Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dexter's Guide to Neighborhood Doggies

One of the good things about walking the same routes day in and day out is that you get to know all the neighborhood doggies. Most importantly, which ones are friends and which ones are foes.

There's a loop the loop near our house that can offer walkies of one half to one mile and is also the gateway to longer excursions through the neighborhood.

Momma and I carry a map in our heads of all the resident canines along with their rating from "run away" up to "seek out."

On the map below, our estate is located just to the right of the roadway called "Pleasant St." in the lower right hand corner. Mind you it is anything but "pleasant" and is actually a double line zoomie high traffic road that is also known by a number. Even though it has sidewalks (well, usually, but sometimes not in the winter), we aim to spend as little time as possible on it because there are frequent accidents.

Here's my color coding legend.

RED - High alert danger! If you see any of these doggies, run in the opposite direction no matter what.
YELLOW - Exercise caution. No meet and greet, but OK to pass on opposite sides of the road.
GREEN - Take it or leave it. Nice enough doggies that might be good for a butt sniff.
BLUE - Go out of your way for a visit. Great doggies with nice humans.

1 - Home of Coco, the Shiba Inu, my BFF. I love that little gal. We often see her on our evening walkies and our humans are kind enough to wait wherever they are so that we can greet each other and exchange kisses. If she is inside when I walk by her estate, she cries at the window for yours truly.

2 - Home of a gigantic and somewhat geriatric (name unknown) chocolate labradude. He's a good guy, but he walkies with his mom and dad and wee humans and told me that he'd prefer I stay on my side of the road.

3 - Vicious attack Golden Retriever dogs. Yes, you heard me right. Their owner is kind of odd, but he seems to like his two doggies well enough. They are usually behind a fence but sometimes they are out loose and they chase me and try to bitey me.

4 - We're now entering what Momma and I call "Danger Alley." You might wonder why we even walkie down this road at all, but you know, it's close, it's convenient, and damn it, it's MY neighborhood. That said, we exercise extreme caution. Anyway, we suspect the doggies in this house are no more in residence, but there were two scary GSDs living in the garage and sometimes out on walkies.

5 - Brady the reactive rottweiler. You know, he used to be a yellow doggie because his humans were training him, but now they have a human baby and the mom walkies him with the baby in a stroller and one time she even had him off leash. Brady wants to kill me.

6 - Another Coco. This one is a guy dog. He's a mixed heritage rescue doggie. I seem to recall that one of his master's customers just left him at the car repair (or construction, not sure) shop his dad owns and never came back. We like to say "hi" and do some competitive pee pee. No worries there. He is often loose in his yard and will run at me all "woof woof who the hell are you?" But I know he doesn't mean it. He had knee surgery last year, but is fully recovered and quite bouncy.

7 - Brother and sister Weimeraner doggies. They live behind an electric fence but one time they got loose out their front door and the big male tried to eat me. He had me pinned on the ground with his jaws around my labraneck when momma grabbed him by the scruff, lifted him off his feet and gave him a good shake. WOW! Go momma! You should have seen his tail go down and I think he even pee'd himself a little.

8 - Ollie the annoying baby black labradog. Momma says he should be blue since I always pull to get to his house, but that's only because Ollie's momma is usually packing liver treats. As for Ollie himself, I can take him or leave him.

9 - There isn't really a doggie living in this house, but sometimes a gigantic Boston Terrier has sleepovers when his firefighter dad (brother of one of the human residents) has an extended shift at the firehouse. We both like to puff up at each other, but it's just for show.

10 - Two little yip yip doggies, but one of them is a JRT which means you can't be too careful. Their humans are cool and know enough to cross the street. We pass each other on opposite sides with our humans yelling over to each other about the weather and whatnot and the yip yips snarling at the end of their strings. Me? I just ignore them. Not worth the effort.

11 - More yip yip doggies. In fact, this house is some sort of yip yip foster home, so the faces change, but the attitude doesn't.

12 - Last, but not least, the house of mystery. Momma says that someday we'll see this house on the front page of the paper (and not for anything good). There is something untoward going on here. The windows all have tinted glass, are never opened, and are usually covered with blackout curtains. The yard has a six foot stockade fence around it. When we walkie by we can hear ominous big scary dog growling and one time there was a hole in the fence and we actually saw a snooter. I don't know what kind of doggie it was. Might have been a wolverine. We've talked to their across the street neighbor who has lived there for five years and never seen nor met the people in the house of doom. The cars (usually shiny muscle cars) in the driveway change so somebody is coming and going and one time we thought we heard kids having a pool party, but it remains cloaked in secrets.

So there you have it! The map of the doggies.

Dexter done!


  1. I likes your rating system. We can't walk our neighborhood, no sidewalks and really busy road so Mommy takes us to the beach to walk. BOL we drive 20 minutes to go for a walk. We LOVES Melvin (he would be a blue) but there are lots of yellow and red dogs on our walks too. We don't always see the same doggies though so Melvin a standard poodle is the only one we knows well. His Mom is usually walking him on our scheduled day and time. ~Fenris & Tuiren

  2. Thanks for the very cool tour of your neighborhood!

  3. I can't say we have any dogs around our neighborhood - of coarse there are no side walks either which we so do not understand.....we seem to be the only ones that ever going walkies around here

  4. OOOOH...we like that! We bet we would get a red flag, cause we bark a lot at dogs that go by, but since we are never in the front yard, maybe we could just have a yellow??

    gus n teka

  5. Gee Dexter you have a RATING SYSTEM. THAT is very methodical. It is a good idea. We like it a lot. Your descriptive Tour 'da Hood makes us feel like we have actually Been on a Walkie with you.

  6. Dexter, I love your map. Mom thinks it is a great idea. We have a similiar house of doom on our walk too. Mom comes up with all kinds of stories about it. Think we have to work on our own map soon- THE COUNT

  7. So sad that there's only one blue and so much red. Our map would be all red, because Gretchen no longer tolerates other dogs thanks to that bite last January. We would have some yellow, maybe... and our life goal is to get to green.

  8. Great map! My boys have a map of human-friendly doggies in the blocks around our house, but we never walked Brutus or Thor along the streets because they are very narrow, and, besides, with 10 acres on which to romp and play, why would a RH go for a walkie instead of performing meditations?

    Happy weekending, Dexter and Momma.

    And thanks again for the sympathy visitors you sent our way. Your friends are the best.

  9. Wow - you Labradudes are quite organized. We would do a map of our neighborhood, but since we don't really have any neighbors, it would make for a pretty boring post. We do howl with our one neighbor dogs (5 rescues), but they are all friendly and fun. All the other neighbors are horses or cows or bears or coyotes or . . .

  10. We have a mental map like that too. But we keep track of where we've ever seen a cat as well. And we have those add on or subtract walks (depending on how much SHE wants to walk). You sure have your area scoped out!

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  11. What an interesting and eclectic bunch you have there. I am glad that you know which is safe and which isn't. Some of those seem pretty scary to me. We have a few dogs in my hood that are definitely paws off. My humans do a good job of protecting me. I am glad your Momma helps you when you need it also.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. Wow Dexter, You sure has it all worked out. What a shame there not more blue houses.
    ~Lickies, Ludo
    p.s. I letting everyone know I moved blog address, my new one be

  13. We like your mapping system, Dexter! House #12 scares us. We would avoid that one for sure!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. I loved your description but wished for more blue! Then, I thought about a map of where I walk with the Duo. There would be the meadow where I have to watch out for coyotes, the berry slope where bear encounters are common, and the canyon wall where the mountain lions lurk. I guess we all have our challenges on our walks! :)

  15. Howdy Dexter. Sigh. We're like a rainbow. We're blue and green when walked alone, yellow when we're together and ashamedly red when we're behind our fence! Our neighbourhood is similar with some friendly, some not so friendly and we know where they all are. Thanks for taking us through your neighbourhood. No worries, and love Stella and Rory
    P.S. Mum had an experience yesterday, walking Rory, another dog went past, barked and yelled HBO words at him, he yelled back, mum corrected him and he stopped and listened to her! She felt in control and confident!!! Yay!

  16. Great map and you sure know the neighborhood doggies. The red marked street.....I think I would avoid at all costs. I don't like being chased at all. Be safe in your journeys my friend.

  17. Hey Dexter!
    Wow, you sure live in a busy territory! Having that many pooches around would drive me insane. I'd try to bash them all and probably end up getting my butt kicked. BOL Gee, a red-zone golden retriever is really odd...I thought they were all sweet. Weird. Anyway, great map and I'm sure that helps keep things civil. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  18. That's pretty cool, Dex, that you have a map of all the woofies. But we think you need more blue spots on that map!

  19. Very interesting to read about your neighbourhood doggies Dexter. We too see the same pups every morning n the park, but are less aware of exactly where they live as in the UK the great majority of dogs live indoors, at least in urban areas.
    I notice on the map that you have a huge number of trees in your patch Dexter, what a plethora of pee mail exchange opportunities.
    Toodle pip!

  20. Too bad both houses with in-ground pools are red houses. Those would be the people and dogs to get to know, so Dex could go for swims. What did we do before Google Maps?!

  21. Dexter, I used to do this mentally when we used to do neighborhood walkies. It's nice to know another doggy mom thinks the same way.

    For the rottie, I advise mom asking him in a stern voice, "WHO do you think you are talking to?" Follow up with softie puppy talk. I've never failed to get through a tough rottie exterior with this!

    For the Weimeraners... the only dog that has ever attacked one of my rottens! Poor Maggie just stood there with the stupid dog wrapped around her throat while I kicked him in the privates! Only when he turned on me did Maggie react! And his people heard us screaming and called him right at that second! Scary!!!

  22. Oh I LOVES your map and rating system!!!! OMD, you know I would be a yellow!! Well, most of the time I'm a yellow, sometimes a green, butts mostly a yellow!! BOL
    I have three 'red' houses in my hood. One has two black Labradudes that like to taunt me and tell me I have a fat ass. Then there's one with a Corgi behind a metal gate that likes to call me a bitch. Then there is a Spaniel that likes to call Ma fats...I just can't abide by that!!! So I bark my AireButt at it!!
    Anyhu, I thinks your Ma is PAWSOME!!! Way to go Dexter Moms for pullin' that Weimeraner off you like that!!!! Very cool indeed!!
    Ruby ♥

  23. Oh, that was very interesting! We have that sort of info in our heads, but we've never mapped it out like that. Are you sure you aren't a Border Collie? That seems like highly organized, Type A Border Collie stuff. Ha roo roo roo, just kidding!
    Mom always says we may not know all the neighbors by name, but we know where every dog lives and usually what his or her name is. That's what's really important, right?
    There is a WFTerrier in our neighborhood that I had as yellow. Then one night, his gate was left open and he got loose. He ran to our house and scratched on the front door to be let in! I got to go meet him and we've been really good friends ever since. His people said all the dogs like us and our peeps; that made all of us feel really good!

    Play bows,

  24. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it is verry gud that yoo hav sutch a map of the skarry dogs in yore nayborhud!!! i shud draw a map too!!! it wil hav red all over it becuz eksept for tucker and trixie all the other dogs in the nayborhud ar verry verry verry verry skarry espeshly the frendly wuns!!! ok bye

  25. That is a wonderful and ever so organized rating system!! I think everyone needs to be as aware of their neighborhood as you and your Mama are!!


  26. Our humans don't rekhognize each other without US!

    Good job Pea!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm SO pupular on my walks! They all want to touch 'the husky'

  27. Hey Dexter, thanks for stopping by to visit. We enjoyed your doggie rating system. We have one but Not organized as good as you. There are a few doggies we know are along our walks that we watch out for. We read some of your past posts trying to catch up cuz we were go e from blogland for so long.

  28. Greetings, Mr. Dexter.

    Our 2-legs slave tells me that there are numerous nice doggies all over our subdivision. However, as THE cat, I stay within my cat-castle and meditate in the sunshine spot. All that "outdoors" is too bright and chaotic.

    The 2-legs tells me that I am an Auntie Cat now, both to her 2-legs grandbaby, and also to a labra-GSD mix pup named "Lucy". I have seen a video of this pup, and while cute as only black labrapups can be, she does seem a handful. She has a much more "pointy" snooter than most labrapups - I suppose that is the GSD part?

    Good to see you have all the neighbor dogs mapped out.

    THE cat.

  29. First, this comes as no great surprise to us that your Momma has a rating scale for neighborhood pups. Second, we fear that we would fall into the red category, as we tend to think the entire street on our daily walk is OUR street and we tend to get all bouncy excited when we see other doggies, and sometime we get all barky-barky. However, when we see other doggies who aren't equally bouncy-barky but just ignore our antics, then we mellow out. So maybe we'd only fall into the yellow category. But we're totally awesome when we meet other doggies at the park. However, if you walk by our house and we're on the park, we're bound to go all AR-AR-AR, but we're just saying hi. ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  30. Your neighborhood map is such a great idea! As a miniature dachshund, however, I have a hard time with red and yellow. I'm not sure what you mean by "danger" and "caution" :)

  31. COOL!! thanks for sharing ! neat idea ! we too know where to look for this and that on our walkies...but we also must pay close attention to irragularities, like hedgehogs, cats, fast bike riders ( the slow ones do not bother us) etc, and take action! Somehow we seem to have different opinions of how fun the action part is...
    Bundy and Monica