Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Life Defined by Snow

Friends, we have reached the point that comes every winter when our lives are completely defined by snow (not unlike the "too hot to do anything" torpitude that comes every summer). That time when so much effort is put into snow removal and snow navigation that even indoor activities become tainted by the white piles crushing in our world.

Two big storms in the past four days (even daycare was cancelled), on top of the existing snow cover, have served to reduce the navigable areas of our estate to ice encrusted foot paths.

Momma's determined clearing of the deck has been impacted by snow banks that have crested the top,  forcing her to lift every shovel full rather than just push it off the edge.

I think it will take at least 87 days for all of this to melt. 

Being poorly suited to managing a snow shovel, I am able only to provide moral support as momma works her way along my comfort paths.

I'm helping by staying out of the way of the grouchy lady with the shovel.

Our walkies have been severely reduced as well. Poor travel conditions with plenty of ice and chunky yuckies have brought a halt to after dark excursions (our last one taking nearly half an hour to go a single mile as momma lurched along behind yours truly).

This morning, we were able to navigate to one of my favorite destinations, the village green (not quite so green at the moment).

I thought I would try blazing a path through the snow, but I was quickly thwarted and had to rabbit my way about to keep from drowning.

Too deep! Too deep!

Sadly, I returned to the safety of the slushy sidewalks.

Abandon ship!

Our exercise regime has heretofore been supplemented by mad snow zoomies in the back yard. We both enjoy a good game of "snow punch" which involves momma doing her best to "run" through the snow and me working up a good head of steam and body slamming her. The fun is enhanced when momma takes a spill and we can enjoy a bit of wrestling.

But now the snow is no longer fluffy and walking on it results in my legs falling through unexpectedly (and sometimes rather painfully), so zoomies are out of the question.

I'm not designed to act as a snow plow.

So for now, I am content with morning walkies of whatever speed and distance available as well as the occasional game of stuffie keep away with momma and a nightly round of hide the liver treat.

But one does hope that we will see the end of further accumulation soon. Momma's mentals appear affected and she has gone into some sort of creepy hibernation mode. I glanced at the forecast today and wish I hadn't. More snow on Tuesday. Ugh. I hope they don't cancel daycare again.

Dexter done!


  1. Dexter, I am sure your Momma appreciates your moral support in the snow clearing work.
    Where you have snow, we in the UK have rain, although things here are somewhat upside down with the normally dry SE of England flooded, and the normally rainy NW of Scotland actually drier than usual. Go figure.
    Toodle pip!

  2. We think maybe you need a sled and a few lessons from Khyra, Dex!

    (snowless) Tommy

  3. Oh yuck. You are welcome to come visit till it all thaws - 84 and wearing shorts... Just saying...

    Monty and Harlow

  4. Ooooh. We HATE when it gets all 'crusty' on top - when it seems solid until you unexpectedly break through and end up stuck. It definitely puts a serious dampener on snow zoomies. We are sorry to hear that the DOH has gone in to hibernation mode (although with those snow conditions, we can't entirely blame her). We, on the other hand, have been getting rain. Yes, rain. We are in the land of The Greatest Snow on Earth (so says Dad's license plate) and it is raining in February. At least with rain WE aren't asked to act as snow plows... We hope the Weather Gods smile upon you soon!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  5. We are in the meltdown morass, and are heatedly debating which is worse: Snow and Ice or Mud and slush. Muzzer and I are on the side of snow and ice while Teka can be heard to remark that the mud is good for her complexion. We think she may win.


  6. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo hav had too mutch of the snow for this yeer i can send a majik flying koaster to kome git yoo and bring yoo heer to visit!!! not only do we hav no snow it has ben crazy warm all winter and has only rayned like twice witch i think is grayt but is aparently konsiderd a bad thing in sum kwarters!!! but ennyway i can garantee yoo wil not hav to plow enny trayls heer!!! ok bye

  7. Dexter,

    We has a ton-o-snow at our house too! Dad has snowblowed lots of paths in da back yard so we can still do zoomies, maybe you can come to our house and play wif us?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  8. Dex, we live pretty darned close to Dennis, and would be happy to accomodate you here as well. It's like 85 today. We could swimmie in our ponds and other funballs stuff. Butt when you come, culd you bring some water for our stream? We've had less rain this year than any year since they started recording rainfall in 1876. BTW we think you are very smart to stay out of grumpy momma's way. We do the same thing...

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  9. Been living the midwest version of your story Dex. Last Friday my asst. was taking me for short walk when she hit black ice and went flying. While she tried to crawl home, I did my best Lassie imitation by running all over the neighborhood looking for help (my story & I'm sticking with it.) She eventually got to the ER & sure enough had fractured her hip. I'm afraid my world has gone from bad to worse... tell Gus ice is the WORST!

  10. My plow guy finally showed up at midnight last night; the snow, of course, happened on Thursday, and again yesterday morning. The snow mountains around my garage must be 8 to 10 feet high. It's just scary. And there you are, sinking into the Village White, and having to swim for your life to escape. I hope Momma is playing some great games of Hide-the-liver-treat, so you don't get too bored.

    And poor Tank's Assistant! A fractured hip is about the worst that can happen!

  11. Poor Dexter - that is way way way to much snow - now if humungously huge was still around his slobber could of melted it for you or he could of just squished it with his weight - but alas he is lolling around in the sun up there over the rainbow bridge being waiting on...paw on paw an endless line of Chihuahuas with trays of noms on their backs.

  12. We so hear ya, Dexter! We hardly remember what walkies are like! One day we go, then no walkies for the next 2 -it's horrible! This ice crusted snow is not our idea of fun stuff! No more snow, PLEASE!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. That snow is certainly dampening your style. Can't believe how it's iced over so you can't even zoom! What good is snow like that?!! Hope Spring thaw comes soon for you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. I think you are right about it taking 87 days for it to melt. Lol

  15. I am done. More snow yesterday. More snow due tonight. I understand why some animals hibernate.

  16. We're tired of all the white stuff too, Dexter, and we don't even go out in it! We're tired of looking at it out our window. Bleh.

  17. And we thought we had a lot....OMD, Dexter, that's ridiculous. We went for a walkie yesterday on a packed trail and slept to well last night. Then more snow overnight and all powder. Lacie has been using a snorkle. Perhaps you could rent the Shining on Redbox? Hey, it's the Ides of March in less than a that's a happy thought. XXXOOOOOO

  18. Oh dears...that looks miserable Dex. I mean, how does Mother Nature expect you to do your business in all of that??! And Zoomies?? They are a must if you can't gets your walkies in!
    I thinks you were very smart to keep out of grumpy lady's way ~ I've learned that from experience....
    You can come here, not too hot, not too cold. If you don't mind all the fog in the mornings it's not bad. I'll send my teleport tunnel to gets you and the grumpy lady....
    Ruby ♥

  19. Brrrr, that looks so cold, Dex! Brrrrr..... BTW we're looking for a model to be Seymour, a black dog in our latest story The Musher and the Stringer so we're Pinning you!

  20. Dexter...take Air Fiona to California. We have rain....but no ice or white stuff!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  21. We have been having a pretty insane and crazy winter too! Hope it goes away soon!!

  22. We've got just as much snow over here! Daddy actually plowed the backyard so that I have some place to do my business. Mom shovelled the deck and stairs for me too.
    More snow on the way? I think we have enough.


  23. So sorry! It sounds really rough. Perhaps you need some mountain gear like snow shoes (great for packing down "comfort paths" without having to shovel) and yaktraks. In any case, I, too, hope that daycare is not cancelled so you can play with your buddies!

  24. Dexter, I think your momma is very lucky to have someone like you to stave off the collapse of her mentals and provide some opportunities for a bit of innovative exercising, in addition to the snow shoveling and the high-stepping required to do a semblance of a walkie,

    If February is half over, can March be far behind??

    Wiret love,

    Just Harry

  25. Oh, I hear you! Our problem isn't snow as much as it is the horrible temperatures. I mean, we have more snow than we need, but it's too cold for human or fuzzy ones alike to be outside and these fuzzy ones are getting antsy. Fetch in the living room has become a norm. We hope you stay safe and warm and that you get a break from the snow soon.

  26. Oh Dex! I so we could take some of your snow. We were relieved our temps dropped some today the 70s!

  27. It's been a hard winter.our 5-6 inches is probably on its way to you. Sorry bout that

  28. Howdy Dex, the only good thing about your snow is that we love the photos of it. We can wonder at it but without all the hassle. Take care mates. Spring is on it's way for you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  29. Golly! That is crazy! I am blowing some warm air your way right now! We hit 85 today. We have a lot of warm air to spare for you so some of that snow melts! That is downright treacherous!

  30. trouble with Spring being on its way to you means winter is on its way to us. I'm glad to say we dont get that much snow, then again we just had the hotest summer and tonight were suppose to get lots of wind so who knows what the weather is going to send us. just as well your a black dog,

  31. My mom is so ready for warm weather. I think I agree with her this year.
    Play bows,

  32. We do like snow...but enuff is enuff.
    Sending you warm spring vibes,

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  33. Wow all that snow is amazing :) I hope it starts melting so you can start getting back out on your walks. Paws crossed that day care won't be canceled so you can go meet up with your friends. Milo & Jet

  34. OoH Dexter,

    We know how you feels buddy! We is sick of snow too! Da past two days of warmer weather and rain has made our back yard a snowy muddy mess so zoomies are out of da question! Da treadmill helps me but Max is still skeerd of it so mom has to get her act together and teach him how to use it. Let's hope da snow misses all of us Tuesday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  35. I await your arrival at Khamp Khyra