Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Miss Emma

My heart is breaking as I must say goodbye to the beautiful and sweet Miss Emma.

Miss Emma was a Great Dane and a grand lady. Kind of a giant dog Methuselah, defying the odds by living to the age of 14.

Ultimately, she could not fight the cancer monster anymore and on Sunday she made her final journey.

Emma showed us all that you are as young as you feel. Last year she entered Mango Minster 2012 as an Adventure Animal and as you can see, she was very brave and adventurous (I'm not sure I would go in that splashy water with waves and whatnot). 

You will be remembered always, Miss Emma, a giant dog with Relentlessly Huge love for your family and friends.

You can visit Emma's family here.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wowza! It's COLD!

Same old same old at the estate. Not much action for yours truly other than our walkies.

I am so proud of momma who has not missed a single walkie despite the absurdly cold weather. Sure, we aren't going as far, but even still, it's something.

Of course it takes almost as long for momma to put on all her clothes as it does for us to walk. Here she is this morning (single digits and a chilling breeze). 

Even I, hearty labradog, have made concessions to the cold. My feet get snow in them which freezes and is so owie that once I even just lay down until momma warmed my toes with her mittens. So I gladly wear my boots.

As for the fleece jacket... yes, it is pink. Don't know what "you know who" was thinking, but I am hoping that my manly appearance makes pink the new black for he dogs everywhere.

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma decided to leave up the little ornament tree with just her bird ornaments on it. She says it is "holiday agnostic" and it makes her happy to look at. I agree. It is very cheery.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Checking In

Hey Momma, you haven't helped me post in over a week. My friends will be worried about me.

Oh, Dex, I've been so busy. Besides, nothing much has been happening around here.

What do you mean? How about yesterday when we saw a hawk catch a squirrel right in our yard? 

But I don't have any photos.

You need a better camera. Besides. I know you stopped watching because the hawk was eating that squirrel alive.  Nasty business.

Tell me about it. I did take a photo of the crime scene, though. Nothing but a little blood. 

I wouldn't want to be eaten alive.

Nor I. 

Listen, I know it is almost time for walkies but maybe you could just upload a recent photo, OK? You know, just to let everybody know I'm not sick or anything.

Will do, buddy, how about this one?

That's kind of an action photo, isn't it?

Well, yes, but there wasn't really a fire or much excitement. The fire fighters were just out checking fire escape safety.

You can't even pretend I was an on the scene action doggie?

Sorry, bud, just the facts. You want me to think or walkie?

Well, if you put it that way...

Dexter done!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Narrowly Avoid, well, see for yourself...

Momma was quite reluctant to begin our perambulations this morning.

But, you know, sometimes it just takes a small change to make things seem brighter. I advised her to turn left at the intersection one half mile from our estate and go on the Old Worcester Rd. loop.

We don't take that route often because Old Worcester Rd., while it sounds quaint and cozy, is actually a very busy highway with lots of cars doing huge zoomies. 

Don't worry, momma, we'll be safe on the sidewalk. 

But it's good practice for being calm and collected even with a lot going on and Saturday morning traffic isn't too bad.

There are so many snackie spots along the way. All of them, sadly, off limits to yours truly.

Momma would like you to believe she NEVER dines at this place, but that is not quite true. She calls it her "coma food" because eating it makes her torpid and mentally sluggish (not states of being I like to encourage).

Not much of note until momma suggested we go explore the building adjacent to the car wash.

Curious as always, I gamely went inside to discover what I thought was some new fangled agility course.

Is this an A-frame? Cool!

I was just about to thank momma for surprising me with some impromptu agility when I noticed the signage.


Because if there is anything that I abhor, it is bath time. The other day there was some sort of traffic jam at daycare pickup time and I had to wait for momma in the grooming parlor! It was horrific. I think I peed a little. I'm not proud to say that, but I think a lot of you know what I'm talking about.

Which is all to say, it was time to beat a hasty, yet dignified, retreat from that torture chamber before momma got any ideas.

We have to leave! NOW!

Although, it might have been nice to grab a sample from the vending machine on the way out...

Dexter done!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday! Yes, dear readers, five years ago today, yours truly came into the world.

When I was just about one month old, momma and master came to visit me and my brothers and sisters. There were two momma dogs and a total of 13 puppies! Momma took a movie, but to be honest, I'm not sure which one is me. Oh well, neither is momma. You can watch the movie here.

Momma and master actually said they wanted a puppy that was NOT me! Can you imagine? But I heard they had a nice dog at home who was really lonely and so I said that I was the pup for them because I wanted to be sure I had a pal to play with. 

Well, I had some second thoughts once I arrived at the estate. I had expected a nice, normal dog, not some super sized monster!

I believe a mistake has been made. You said you had a dog, not a pony.

It didn't take me long to figure out that I was going to have to take charge of the situation. 

I soon had that monster dog under control.

That's right! Run! Dexter is in the house!

Despite the alleged "no dogs on the furniture" rule at our estate, I told momma and master that I was going to have to insist on using the couch as my safe zone from the Relentlessly Huge. How else was I ever to get my rest if I was always worried about being sat upon or stepped on?

Come on, look at this face. You aren't really going to make me get down, are you?

One of my main duties was always to make sure Mango got his exercise. Left to his own devices, that guy would never have moved at all. 

Move it!

The years have been full of good times. I feel like the ambassador of labradudes everywhere. Momma and Master never had a "normal" dog before and they continue to be astounded by what a game and easy going chap I am.

Snow and tennis ball! Does it get any better?

Nevertheless, they still seem compelled to torture me now and then.

STOP IT! I'll be good, I swear.

Momma scolds me for wanting to dive into any available body of water. But who doesn't?

Daycare, well, it wasn't much fun at first. I confess to being a bit overwhelmed and it seemed like momma might have affixed a "hump me" sign to my backsides.

But I persevered and now I am the leader of the pack.

Come on, guys, we can storm the gates!

I found it necessary to occasionally take over one of the RH's beds. Not that I ever really wanted to get coated in his stinky, slobbery residue, but because I felt it important to remind him that I was not to be trifled with.

Who's the big dog now?

What can I say? I'm a sucker for foodables.

As the RH aged, he became considerably more grouchy and less bouncy. Even still, I was not oblivious to how much he relied on my presence to sooth his tiny brain and at great risk to life and limb, I provided my company as required.

It's OK, big guy, I've got your back.

Yes, I confess that I'll do just about anything for food. Even sit in a box.

This is ridiculous, but I can't help myself.

I used to do agility, but I started to have a lot of aches and pains from it. I know the problem. Momma was too lazy to run around with me often enough so I suffered "weekend warrior" syndrome. I have high hopes that once spring arrives I can convince her to drag her sorry self back to agility school with me.

This is one of the last photos of me with the RH. I have taken up his top of the stairs guard post. 

It was a bit scary, especially after dark, to be out there all alone waiting for Momma to come home from work, but I like to think that Angel Mango will always be watching over me.

Life is good. Walkies, daycare, wrestling, food. A new adventure every day. 

Oh, you want to know what I received for my birthday? Momma and I are going to school! I know what you're thinking, but I LOVE school. I can show off how smart I am, I get lots of cookies, and I  spend time with Momma. We are learning something called Rally which is quite challenging (what is meant by "square sit?"). The class is with Miss Lisa whom I adore because she insists that Momma always come to class loaded down with string cheese.

Dexter done!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Liquid Chicken - WOW!

After our morning perambulations, momma accidentally left me outside.

Shortly thereafter, my keen labraears detected the sound of drawers opening and closing in the food preparation area. This could only mean one thing...

What are you up to in there, Momma?

It appeared she had decided to let me sample some of the Lickety Stik chicken in a bottle from Norwood or possibly Tula (I fear I do not know which as momma recklessly scrambled the goodie bags that they gave me for the holidays).

Not one to mess about when there is nourishment involved, I hastened to accept the offering into my labrajaws of doom.

Release the yummy!

Only to have the chickenliciously smelling tube yanked unceremoniously back.

"No, Dexter!" squawked the foolish woman, "don't eat it, lick it!" 

You want me to do what?

Now that seemed like the most inefficient way possible to transport the liquefied chicken goodness from her grasping paw into my perpetually empty abdominal cavity.

I know I should have walked away then and there, but, forgive me gentle readers, I am a fool for food. There I said it.

It pains me to see the rolling eyed blank look of ecstasy on my features, but such is the mindless, dare I say, animal vacuousness that overtakes me when confronted with yummers.

Chicken in a bottle! Can it get any better?

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma just installed Charity Miles on her iPhone. Now not only can we track how far we walk, but every mile makes a donation to charity. You can go here to install it. And, of course, Momma being Momma, she looked up how it works first and found lots of info here. Yes, it gives her the heebies to think that somewhere in the cloud is a record of all her movements on walkies, but life is too short to get overly paranoid about this stuff, right?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MY Bed! MY Ball!

I wouldn't characterize the distribution of dog items under the reign of the Relentlessly Huge as sharing.

I shared, he took. 

But look at me now. 

A labrabed that is just right for me, a little red ball that I adore and can play with whenever I want. Heck, momma even scrubbed the slobber off the walls of the dog cave for me. 

Yes, life is good.

Dexter done!