Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Storm brings Sabbatical to an End

It would appear that a small snow storm was all that was required to snap momma out of her blogging sabbatical. Good thing too, because I have a lot to report.

First of all, after eating my breakfast, I want everybody to know that I bravely went out at o'dark thirty in the AM all by myself to do my business.

Sometimes, one must just head for the light and hope for the best
You see, I am not keen to be out in the yard alone, especially in the dark, but I've been getting braver lately and I'm sure momma appreciated not having to accompany me when she still had on her jammies and slippers.

While the total snow accumulation was unremarkable, the temperatures took a warming turn which resulted in a nice one inch thick layer of ice all over everything.

Being a seasoned New Englander, momma knows that one must always clear as much snow as possible so she set to chipping and shoveling. The top layer was breaking up in big heavy sheets like a glacier, so it was slow going, even with my help.

Don't worry, momma, I will break this one up for you.

After almost two hours of huffing and puffing, we were finally finished clearing the deck, patio, and comfort paths.

One can always use a bit of grass for making rest stops.

Next we had to make sure the birds had enough to eat. All five bird feeding stations were filled to capacity, but momma felt that she needed to give the birds an extra boost. She claims these strawberries were too rotten for yours truly, but even still, I did feel a pang when she dumped them over the fence for her feathered friends.

I could use an extra boost too.

Not sure what I will be doing for action today. I can't play tennis ball because when I run in the yard I break through the ice.

Momma isn't supposed to walkie because of her hurt foot.

But I'm sure we'll think of something.

Perhaps a game of "hide the liver treat" is in store for me.

Dexter done!


  1. Bide the liver treat sounds perfect Dexter.
    What a good dog , helping your mama with the snow!

  2. Dexter, welcome back! And you are so brave going out in the dark like that. But, dear oh dear, you know I have been contemplating for many months now a blog post in which I tackle the topic of glaciology, and the sketchy understanding of glaciers you demonstrate in this blog post has confirmed that I really must set too the task without further delay.
    Meanwhile, let's hope the birdies enjoy those precious strawberries. (Gail says she is suspicious that Momma just threw them out on the snow for artistic effect).
    Toodle pip!

  3. We are lucky that so far we just have the light powdery stuff and no ice. You did a good job helping your mom.

    Millie & Walter

  4. Clearly not being able to play tennis ball nor go on walkies has made your Momma feel guilty about neglecting you, and is updating your bloggie again in an attempt to curry favor with you. All we can say, is milk that guilt, buddy! :-) I don't think we'd make it in New England - we like our snow to stay soft and floofy and not end up with a layer of ice on top of it. But bring on the liver treats!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  5. We would surely opt for hide the liver treats!

    gus n teka

  6. We think a wonderful game of hide the liver treats would be just the thing to keep you busy!


  7. Hide the liver treat.....sounds like just the ticket! Looks cold there, Dexter. You stay warm.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Hope the Momma's foot gets better quickly.

  8. Welcome back buddy! Enjoy your snow

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Hmm....that's funny....when I jumped off your deck this morning, I didn't fall through your ice. Must be my featherweight selfie as opposed to your large Lab self. Had a fabulous time with you last night at the Boston Pops Group Sing A Long...I had no idea you have such a marvelous voice, Pee...perhaps it improves when you sing and don't YELL at me. Sheesch.
    BTW, whilst the donuts were fresh and delicious, could you please mention to MM that she burned my bacon a tad? Not that I'm complaining or anything.....Teacakes

  10. We can't believe that you have to look at yummy strawberries over the fence and you can't reach them, Dexter! Your momma is so mean!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Glad to hear you're doing better and back at the blog. Yep, sometimes you just need a break. I was in Florida for a couple of weeks and left the laptop home.

    Take care, and enjoy the snow!

  12. We blogged today to for the first time in a long time! I wasn't too impressed wif all the snows I got here in Maine but Tyson loved it. That dude doesn't care about getting cold - crazy puppy.

    woof - Tucker

  13. HOLY COW PATTIES dude!! that's a lot of snow!! I bets your MOms worked off lots of egg nog shoveling all of that white stuffs! I thinks I'll send Ma overs...she's been eatin' like a moose lately and needs to work off some of those Christmas cookies!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I'll play hide the liver with you!! BOL

  14. Howdy Dex, we love your snow photos. Do ya ever pee your name in the snow? Take care mate and don't let momma slip on the ice ok. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Nice to see you Dexter! You are such a great dog helping your mom with the snow. I tend to lay on the couch when my peeps are doing things like that. Personally, I'd prefer to play give me the liver treats instead of hide them.

  16. I have the same khrunchy khrispy khrap...not nearly as much fun as SNOW!!!!

    Khwite happy to see The DOH has put that sabbatikhal thingie to rest

    As fur the khomment by 'wee' BoBEASTie....

    I am still snikhkering!


    It is to laugh as they say!


  17. I'm so glad that you're BACK!!!! Sorry about the ice and your mom's hurt foot. I hope the ice melts and your mom's foot gets all better.

    I'm so impressed by your bravery!

  18. You are a very brave guy! We're impressed! I hope your mom's foot is feeling better soon and you can get back to your usual fun.


  19. So glad to see you with the snow, Dexter! It seems most of my American friends are having those white fluffy stuff which I could only dream in my dreams :(

    Enjoy the snow!


  20. Love your snow photos Dexter! We've got the snow you got too here in NY but momster didn't take any pictures of me yet. Shame on her!


  21. See, snow is good for lots of reasons

  22. Dexter, that new header up front and personal is awesome!!!

    Wirey love,

    Just Harry

  23. Wow. I left a big, long message, then someone bumped Mom's elbow (she's typing for me) and she hit "sign out" instead of "publish". SHEESH!
    Anyway - your snow looks great, but too bad the ice had to ruin your fun. You have enough snow for a really cool snow fort!
    Play bows,

  24. Could you please teach Blueberry how to go to the potty first thing in the morning without me having to accompany her? While I don't have to stand in the snow - it is still pretty cold (us Arizonans are wimps when it comes to "cold" weather) to be standing in the backyard in a robe and slippers. You are so very brave Dexter!

    That snow looks like fun! I think your mom should build you a little igloo out of that snow and then hide treats in it for you!

  25. I played in the sand for the first time, but didnt like the moving water very much. What does that white stuff feel like. I think I might get lost in it.

  26. Whew! Glad the sabbatical is over! You were missed!!! Stay warm in that are hearty folks!

  27. Phew, that looks cold! Wonderful weather to snuggle up with a book, I suppose.
    Sending lotsaluv

  28. Hi Dexter! We got lots of snow over the weekend, too. But unlike you, we like to watch it from inside the house. It was fun seeing you enjoy all that white stuff.

  29. Oh Dexter Christmas isn't here yet and we all have snow. I hate those albino brain jiggers. I got your Christmas Card today. Thank You. I am still mailing out my baby calendars. My peep tells me as long as they arrive by the New Year I am good.
    Sweet William The Scot.

  30. Happy Holidays Dexter! Hunter just loved your card, so did I; unfortunately we ran out of cards but after seeing how handsome you are, I had to come meet you. Our snow is almost gone now but we always clear a big patch of lawn for Hunter. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to get to know you and your family.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  31. Your yard looks just like ours...with lots of walking paths!! Daddy goes out there with the snowblower and makes us walkways! We are totally up for a game of hide the liver though! xo Chloe and LadyBug