Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Flashy Fail Folder

It happens to all of us. There you are doing something incredibly adorable and photogenic and the foolish human completely misses the shot.

My pal, Garth Riley, inspired me to look through the archives for Flashy Fails. Now, mind you, momma has been very conservative about loading photos onto the computer in an effort to avoid getting a larger hard drive, so most of these are a bit old, but trust me, for every amazing picture of yours truly...

This one is from the time before snow.

There are several that should never see the light of day.

The Absurdly Blurry Action

Maybe less coffee in the morning would steady your hand.

The Weird Foreshortened Body With Scary Close Up

I think she just blinded me with the flashy!

The Partial Body

Stand back! Stand back!

The Unfortunate Football Shaped Noggin

My snooter looks 87 feet long!

The "OMG, I think there's a cookie in my mouth"

The Doggie Porn

Are those my puppy nards?

The Pixelated Action Video Still

Are you feeding him instead of me again? WTF?

How about you? Do you have failed photos hanging around or does your human delete them and pretend they never happened?

Finally, for pals in the US, don't forget to move your clocks forward tonight. Daylight savings time begins tomorrow and just in time because Momma and I are both pretty tired of after dark walkies (and the associated less than stellar photos).

Well, at least I don't have laser eyes. Sigh.

Dexter done!


  1. Dex dude - our Mom has a whole back up hard drive of failed shots...she takes like 20-30 imperfect shots to try and get just one good one. We would need a week of blogging just to show a week's worth of failed shots :)

  2. Dexter...HAH your "rejects" are winners around here! If she even remembers to bring the camera.

    gus n teka

  3. Gail tends to delete the bad ones (and there are many) and pretend they never happened. But she well remembers in the pre-digital days the embarrassment of picking up photos at the chemist, with a sticker on the envelope saying "poor quality"….

  4. LOVE it! Happy to have inspired this post! Will have to post some of mine when I announce my Funniest Foto Fails contest.


  5. Are you SURE there Was EVER a time .... BEFORE all this SNOW??? WE can't EVEN remember what that would have been like... Are you REALLY sure there hasn't ALWAYS been Snow ????? Does this mean that there is SOME HOPE????

  6. Even blurry pictures of you are adorable Dex!! That picture of the Mango-cookie debacle made Mama laugh pretty hard!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Oh gosh, I definitely have a ton of similar pictures of Riley (and of Chloe!). I try to delete the really bad ones, but I suspect there are probably some lurking on a memory card somewhere still. My mom (Riley's Grandma) has a knack for taking pictures of dogs while they're peeing or pooping. Really, I'll go through pictures and out of 10 pictures she's taken, at least 3 or 4 of them are of dogs doing their business! I guess that's the only time Riley really stands still (except she's a poop walker--has to walk around and circle while she's pooping...makes for lots of extra clean up when she can't just do it in a pile). Wow, this comment really digressed to poop talk very quickly! My bad.

  8. Thinking of Mabel going through my photos makes me glad I delete things so fast! Cute pics though Dex!

  9. Usually SHE deletes them...but there have been loads! Those were great. And may we say just how handsome you look in that bandanna on your header?

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  10. I'd send Ryan to install that new hard drive for Momma, but it's kind of far to Master Chew Sits, and he's not done building the new computer that he insists I need.

    And, yes, I have about 4 million crappy photos. I try to delete them sometimes, but then I also think, "Well, what if I edited it to just have this little bit here...." and then I'm too confused to do anything.

  11. We wish the clock were going forward one week from now, but we'll deal!

    We have quite a collection of outtakes, and the best ones are usually from the annual Christmas card shoot!


  12. We love all of your flashie fails, Dexter! They are all great shots to us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. We delete the truly awful photos. Let's hear it for evening, natural light walks!

  14. Dexter, we can't tell you how many foto failures we have...because there are so many! The other thing we do is when we're doing something cute and the mom runs and gets the flashy box, by the time she comes back we're not doing it anymore...or we stop doing it. It really frustrates the heck out of her!

  15. Dexter, you made me giggle! I might have to dig through the archives and see what I can find as this was a great post.

  16. Oh yeah, we've got photo fails comin out our ears. Some with just a disappearing blurry paw as the rest of our furry selfs disappear stage left. Most of them get disappeared stage left on the pooter.

  17. Luckily I am very photogenic ha ha, but you should see some of the pearls she has of the cat.
    Luvs, Cat Flap Cavalier X