Monday, August 26, 2013

Safety First - a public service announcement from Yours Truly and Momma

No need for shorter days to interfere with your daily constitutionals, but safety of both your four legged person and that of the sluggish two legger on the other end of the leash is imperative.

Thus I encourage all of my pals to insist on proper gear when leaving the house at dawn or dusk (and certainly when it is fully dark).

Here I am setting out on my evening stroll as the sun is getting lower in the sky. As you can see, I am outfitted with my stylish jacket. Momma is similarly dressed but as she looks more like a DPW employee who missed the last truck home, we'll skip the photo.

Cars have their headlights on. That means I have my safety gear on.

One mile into our excursion, you can observe that despite there still being some natural light (this photo was taken without benefit of a flash), I would be virtually invisible were I clothed in just my harness.

Can you see me now?

Your safety gear is not just to alert motorists to your presence, but also other walkers. When I see an amorphous shape looming out of the darkness towards my momma, well, nothing to do but go on full AR AR AR alert until I determine if it is friend or foe. This can be disconcerting for all involved.

If you don't care for jackets, you can opt for a nice bandanna made of reflective material. There are many sources for all your evening walkie needs, but start by shopping Night Gear (which also offers a wide variety of options for your humans).

Dexter done!

P.S. For anybody keeping score, Master harvested the apples today and set to making applesauce. Thus ending the cycle of estate fruit for the season. He likes to pick them a little on the green side to give his applesauce that extra zip.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Serene Scenery Sunflower Sunday

My pals, Zim and Cammie always do a Serene Scenery Sunday post.

Momma and I look forward to those posts every week because we are all about keeping our Sundays serene before plunging into the work week.

We had a lovely day of walkies and baking peach pie with the peaches from our very own fruit trees and just generally relaxing.

On our Sunday afternoon yard tour, we checked out the surprise sunflower.

What do you think? It's a surprise because it just came out of nowhere (well, actually, momma thinks it had something to do with the grass clippings mixed up with sunflower seeds from the bird feeder).

As for yours truly, just practicing my serene labrapose under the apple tree. It's a great place for keeping a watch out for rabbits and whatnot.

I hope one of those apples falls into my jaws of doom. Now THAT would make me serene.

I hope you enjoyed my very first Serene Sunday.

Dexter done!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Betrayed Again

Momma and Master abandoned me for the entire day. 

Worse still, look what I found on the flashy. 

It's Momma applying the claw of doom on some labbie that is certainly not yours truly.

Who is that guy?

Dexter done!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Mini-Me Visitor

No sooner had I convinced momma that it was as good a time as any to pay those nasty bills and maybe read some blogs when there was a knock, knock, knocking on our front door.

Who, I wondered, could be visiting? We rarely get visitors and I was hoping it was the UPS man. Possibly with another box of noms for yours truly.

Nope, not even close.

It was my new neighbor, Ollie! 

As it was a warm summer evening I immediately ushered him to the foot cooling pool.

That's right, little buddy, a lab must be wet whenever possible.

I don't think it's speaking out of turn to tell you that he proceeded to pee in the pool. A nasty piece of business, wouldn't you say? But one must forgive youth, I suppose.

The little scamp was intent on mayhem, but I stood solid with my renowned easy going temperament and encouraged him to explore the estate like a dignified labradude.

Head up, Ollie, there are nommy plums right at leathery black lip level.

We even practiced a bit of team work on establishing a safe perimeter, free of rabbits and other varmints.

North side clear! Check!

No worries here. He is playing with the stuffie that was permanently contaminated by my nephew, Mr. Porkydude (which I banished to the outdoors and have not sullied my jaws of doom on in months).

Does this picture make me look fat?

Lest you think our entire encounter was stop action, there were some zoomies and I gave Ollie's momma quite a start when I did one of my full body launches into her knee area. 

Sadly, the hour was late and momma insisted there was not enough light for an action video. Sigh.

Judicious use of the puppy death grip allowed us to assume the mandatory good dog sit pose and then he was away.

That lady smells like liver.

I know what you're thinking. Come on, admit it "Oh Dexter! Didn't it just make you wish you had a mini-you around all the time?" Well, in a word, no.

However, I will concede that it felt wonderful to be the big dog for a change and to have such a handsome little chap following me like, dare I say, a puppy.

I have no doubt he will return for more lab on lab fun times (and hopefully a super action video of our sleek black bodies engaging in full out zoomies about the estate).

Dexter done!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Nephew, My Stunt Double

My nephew, Misha, came to stay for a couple of days.

His resemblance to my stunt double is remarkable.

Dexter done!