Saturday, September 28, 2013

Born to Blog (with puppy pictures - SQUEEEE)

I so enjoyed all your comments on momma's blue words yesterday. I helped to know that I am not the only doggie who suffers with humans who are less than dutiful in their blogging activities.

Having come into this world in the year 2008, is it any surprise that I was on the Internet from the time I was a wee pup? Here is a photo from when Momma and Master came to be interviewed by me and my litter mates.

Dexter? Perhaps. Momma couldn't tell us pups apart.

I was so happy to learn that I was going to have another doggie to keep me company in my new home. Not only that, a doggie who already had an established Internet presence so I wouldn't have to train Momma to assist with postings.

I was a bit disappointed when my doggie brother did not greet me upon arrival at the estate, but I'm a patient fellow and I settled in with a nommy toy to wait for my pal to arrive.

I did find it odd that Momma and Master had a large, furry piece of furniture with no known use. Not wanting to offend, I settled in next to the object to show that I approved of their interior decorating choices.

That furry furniture appears to have a slobber fountain. How odd. 

Can you imagine my horror when the object suddenly animated? I confess, I kind of pee'd a little bit.


Worse still, was the realization that my new humans were a tad delusional as they insisted that the absurdly large creature was an actual doggie! Not just any "doggie" but my erstwhile companion, Mango, Relentlessly Huge.

I tried my best to keep my distance as the simple being lumbered about the property.

I think this is a safe distance. I've got my escape route planned out. 

Despite my best attempts, I frequently found myself staring in horror into the cavernous maw which threatened to engulf me and drag me to my doom much as the great whale swallowed Jonah.

Is this the end for yours truly?

With no other options, I determined to befriend the beast and I am happy to report that by the time winter rolled around I was giving attitude right back.

Who's the big dog now? 

We were friends, after a fashion, and as time passed, he even let me take the lead on some of his guard duties.

I'm Dexter on duty! Wait until Momma sees!

It's been a year now since Mango made his final journey. Sure, I miss him sometimes. How could I not?

Which is all to say, I've been a blogging kind of guy from day one. I'm not as practiced as the RH in getting Momma to post, but I do try and that's the best a chap can do.

Dexter done!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blogging... why bother? by Mango Momma


Many sentimental blue words to follow

Fall of 2007. 

In three years, my husband and I had said goodbye to three doggies, Pi, Angus, and Raja, leaving only the teenaged Mango to keep us company.

While I felt the loss of all of them, the sting of losing Angus, our first dog as a couple, was still keen, even after two years. Subsequently, during my "internet breaks" at work, I often found myself doing searches on the word "Airedale."

Then, magic. I discovered Bogart, Handsome Devil. 

Back then, there weren't tools to get automatic updates and every day I would check for new posts. He even had super action movies! I loved this one as Mango always had trouble with stairs.

Soon I discovered other Airedales with blogs and a whole world of doggie blogging and in January of 2008, Mango made his blogging debut.

So here we are in 2013. A lot of changes in blogland, but the most significant is FaceBook.

What fun to see photos and snippets about our pals without the bother of reading and commenting and over the past year I've become less and less inclined to post, to read, to comment.

But I still do and I want to do more. Why? For me. Because at the end of the day, my FaceBook posts come and go, but my blog posts remain forever. A virtual scrapbook full of stories, pictures, movies, and memories. 

I've been running a "Black Dog" series on my FaceBook page. Just one photo of Dexter with a caption. It's fun and near instant gratification as I watch the "likes" and comments accumulate. But it is fleeting. 

So why blog? Blog for yourself. Blog to have memories of your doggies and kittehs and whatevers. Blog to remember the good times and bad. Read other blogs when you can, comment when you are moved to do so, but don't fret if you can't "keep up" and certainly don't keep score. 

Black dog ponders wave-particle duality

If you feel like commenting, I would love to learn who your "gateway" doggie or kitteh was into the world of blogging.

Mango Momma

P.S. Things are returning to normal on the home front. Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Explanation of Upcoming Blogging Absence (and daycare terrier)

Friends, we will be absent from blog land for a little bit and I fear Momma will be marking as read all your lovely posts as she gets stressy about missing something important and her mentals rest easier when there is nothing in the queue.

Some stuff going on at the estate right now requiring her full attention and we could use your good thoughts.

I'm taking care of things, don't worry.

There were some queries regarding the Airedale at daycare.

Even though he is only three years old, he is very well behaved and the source of his good manners was revealed to me last week. As he started bouncing and yammering and getting just a wee bit annoying, a rather scruffy looking old dog wandered over. A dog before whom the rest of the pack parted as the red sea without her giving either a glance or a growl.

Upon seeing her, Mr. Airedale slunk to her side and proceeded to make supplicant puppy behaviors, eventually laying on the ground while she gently put her mouth around his fuzzy neck. This, apparently, was Mr. Airedale's elderly sister (an interesting cross that appears to be a mix of Irish Wolfhound, terrier, and possibly labradog).

She's got his number and is the new fun police monitor (a role that Momma and Master's dearly departed Raja used to have).

Dexter done!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hanging out at Doggie Daycare

The great thing about daycare is that I can hang out with lots of different doggies and have all sorts of fun, but at the end of the day I still get to go home to my Dexter-centric estate.

Human Mike is just one of the humans who plays with us all day long, but he also happens to be my favorite daycare human. Sometimes he walks me out at the end of the day and I pretend I want to stay with him forever instead of going home with momma. Momma says that is naughty of me, but I think she knows I'm just pretending.

I'm a born leader.

I'm a pretty lucky guy to have such a great daycare to go to. All doggies have to pass an interview before they get to play and there are some pretty strict rules about how to behave so you don't get kicked out. 

Because I'm such an all around mellow guy, I do a lot of the interviews myself. Human Mike says I am the "bomb proof" doggie because if I meet a doggie who is ill mannered, I just walk away, but if I like a doggie then watch out! All out zoomie time! Plenty of pups are only there because they have earned the Dexter Seal of Approval.

This is me on the daycare rock. It's a great place to sun bake, and sometimes we play "dog of the rock" with everybody yelling and bouncing and knocking each other about. Good times.

I could use some sunglasses please.

We're all kind of pooped by the time our humans start coming to fetch us and generally use the last hour of the day to review our activities and ponder life's great questions.

If you lift your leg but you don't pee, does it still count? Discuss.

Dexter done!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Playing Tennis Ball, That's All

Momma thought I had lost my tennis ball mojo because for some time now I have shown little interest in chasing it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that I just don't like bouncing about when it is humid (a fact which she would have sussed out years ago had she not been so fixated on the RH and possibly spared me a thought).

So I made this little movie of me demonstrating that I am one fun loving tennis ball chasing labradog (given the proper weather).

You'll see Misha slinking about in the background. Unlike me, he truly does lack tennis ball mojo.

Oh, the movie is kind of boring, so I added some nice music for you to enjoy. Watch it here or below.

 Dexter done!

P.S. Sorry the music chopped off in such an abrupt fashion. That's what happens when you let YouTube do the dubbing.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dexter's Guide to Neighborhood Doggies

One of the good things about walking the same routes day in and day out is that you get to know all the neighborhood doggies. Most importantly, which ones are friends and which ones are foes.

There's a loop the loop near our house that can offer walkies of one half to one mile and is also the gateway to longer excursions through the neighborhood.

Momma and I carry a map in our heads of all the resident canines along with their rating from "run away" up to "seek out."

On the map below, our estate is located just to the right of the roadway called "Pleasant St." in the lower right hand corner. Mind you it is anything but "pleasant" and is actually a double line zoomie high traffic road that is also known by a number. Even though it has sidewalks (well, usually, but sometimes not in the winter), we aim to spend as little time as possible on it because there are frequent accidents.

Here's my color coding legend.

RED - High alert danger! If you see any of these doggies, run in the opposite direction no matter what.
YELLOW - Exercise caution. No meet and greet, but OK to pass on opposite sides of the road.
GREEN - Take it or leave it. Nice enough doggies that might be good for a butt sniff.
BLUE - Go out of your way for a visit. Great doggies with nice humans.

1 - Home of Coco, the Shiba Inu, my BFF. I love that little gal. We often see her on our evening walkies and our humans are kind enough to wait wherever they are so that we can greet each other and exchange kisses. If she is inside when I walk by her estate, she cries at the window for yours truly.

2 - Home of a gigantic and somewhat geriatric (name unknown) chocolate labradude. He's a good guy, but he walkies with his mom and dad and wee humans and told me that he'd prefer I stay on my side of the road.

3 - Vicious attack Golden Retriever dogs. Yes, you heard me right. Their owner is kind of odd, but he seems to like his two doggies well enough. They are usually behind a fence but sometimes they are out loose and they chase me and try to bitey me.

4 - We're now entering what Momma and I call "Danger Alley." You might wonder why we even walkie down this road at all, but you know, it's close, it's convenient, and damn it, it's MY neighborhood. That said, we exercise extreme caution. Anyway, we suspect the doggies in this house are no more in residence, but there were two scary GSDs living in the garage and sometimes out on walkies.

5 - Brady the reactive rottweiler. You know, he used to be a yellow doggie because his humans were training him, but now they have a human baby and the mom walkies him with the baby in a stroller and one time she even had him off leash. Brady wants to kill me.

6 - Another Coco. This one is a guy dog. He's a mixed heritage rescue doggie. I seem to recall that one of his master's customers just left him at the car repair (or construction, not sure) shop his dad owns and never came back. We like to say "hi" and do some competitive pee pee. No worries there. He is often loose in his yard and will run at me all "woof woof who the hell are you?" But I know he doesn't mean it. He had knee surgery last year, but is fully recovered and quite bouncy.

7 - Brother and sister Weimeraner doggies. They live behind an electric fence but one time they got loose out their front door and the big male tried to eat me. He had me pinned on the ground with his jaws around my labraneck when momma grabbed him by the scruff, lifted him off his feet and gave him a good shake. WOW! Go momma! You should have seen his tail go down and I think he even pee'd himself a little.

8 - Ollie the annoying baby black labradog. Momma says he should be blue since I always pull to get to his house, but that's only because Ollie's momma is usually packing liver treats. As for Ollie himself, I can take him or leave him.

9 - There isn't really a doggie living in this house, but sometimes a gigantic Boston Terrier has sleepovers when his firefighter dad (brother of one of the human residents) has an extended shift at the firehouse. We both like to puff up at each other, but it's just for show.

10 - Two little yip yip doggies, but one of them is a JRT which means you can't be too careful. Their humans are cool and know enough to cross the street. We pass each other on opposite sides with our humans yelling over to each other about the weather and whatnot and the yip yips snarling at the end of their strings. Me? I just ignore them. Not worth the effort.

11 - More yip yip doggies. In fact, this house is some sort of yip yip foster home, so the faces change, but the attitude doesn't.

12 - Last, but not least, the house of mystery. Momma says that someday we'll see this house on the front page of the paper (and not for anything good). There is something untoward going on here. The windows all have tinted glass, are never opened, and are usually covered with blackout curtains. The yard has a six foot stockade fence around it. When we walkie by we can hear ominous big scary dog growling and one time there was a hole in the fence and we actually saw a snooter. I don't know what kind of doggie it was. Might have been a wolverine. We've talked to their across the street neighbor who has lived there for five years and never seen nor met the people in the house of doom. The cars (usually shiny muscle cars) in the driveway change so somebody is coming and going and one time we thought we heard kids having a pool party, but it remains cloaked in secrets.

So there you have it! The map of the doggies.

Dexter done!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Sad Goodbye and a Slumber Party (with action video)

Our hearts are breaking. Brutus, the Relentlessly Huge puppy, and our pal, made a sudden journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Run free, little one. You can visit his family here

Sweet Brutus, how much your family loved you. How much they miss you.

My human sissy and brother-in-law recently relocated back to the homeland of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

This means that when they want to go gallivanting about, my nephew, Misha, comes for a sleepover.

I'm not bothered. He's a fine little chap and generally keeps to himself.

Problem is, that he is very difficult to photograph. Not only is he all black, but his configuration tends to obscure his front from back and more often than not he looks like a pile of laundry misplaced on the floor.

Is he pointing north or south?

We've enjoyed a nice visit and it is certainly a relief to have a backup intruder alert. Momma helped me make a video of our slumber party. Enjoy it here or below.

Dexter done!