Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Walkie Destination with Curious Rules

Momma has been a bit grouchy of late on our walkies. This is due mainly to the rather haphazard plowing of the sidewalks after last week's snow storm. It makes for difficult navigation (and walking on the street is out of the question due to lots of zoomie traffic).

I'm tired of waiting for momma to catch up.

I suggested this might be the time to try a destination walkie, and I had a specific destination in mind.

Cushing Memorial Park. As you can see, it was originally the site of the Cushing Hospital for war veterans, but now it is a public space that I have wanted to investigate for some time.

Perhaps it is time to stop posing and commence walking.

And we were away. I am happy to report that the paths were groomed and free of clunky chunkies as well as being quite nearly devoid of slip and slide ice patches.

Hmmmm... still waiting for momma to catch up.

There were several spots such as the one pictured with convenient poop bag dispensers and rules of conduct. I was very happy that the "dogs must be leashed" rule was followed by all parties and I met several well behaved four leggers.

However, the sign to the left mystified yours truly.

Of curse one would think "oh, that must mean children on bicycles must wear helmets." Yes, that is what I thought. 

That is, until, I noticed that these signs were also prevalent.

Leaving one to wonder if the dear old Commonwealth of Massachusetts now requires all children under 16 to wear their helmets wherever they go. 

Given that our 3 mile walkie did not lead us to cross paths with any of those minor aged humans, I will have to leave the above as a question to be answered at a later date.

I spy a giant, one eyed doggie! 

Dexter done!

P.S. From Momma - I've been wanting to try out this park for years, but have had so many bad experiences with people letting nutty dogs run around off leash at parks (despite signs forbidding same) that I've been putting my trip off. I am happy to report that all dogs were not only leashed, but the owners were quite considerate - friendly dogs greeted after asking permission and grumpy dogs were kept safely out of range. Sadly, I saw a lot of poop despite bags and bins being readily available throughout the park. I also saw several full bags dumped on the ground (something which never ceases to puzzle me). 

Oh, and if you bigify the last photo, you just might be able to make out the dog approaching us. He was, indeed, a very tall lab type dog with only one eye. Quite friendly (as were most of the dogs we encountered).


  1. Dear Dexter...we hope you can visit that park again and solve the mystery of the bike helmets.

    Gus and Teka

  2. Dear Dexter...we hope you can visit that park again and solve the mystery of the bike helmets.

    Gus and Teka

  3. We're puzzling over the bicycle helmet thing; Master-Chew-Sits seems to be a state of laws, whereas Utah allows people to be idiots, a right which many people then proceed to exercise to the best of their ability (no helmet law, but Mom thinks anyone issued a motorcycle license should be required to be an organ donor, especially if they are going to exercise their 'right' to go helmet-less). Nice of you to keep your slow-moving Momma on a long leash; you might lose her if you didn't have her on a leash! It looks like a great walkie!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. Oh no Dexter, I so wish you had not brought up the topic of bicycle helmets. Gail, normally a quiet person, is capable of going on for hours and hours about how if cyclists are made to wear helmets, then surely car drivers and passengers, pedestrians, dog walkers, sailors, skiers, basically everyone who moves should also be made to wear helmets. Perhaps also people standing still, 'cos you never know when a falling object might land on your head….Then she'll start on about 'risk compensation theory'….
    Oh dear. I do hope you enjoyed your walkie, Dexter.
    Toodle pip!

  5. That is one cool walkie Dexter!!! I likes your park, and I totally agree, this pickin' up the poopie, then leavin' the bag is baffling indeed!! On our walkies we see bags left by someone right there on the sidewalk!! Don't get it....
    I'm sure glads your Moms was finally able to keep up with you Dexter..peeps can be soooo slow sometimes!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Mark that down as a good snow walk. We don't understand people who don't pick up after their dogs. But we have to admit, we once got an EXTRA walk because SHE couldn't remember where SHE put the filled bags that would have been retrieved on the walk back! Bwahaahaa! We loved that.

    Looks like a gorgeous day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Wonder if anyone proof read that sign.

  7. Hey Dexter!
    Wow, what a fun park! I'm so glad you got to go on an adventure walkie. Helps to fight the cabinet fevers. BOL Sorry about the poop happenings, but glad your fellow pooches were nice one. Neat place!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  8. Hey Dex! How lucky you were to get your DOH to a new park. We find this almost impossible! It looks like a beautiful and peaceful place. Sometimes when I go to the beach, mom leaves my poop bags by a rock or something for return pick up, but like Scotsmad, sometimes she forgets where and i get an extra lap of the beach! BOL!!

    Otto and Bart and Ruby

  9. I'd like to follow up on Fiona's comments about people being allowed to be stupid. Our constitution gives citizens the inalienable right to be morons without fear of the state intervening. This is also the law of the jungle commonly referred to as survival of the fittest. If the dumber members of a community or the weaker inhabitants of the jungle are somehow "encouraged" to live longer lives through governmental interference, it will totally cause more global warming as evidenced by our current long stretch of abnormally frigid temps... wait, do I have that right? Let me call Al and get back to you, but that sign should be removed ASAP.

  10. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm sownds like the nanny stayt has gottin a bit owt of kontrol owt yore way!!! then agin wen mr spock visitted me that time things kept falling owt of the sky onto his hed so yoo no maybe mastachewsits is on to sumthing!!! ha ha ok bye

  11. What a nice walkie you had there, Dexter. :)

  12. Lovely walk-place! How nice to see another one-eyed pup enjoying life.

    I'm pretty sure young humans walking about in helmets would scare Gretchen...

  13. That surely IS a very interesting question, Dexter. What were they thinking?

    Your snow looks so pristine and white - great place for a walk. We haven't had one in weeks because it is too slippery just to get down our driveway. The Momster can't take a chance on falling:(

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. What a beautiful spot for walkies for you and your momma, Dexter. What's the point of picking up the poo if you don't dispose of it properly?!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. that looks like a great place to go for a walk. We agree - we pondered over the sign too.

  16. What a beautiful walk. Those mommas are a big slow and drama queens.

  17. Huh, maybe having kids wearing helmets all the time isn't such a bad idea. They DO seem to get into lots of trouble. If WE have to wear leashes when we go out, then a helmet isn't too much to ask of them, right?

  18. It is curious that children would have to wear helmets despite not being on a bicycle - are they more accident prone than children in other states? ;)

    So glad you had a great experience at that park. That's always a good thing!

  19. Keep your children helmeted. You can never tell when they might take up standing on their heads and perhaps seriously damage their craniums, I guess. I'm just glad that dogs don't have to wear helmets. That would be awkward, since virtually all dogs are under 16 years of age. Good thing you stuck to the path, with that belly-deep snow near the monument!

  20. Wow...and walkie field trip filled with mystery AND friendly canines. You lucked out Dexter!! We too, have also been seeing full poopie bags on trails....humans continue to puzzle us!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  21. our human has been grumpy with the weather and walkies

  22. Good walk. We think snow walks are great. We only get one about every 3 years.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  23. Quite baffling about the helmets, Dexter! I look forward to you solving the mystery!
    I'll bet so glad when I can start doing longer walkies again. Less than a week to go, then ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM time again - and lots of walks and playing! I"d love to come walk in your park with you - it looks very pretty and snowy there!
    Yours sincerely,
    Maggie T.

  24. Oh my gosh - I don't know how you can venture out in the white stuff. It makes me too cold!

    Monty and Harlow

  25. Dex, we are so happy you got the Momma to 'plore a new area! That park sounds really nice!

  26. I think that all humans attached to Labs via leashes while walking on ice should be required to wear helmets! I'm glad you had such a good walk.