Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Mini-Me Visitor

No sooner had I convinced momma that it was as good a time as any to pay those nasty bills and maybe read some blogs when there was a knock, knock, knocking on our front door.

Who, I wondered, could be visiting? We rarely get visitors and I was hoping it was the UPS man. Possibly with another box of noms for yours truly.

Nope, not even close.

It was my new neighbor, Ollie! 

As it was a warm summer evening I immediately ushered him to the foot cooling pool.

That's right, little buddy, a lab must be wet whenever possible.

I don't think it's speaking out of turn to tell you that he proceeded to pee in the pool. A nasty piece of business, wouldn't you say? But one must forgive youth, I suppose.

The little scamp was intent on mayhem, but I stood solid with my renowned easy going temperament and encouraged him to explore the estate like a dignified labradude.

Head up, Ollie, there are nommy plums right at leathery black lip level.

We even practiced a bit of team work on establishing a safe perimeter, free of rabbits and other varmints.

North side clear! Check!

No worries here. He is playing with the stuffie that was permanently contaminated by my nephew, Mr. Porkydude (which I banished to the outdoors and have not sullied my jaws of doom on in months).

Does this picture make me look fat?

Lest you think our entire encounter was stop action, there were some zoomies and I gave Ollie's momma quite a start when I did one of my full body launches into her knee area. 

Sadly, the hour was late and momma insisted there was not enough light for an action video. Sigh.

Judicious use of the puppy death grip allowed us to assume the mandatory good dog sit pose and then he was away.

That lady smells like liver.

I know what you're thinking. Come on, admit it "Oh Dexter! Didn't it just make you wish you had a mini-you around all the time?" Well, in a word, no.

However, I will concede that it felt wonderful to be the big dog for a change and to have such a handsome little chap following me like, dare I say, a puppy.

I have no doubt he will return for more lab on lab fun times (and hopefully a super action video of our sleek black bodies engaging in full out zoomies about the estate).

Dexter done!


  1. Puppy goodness is great, isn't it?!? Glad that Dex had a little playdate, but can still maintain his ability to run the estate on his own! Dex seems to enjoy being an only dog, doesn't he? Can't wait to see the action videos from next time!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  2. I thought maybe woo kept him in the pool too long ;-)


  3. What a handsome duo! I predict a very happy friendship will be forming!

  4. You are an excellent trainer, Dex. Cant wait for the action video!

    -Bart - also a master trainer of youngsters...

  5. It is so nice of you to show your little neighbor friend around your yard. We bet you two will have lots of fun times ahead.

    Millie & Walter

  6. What a cutie! He must feel like you did when you met Mango
    Benny &. Lily

  7. Sounds like the best of both worlds - you are the King of the Estate, and yet you have a mini-me to whom you can impart your wisdom! We look forward to lots of labraphotos!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  8. You are a generous host. I think with you as his role model all will go very well.

  9. You are a generous host. I think with you as his role model all will go very well.

  10. You are a generous host. I think with you as his role model all will go very well.

  11. You are a generous host. I think with you as his role model all will go very well.

  12. Wow Dexter, you sure are the host with the most...sharing you pool and everything!!


  13. You are a most excellent host Dex! Puppies can be a pawful!

  14. Looks like u two had a pawsome time, well except maybe the peeing in the pool part if it.

  15. Well now how old is 'wee' Ollie. Old enough to know the correct pool etiquette I feel. But that aside, looks like he had a great visit. With an estate the size of yours, some help with the key duty of patrolling the borders is, I'm sure, appreciated.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Ollie.
    Toodle pip!

  16. We're glad he peed in the pool because we seriously think your Momma is getting clucky....all these mini yous. Just to remind her what puppies are like.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. We can't believe the little scamp pee'd in your pool, Dexter! We hope Ollie comes back for more fun at the estate but make sure you tell him to peepee at home first!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  18. We think he is kinda cute, but wouldn't want him around here!!!

    Gus n Teka

  19. Ollie is really CUTE. Sorry he Peed in your pool though. If you are in the market fur a LITTLE BROTHER... I can send ERNIE to you.

  20. He peed'd in your pool - eeeeewwww that is not labradude etiquette at all!

  21. Puppy playdates are so much fun! I zoom and run at full speed the whole time. But afterwards, I admit it's grreat to have a chance to snooze! I don't think I'd like to have a pup around all the time. When would I sleep??

  22. Adorable! Puppies, fun to see them come, nice to see them go. Cabana is like you, Dex. Being the only dog has an awful lot of perks.

  23. Peed in YOUR pool?? Oh, the nerves!!!! I would have farted in his face for that, butts that's just me....
    Okay, so he is a cutie patoootie!! I can't wait to see your zoomies!
    Oh, and I give Ma the full body slam all the times....she still acts like she doesn't love it....pffffft!
    Ruby ♥

  24. Howdy Dex, jeez Ollie was cute. We think a small (we hope) pee in the pool was worth the fun of showing him your estate and the fun to be had there. Hope you get lots of play dates in future. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  25. What? He didn't try to nom your tender ears with those sharp puppy teeth? He seems awfully well behaved for a puppy. Are you sure he's really a puppy?

  26. Aw, Dexter, it was fun to see you with your little buddy. Hey, don't drink the pool water, okay??

  27. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay that shoor is a mini me all rite!!! now keep an eye owt for a groovy british seekret aydjent with bad teeth!!! or at leest hoo yoozd to hav bad teeth before the seekwel!!! ok bye

  28. Dexter, I have to admit, it was fun seeing you as the bigger dog and spreading your vast wisdom to the younger generation. I don't think you looked fat, but you were curiously close to Ollies butt area. Peeing in the pool is kind of expected isn't it?? Do you really get to eat those plums?? Stuff like that gives me the toots something fierce.

    The header is one of my Mommys all time favorite pictures of your labraself.

    Loveys Sasha

  29. Oh come on, Dex! Every pup wants a mini-me!


  30. Ha! HA! Dexter - I can relate. I like puppies for playdates but I like my status as an Only Dog!!! ;-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  31. Dextew
    That Ollie is a lucky pup to have the teachings of a clevew and expewienced labwadoode like yoo.
    I did not think yoo look is cleewly the weewd angle of the camewa..i do think having a littol mini me is fun fow yoo, but nice that yoo can have peace and quiet and yoow Mama all to yoowself in between visits
    Smoochie kisses

  32. Ollie is almost as cute as you are, and, with a little tutelage, will be a proper Lab in no time! How nice that you have a new friend to play with.

  33. That sounds like tons of fun! Are you sure that you don't want a Mini-Dexter all the time? Imagine the things that you could teach him! (like not to pee in the pool!).

    The little guy sure looked at you with tons of respect in that "sit" photo!

  34. Better watch out Dexter... relentlessly Huge has been reborn. Have you seen him yet?
    Good news for you, he is far far away from you, so you have nothing to fear.
    The Count