Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Curious Concentration of Coiffures

Our walkies frequently include strolls down to our village center. A quaint collection of about a dozen shops including our favorite pizza establishment and the ever tempting bagel store.

Oddly, amongst those dozen businesses, there are no fewer than 5 human grooming parlors which I reckon at just over 40% which strikes me as, well, a curiosity to say the least.

Shall I show you?

First up is Salon Alberto.

Alberto actually provides momma with hair trimming services. He's from a place called Columbia which is somewhere in South America (even further south than Pennsylvania). 

Poor Alberto, he does try his best, but momma is notoriously inept at hair care. In fact one time she asked Alberto "why does my hair always look so much better when YOU style it?" To which Alberto infamously replied "because it SHOULD." 

Then we have the mysterious Hair Centre 1, with access via this nondescript doorway into places unknown. I'm not so sure about this one. In all the times we've been walking here, I've never seen anyone go in or out even though the "Open" sign is shockingly displayed at all hours.

Then there is Keli's. A new place that has taken over the former home of the tattoo parlor. Keli used to work for Alberto, but then she vanished for about ten years to do human baby type activities. Now she is back with her own place (Alberto has no concerns, his clientele - comprised almost exclusively of "mature" ladies - is quite loyal).

For man humans, a barber shop (and also a spot to get all those legal documents notarized). I'm not fond of that barber. He is usually just sitting in his chair casting grumpy looks on all who pass by. Plus Master says he is a big gossip.

And finally, the Hair Spa. They should have checked with me before setting up shop. There's a new beauty parlor here every couple of years. The problem is that they always try to attract hip, young humans. And to be honest, the ladies and gents who come to our center for their hair grooming needs seem to be universally and decidedly not hip.

Perhaps with a Black Dog at the entrance their business would improve.

So, what do you think? Weird, I know.

In other news, after a five day, weather induced sabbatical, we have resumed walkies. 

During daylight hours, no problem, but Momma says that after dark walkies remain suspended.


You might think because there are vast ice plains on the side streets because our town ran out of money to keep them clear.

Reminds me of the Olympics. Speed skating anyone?

You might also think it is because there are gigantic potholes of undetermined depth waiting to swallow hapless labradogs.

Stay back, Momma! You don't know how far down that goes!

But the real reason is this!

Harmless looking sidewalks where the road surface is easily discerned during daylight, but at night, one cannot tell if this is a shadow, dampness, or the dreaded ICE!

Dexter done!

P.S. Did you see my new bling? It's called a Spot the Dog collar. Momma's been noticing lately how much she appreciates joggers and bicyclists who wear bright gear, even during the daytime. What with avoiding ice and potholes and mad drivers, there is always something to distract humans trying to navigate in vehicles (oh and also the blinding glare of sun on salt coated windshields), so she thought a little orange on the Black Dog couldn't hurt. Besides, I think it makes me look sporty.


  1. Your collar is MOST stylish! And practical. You are clearly a New Englander! ;-) We are a tad mystified about the preponderance of human grooming salons. Either your town sports the best-coiffed people in the entire country, or someone did a 'customer needs' survey and decided that the residents your town are so hopelessly coiffure-challenged that perhaps someone will be able to neaten the place up a bit. Or, possibly there is a beauty school (or whatever it is called these days) nearby, and no one wants to set up shop far from home.

    It's a good thing WE don't live near you; those icy sidewalks would make our Mom stay indoors until spring. She loves the snow (heck, so do we), but she is "not too keen" on ice. It looks wildly treacherous out there!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. Hi Dexter, I loved going on a walkabout with you; you live in a very cute town! We have as many, if not more hair salons in our small town. So glad you don't venture out at night-don't want your mom to fall.
    Our snow has been melting but more snow is due today.
    Have a great afternoon.

  3. WE like your new Blingy Collar. Looks grrrreat with your furs colors.
    ???? There are places Farther South than Pencil Vane E Ah????? Like where Mayoress Madi and Puddles live???

  4. We have only lived in a small town once since I joined the family. That was Lexington, VA, home to 7000 souls and about half that many college students. Joining you on your walkie, I was reminded that there were lots and lots of human grooming parlors there too! Maybe it is one of those small town things, and grooming parlors present humans with companionship and the opportunity to socialize? There has to be a bowling alone link there somewhere


  5. Hey Dexter!
    Wow, those peeps sure are particular about their fur places! BOL We don't seem to require that kind of selection...actually we'd prefer NO fur shops. Boy, that ice looks slick. Most of mine is gone now, but I think you should take up skating fur fun and FAST walkies. BTW: Love that new collar!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  6. Your new collar is spiffy, indeed!

    I think any of those so-called salons would greatly improve their business by having a handsome black dog to welcome visitors. It might even attract young hip folks to the last place you showed, although in towns such as yours or mine, that's hard to imagine.

  7. Seems like a lot of people groomers. But it could be worse, you could have DOG groomers....

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  8. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry i got stuck at and am stil salivayting over the pizza and bagels!!! ha ha ok bye

  9. I really like your new collar! In the fall before the snow comes mama can't see my chocolate labrafurs in the yard at night whilst I am doing my private business. The girls have a collection of flashy reflective light things that attach to their coats for trick or treating that they have saved over the years. The girls find them great inside their jack o lanterns and mama clips one on my collar so she can find me in the dark yard. It is rather embarrassing to be flashing like a beacon while pooping!

  10. LiWow...that is one sporty collar Dexter, and we agree with you and your Mama, sounds like there are many dangers whilst walking in Masterchewsits in the winter very careful!!

    Dory, Bilbo, Jakey & Arty

  11. Dexter - There's a biggy missing. Where's the dog grooming salon? Do you mean that there are FIVE human grooming salons and NO dog ones? It sounds like a business opportunity to me. You could be the boss!

  12. Dexter, Glad you've been able to resume your walking schedule. Do be careful and avoid the many dangerous traps that old man winter has devised. He must be an evil, evil old man who enjoys seeing people and doggies suffer.

    P.S. Thanks for your kind wishes for my assistant.

  13. That new collar is VERY cool! Really great idea, Dex.
    5 places to have your fur done seems kinda crazy to me. Do the people from Hair Center 1 know they spelled "center" wrong? Maybe that's why no one's going there. Ha roo roo roo. Yeah, yeah. Just kidding. Very chic spelling it "centre".
    Play bows,

  14. Gosh yes, Hair Centre spelled OUR way! (We'd never have noticed had Zim not pointed it out). We wonder if they do different hair styles. Gail says when she lived in Oklahoma and she instantly recognised the only other Brit in town because she, like Gail, did not have a perm.
    But (getting back to your post) DO be careful on those icy street Dexter. And Momma. Neither of you are getting any younger!
    Toodle pip!

  15. Your streets look like ours with the skating rinks and potholes. This is a great year for the dreaded black ice. UGH!
    You look most handsome sporting your new collar, Dexter!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. that pothole could just about swallow you - better watch out for those

  17. You should hear the things that come outta my momma's mouth when she encounters one of those holes with the car! I hate to say it, but she doesn't even mention the fact that it is meant to swallow labradudes!

  18. What a cute place. I wouldn't take your furs to close to those places
    Lily & Edward

  19. Wowsa Dex, that is one FABulous collar indeed!!! i gots to get me one!
    Your hood sure has ALOT of fur cuttin' places!! Wows, I don't thinks we have that many in a five mile radius!! Hence, Ma's horrible lookin' furs.....
    Be careful on those streets Dexter, you never know when your gonna fall down the rabbit hole!!
    Ruby ♥

  20. AWESOME collar! You are stylin' Dex!! You know what's weird...our parents were having that very same conversation about all the salons in OUR town!! There are like 87 zillion of them and it's crazy busy in all of them! Guess there are just lots of humans with bad hair here!!! BOL!! Be careful on the ice...actually I, Miss Chloe, slipped and slid my way up the driveway tonight! It is treacherous!! xo

  21. I love your sporty new collar! And yes, a Black Dog at the entrance to almost any business would improve things.

  22. You may be on to something there, dexter. You are a pretty observant guy. I think your Mama's on to something too with the coloured stuff. Roscoe is a black labradog too and he has a bright, flashy blue collar for people, other than me of course, can see where he's gone to. :)

  23. That was a hair raising tour Dex!!! I love getting to know your village! The new collar rocks!!!

  24. Dex, you wicked tease! We saw PIZZA and BAGLES and you tease us with HAIR BATHS??? We cats are shivering in our furs... PS nice collar!

  25. We have a lot of those here. Our human doesn't go to the salon and prefers her hair wild and on most days, not even brushed out. We keep hoping a bird will land in it...

    Monty and Harlow

  26. Dexter! I am Sophie Brador's brother who came along after Sophie Brador. I am almost 8 and a rescue doggie. Are you on the twitterer machine?

  27. So many options for beauty. Dexter you have natural beauty...just keep walking, the bagel store is for YOU!


  28. See, aren't we lucky as canines to be naturally beautiful? Poor humans have to try soooo hard!
    Sorry we haven' t visited in a while, glad to see you are getting walkies in all the weather....

    Kiki and Nala

  29. must have an awfull lot of hairy humans there. alls them salons. much better if they were doogy treat shops. LOve your new coller,