went and got sickies and spent the whole three days laying around in bed and only rising like the undead to slump in her comfy chair and watch a few episodes of Mad Men before staggering back to the guest room (which I have no doubt will need a visit from the EPA given the amount of cooties she blasted all over).

Momma likes that Mad Men show (which must have close to 87 seasons). She says she remembers the sixties very well (I have no doubt). 

Look what I found. A picture of a younger Momma that was taken with one of those Polaroid cameras sometime around 1968.

Yes, friends, that is an actual corgi by her side. Kind of explains things, doesn't it?

As for me, well, since she decided to stay home from the work place today, my services were commandeered to act as nursemaid. That's a bad deal for me since it means no daycare. But I take my duties seriously and have forced her on some (excruciatingly slow) walkies.

What's a dog to do? Not much. Just watch the grass grow and hope that things return to normal soon.

Dexter done!

P.S. My nephew, Misha, could use some POTP. He developed some disturbing mobility issues with his rear suspension over the weekend and is on his way to visit the doggie neurologist.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Am I Turning in to Mango?

Momma claims that I am developing some "Mango-esque" traits. Why not? Even an absurdly large, big bully, cry baby, momma's dog had to get some things right. 

Of late I have been sampling some of his favorite meditation locations and discovered that being next to Momma's comfy chair or grabbing the afternoon sun puddle on the living room carpet is quite satisfying.

Which led me to wonder "what was Mango doing in the dog cave every morning?"

Every day, like clockwork, that big old bumbling beast would retire to the dog cave after breakfast to lounge in his bed (albeit sometimes with a poor approximation of actually being "in" the bed).

"Why?" I asked my labraself, "would Captain Velcro opt to be in a room other than where his besotted momma was?"

I thought, "What the heck? I'll give it a try." 

You know what? That walnut brain was on to something. Because I love the peace of having my own quiet time in the morning to meditate and plan my daily activities.

Thus, after breakfast, while Momma reads the daily news in her living room comfy chair, you can now find me in the dog cave, snuggled in my labrasized bed.

Momma thinks this is quite odd since 99.99% of the time I use my couch for relaxing and I am almost always striving to be in the same room with her. But sometimes a guy just needs space. You know what I mean?

How about you? Do you have any habits that your humans find curious, but that actually make sense if they would just use their little brains for a moment?

Dexter done!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turkey in the Flower Beds

Hey, Dexter, is it OK if I post that photo of the turkey in the flower beds?

If you must.

Oh hahaha! Get it? Turkey in the flower beds? Except it's you, see? I crack myself up!

Yes, yes, I get it. Very amusing, I'm sure (if you're twelve). Just post the turkey photo.

OK, OK, here goes....

Gotcha! Oh man! I am so witty!

Are you off your meds again?

Huh? What? Oh, Dex, you're such a card. This time for sure.

Kind of dorky, isn't it?

Yes, turkeys are like that.

Dexter done!

Sunday, May 5, 2013