Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slobber Day is Coming and Puppy Photos from the Archives

My pals, Sherman and Leroy, are hosting the second annual Slobber Day.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 16th and post your slobberiest photos.

Yours truly is working hard at producing some suds (why not, since it involves treats).

Read all about it here.

With under 10G of storage remaining, Momma has been feverishly working to consolidate the information on our hard drive. She's not keen on having to install a larger drive. In the process, she unearthed some heretofore unseen photos of the doggies who have lived at our estate and since everybody likes puppies (in small doses), I decided to share some SQUEEEE puppy pictures with you.

Angus the Airedale was the first doggie that momma and master had. For reasons I cannot fathom, they seemed agreed that they both wanted an Airedale more than anything. This is a picture of an impossibly young momma with the Baby Shark Angus.

Yes, that is a picture of a particle accelerator in the background. Nerd art. Sigh.

By the time Angus was two years old, it was clear that his boundless energy was a bit more than momma and master could handle, so they decided to get him a companion. Now herein lies a tale, but you can skip it if you want, because lots of you have heard it before.

Master was driving around town and spotted a little lost Basset Hound dog. He popped the wee beast into his truck and brought him home. Apparently, the hound dog and Angus really hit it off, but the dog police found the people who owned the hound (named Elvis, well, you can imagine) and so he was returned to his family. But the dog police told Master that Elvis had been caught wandering before so Master told her to call us if his family ever decided to give him up.

Not two weeks later, the dog police called Master and said Elvis was at the orphanage. Momma rushed to the orphanage only to find that Elvis had already been adopted, but the people said there was another little hound that had just arrived and would she like to have a look.

Well, that hound was very scared to be in the orphanage and it broke momma's heart, so she called Master and he brought Angus down to see what was what. Apparently it was love at first sight and the little hound came home and was named Pi.

Ask Master who his favorite doggie ever was, and he will always
say "Pi." She had his number.

After Pi made her final journey, well, it was obvious that there would be another doggie. Momma and Master had talked about getting an absurdly large doggie for some time and so, Beautiful Raja came to the estate.

Poor old Angus had no idea that in another month, Raja would be flinging him about like a stuffy.

Angus was already a senior citizen doggie when Raja came to the estate and just not in to baby dog hi-jinks. One day, Momma and Master were at a doggie show and they met some mastiff people who said they just happened to have some puppies.

When momma and master went to visit the puppies, they found one idiot dog trapped in a water bucket. That's the one they brought home.

The Baby Mango practices extreme mastiff meditation

It's no secret that Mango was a big baby and without his Raja he was lost. But he was also a grumpy bully and finding a doggie that could be his pal without getting eaten alive was quite a task.

Back to the doggie shows where momma met Miss Peggy, the Nightwinds Labrador lady. After listening to momma's long tale about her relentlessly huge cry baby big bully momma's dog, she said that she had "just the right puppy."

None other than yours truly, seen here shortly after my arrival at the estate.

Does that dog ever put his lipstick away?

So there you have it. A brief history of puppies at our place. And lest you get any ideas, I can assure you that I have told momma repeatedly that I do *not* want a puppy of any sort to actually come and live with us. I like things just the way they are.

Don't forget to work on your slobber photos! The clock is ticking!

Dexter done!

A longish postscript by Mango Momma

What struck me most looking at these photos was how my capacity to "do stuff" has diminished over the 20+ years since Angus entered our lives. 

When we brought Angus home, we had two children in residence, I had a job with long hours and a 50 minute commute that required me to "dress up" and do my hair every morning. Somehow I still found time to walk Angus, take him to obedience club once a week, and do all the necessaries of running a house containing children. Heck, Angus even competed in obedience (albeit just once and at the sub-novice level).

Pi didn't slow me down. More often than not Pi and Angus had private walkies (different speeds) and Pi achieved her therapy dog certification and went on to do weekly nursing home visits with me.

For a while we had three dogs: Angus, Raja, and Mango. They required THREE individual walkies and at the time I was deeply invested in my mid-life ballet career and going to dance class three times / week.

Now? Well, I've slowed down.... A LOT. Or maybe I've just learned to relax and enjoy life. The kids are grown up with families of their own (fortunately both kids within a 15 minute drive of our estate) and one dog seems like more than enough. No more ballet class (although I miss it) because my 9-5 job with a short (25 minute door to door) commute is quite wearing and in the evening I want nothing more than to read a book or watch a movie. 

I had a long conversation with a dog trainer who is around my age. He breeds Bernese Mountain dogs and recently kept one of the puppies (after many years of placing all his pups in good homes). He said that it is very different having a puppy when you are on the down side of 50 and that even with momma dog in residence to help out, it is exhausting for him and his wife to have a puppy to chase around after so many years of calm, adult doggies. I get that.

I suppose you get the right dog at the right time. Pea is the easiest dog we've ever had. No fuss, no muss. I wish I spent more time training him tricks (I'm sure he does too).  But I have grown to love our twice daily (except on daycare days) walkies and the odd games of chase, tennis ball, and labrawrestling. 


  1. The life cyclus varies - fortunately - and it is important to adapt, and be content. For humans and dogs.
    What a great story ... Would love to hear more of the kids and their families...

  2. Our pups are getting older...and I am getting slower. Rich and I have decided that IF we ever get another dog, it will be an adult rescue. We know we can't do the puppy thing again, and we are getting to the point where we can't be sure we will live longer than the dog(s). And the line about..."when I die, the dog(s) get everything" .... well, we took care of that with about six pages of legal mumbo jumbo and a big lawyer fee. BOG

    the muzzer

  3. Gosh, what beautiful dogs ya'll had living at your estate. It's hard to imagine Mango evers bein' dat small...and heck, you too Pea. I still miss da Mango, him always made me and mum smile.
    No reason to gets anudder dog if ya'll is happy da way things is now.


  4. Puppy pictures -- Mommy is in squee overload!

  5. Great to see all those puppy photos. You were such a little cutie Dexter. It is hard when our people get older. Our person is person is 406 dog years old and she is slowing down. I, Niamh, am of course perfect but Ambrose is still a challenge!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. OH how we LOVE this walk down Memory Lane... With a brief stop at the Lipstick Counter...

  7. Slobber Day? How we wish we could partake in a slobberfest but being small dawgs we don't hardly ever NEVER slobber!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Our mom totally relates to the downturn in activities and says she won't have another puppy, no matter how cute they are!

  8. I had never heard your estate's puppy history before. It was nice to read about everyone. I haven't quite reached your Mama's state of contentedness yet as I'm still running around like a crazy person and even with four dogs an a cat, I want another puppy. LOL But, I am sure that day will come and Mr. K will be thankful because he is always telling me to slow down. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I think the only way we could generate noticeable slobber is if someone took us to the Magic Cheeseburger Window. While our Dad would like another puppy (eventually, like in 10 years) our Mom keeps pointing out that SHE is the one who does all the puppy work, but not an issue they are addressing as now. Oh, and your Mom's particle accelerator photo makes our Mom with her Curiosity rover poster in her office look totally normal and non-nerdy. Just saying.... ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    PeeEss: So they picked the mastiff who was stuck in a water bucket - was this because they were looking for comic relief, or did they just feel sorry for the poor thing? Of course, Dad picked our Great Uncle Billy the Evil because Billy peed on Dad's foot, so we're not passing judgement, just asking...

  10. I may have to pawticipate. Aahhhhh baby pee wee

  11. Sadly, I don't slobber. (My brother didn't either.) But I really enjoyed looking at all the photos of past and present puppers and my mom tells me she totally understands about slowing down and not looking for another puppy. She has been on petfinder a lot though and even though she and dad tell me they are enjoying having moi-time with moi alone, I'm not sure where we all wind up, In the meantime, I may not slobber, but I sure am a good licker, if anyone is interested!

    Wirey woof,

    Just Harry

  12. Mom agrees that you find the dog you need at the right time! She said something about decreasing the numbers here, too, but we'll see if that ever happens. Dexter, you were, hands down, the cutest puppy to ever grace the estate!


  13. Mango Momma, you have made me feel so much better about the fact that I really did find dealing with my first ever puppy when on the wrong side of fifty a lot more tiring than I had anticipated. These days I too look back in amazement about what I could do when younger.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Always love looking at the old photos
    PPS Bertie is a zero slobber dog, we note Just Harry too. Must be a WFT thing.

  14. Believe it or not - I actually do more now with Blueberry than I have with any other dog. I wonder if it is because I finally have a dog with a temperament that encourages a more active lifestyle. Although I still think that at my age (40ish) a puppy would wear me out. Remember when I fostered Linus? I was exhausted ALL the time.

    You've accomplished a lot - and this just happens to be a stage now where you can relax and just enjoy life and Dexter. You've certainly earned it! :)

  15. Hey Dexter!
    Wow, that Slobber Day sounds like a blast! I'll have to eat a lemon or something to get ready for it. BOL Love those pix, especially your labradorable puppy pix.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  16. OMC that last pic of you two together is just squeeeeeable! Love it. What a lovely life you're having.

  17. I love hearing the story of your dogs and their lives with you. Now, I have to say that the combo of a "particle accelerator" as art and a dog named "Pi" makes you a certified Geek!

    Seeing Mango when he was tiny was a great treat for me.

  18. Oh, I loved seeing all the puppy photos! I had no idea your parents had so many different breeds. My mom is as stubborn as a doxie cuz that is all she gets. Thanks to you and your mom for sharing the great stories and photos! I don't know if I will be able to be part of slobber day. The only time I slobber is when I'm really nervous!

  19. What great pictures and stories to go along with them:)

    I've often found myself wondering how I'm going to manage Newfoundlands in 10 years. Our whole plan was to start a kennel when we retired so that we could move out to the country. My bodies struggling now, so who knows what it will be like in 10 years! Maybe I'll just have to hire kennel help:)

    p.s.Tell Dex to get slobberin!

  20. What a nice walk down memory lane and such cute pictures!!


  21. It is nice to go back and reminisce about our lives before! I sometimes on earth did I do it all...I was a single mom with a very demanding Corporate Audit job that required long hours and long commute...and at the time, no dog!! I really haven't a clue as to how it all got done, but somehow it did! What cute pictures of your pups!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  22. We never get tired of seeing puppy pictures and you've had so many cuties! We love the last one best of puppy Dexter and Mango showin' us his lipstick! We sure do miss Mango.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  23. I have been slobbering a lot since I've been on pred.. I'll see what I can do. Otto is a slobberer butt Ruby is too dainty. While mom fantasizes about having a little female rottie again someday, the truth is that me and Gizmo did both her and the house in. Otto has been such a wonderful rescue experience, I fear there are no more puppies on the RottRover future. Of course there's nothing cuter than. Rottie puppy!!


  24. my mom agrees with your mom. Near the big 5-0 she cannot beleive she has a puppy dog. I have so much energy to burn. She hopes it helps keep her younger, and as I age and turn into a lazy dog, she will finally get to act her old close-to-senior-citizen age. She is already getting sad that I may be the last BIG dog that they will be able to have as they lose their own energy.

  25. Yeah mom here agrees too. We have 9 week old puppy in residence. And the 6.30 starts and 3 coffees before 8am and Mum is at risk of caffeine poisoning by midday. We do muich more relaxed stuff these days.

  26. I understand the feeling. I'm not that age yet, but sometimes I have so much to do I feel overwhelmed. I have a full time job, a kid, a house with 3 slobs in it working as hard as they can to unclean everything, 4 dogs in various stages of training, over 150+ fish. (Actually, I have 9 fish, my husband has turned the garage into an aquarium and expects my help maintaining all 20 fish tanks...without helping with the house or the kid in return.)

    I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I need to do, plus the stuff that I want to do. I suspect by the time I'm 50 I'll have figured out what's important to me, and what's not.

    I'm pretty sure we have invited you before, but we'd like to extend another invite to you to join NaNoWriMo. We just need 6 more writers to write ONE page and we'll have the story completed! Would you be willing to be one of those 6 writers?

  27. I've certainly slowed in the 11 years I've had Mabel... I just don't feel the need to do so much stuff!

    Cute pup pics!!!