Monday, April 1, 2013

Marketplace Monday - No Joke!

I know, I know, it is, after all, April Fool's Day.

So one might think the trio of dog products I am about to show you are, perhaps, jokes, gags, buffoonery.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For any doggie that can convince their human to part with the right amount of dollars, these curiosities can be yours.


Item #1 The Remote Control Dog Pal
"fast fun for all"

Creepy looking, isn't it? That face! I never saw a rabbit that looked like that. Are those hard boiled eggs instead of eyes?

I think a short demo will help:

I'm not going to lie. That kind of looks like fun. But for a sticker price of over $200, maybe you might just want to rent a rabbit or a terrier for the day. Zoom zoom!

Item #2
(no, seriously, I mean it)

This is very, very wrong. 

"Just clip the highly sensitive, wireless moisture sensor and microprocessor inside your dog's diaper. When it senses urine, it transmits a signal to the alarm, which startles your pet and causes him to stop urinating"

I hope it comes with coupons for doggie psychotherapy. I know I'd need a few sessions if somebody put an alarm in my britches when I was a pup.

Item #3
The Paw Wash

Momma says this looks a bit like a water pipe to her. Not sure what she means by that. 

This alleges to be a device into which hapless dogs will stick their muddy paws for some vigorous apres walkie scrubbing. Now, tell me, who amongst you is going to hold still long enough for even one paw to go in there? I found an instructional video in which an actor dog, who likely wishes he had gone into another career, pretends that the whole "put your foot in the tube" is no big deal.

Watch it here.

There you have it, dear readers. No joke.

Dexter done!


  1. That first one looks too cool. Mona would love chasing that thing but she'd try to eat it if she she caught it.

    Ain't nobody messing with my butt!!

    Won't even comment on that last one.

    Snuiff ya later..........Weenie

  2. The people who invented these need to spend more time actually doing things with their taking them on long walks...rather then thinking up weird things that makes the humans lives easier

  3. I think an alarm in my panties would cause me to pee more, not less. Or make me terrified of ever peeing again. Or possibly both. And what your Mom means when she says that looks like a "water pipe" is that she's a closet hippie. If she tells you she's growing lots of "oregano" to spice up dinner, you might want to make a preemptive Doritos run for her. Just saying... Not that we know anything about that sort of thing.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. I think Rent-A-Terror would be such a popular item

    AND I'm pretty sure some of the humans would set up rent to own terms -

    As for the water pipe thingie, my mom smiled - but said it might be an illegal smile -


  5. Quite adequate for april fools day. I mean, you MUST be joking... Oh my...

  6. Yikes, that second one looks MEAN! I've heard of dogs using the Paw Wash, though, and they say it's no big deal.

  7. I like the first one, but my mom won't spend that much for a toy. I'm glad I'm already house broken so I don't need to wear beeping panties too.


  8. Oh my word! We totally want that rabbit thing, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  9. The first one is okay, but you could probably get the same effect with a remote control car.

    The other two products, well I just can't imagine all the dogs that will end up in shelters because some dumb boob thought they could take the lazy way out and try to save themselves a little bit of work in potty training their dog.

    The paw wash, I have dogs with big paws, it's just as easy to put their paw in a tiny bowl of water. Honestly the things people think of.

    Thank goodness you have a sensible mama Dexter. :-)

  10. BOL - those aren't happening in our house!


  11. Those all seem like April fool's gags to me!

    I try to wash off Mabel's paws in her bowl and by the 2nd paw she's wants no part of it.

  12. Ok, that last video, the inventor was practically losing it herself. Or was that just me?

    And that hand motion looked all too familiar to me. She seemed quite the expert. I hope she doesn't get confused one day and mistake her husband's body part for a dog paw wash... which is a lot worse than a water pipe. No, I'm not exactly proud of myself for that train of thought.

  13. Not sure I can - or even want to - top Wild Dingo's comment. Let's just say that train seemed to have been heavily derailed.

    I was thinking though that #2 would have quite the opposite of the intended effect, which led to a Saturday Night Live type skit going through my head that just did not end well at all.

    P.S. - Being born in the 60's, I have absolutely no comment on the water pipe.

  14. Hey Dexter,

    We got to say that we found the paw wash a bit interesting but as you've said, don't think we can be fooled to put our pawsy paws into that thing without breaking it.

    Happy April Fools Dex!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  15. How about you just have Momma get a remote control car from Radio Shack or some such and strap a stuffie to the top? Just as much fun, and nowhere near $200.

    Washing your feet? Nah. I think Labradudes just need a wading pool instead.

    And let's not even talk about the insult of the electronic diaper. Never mind the fact that humans won't want the thing in their washing facilities.

    I agree with you. These must be April Fools jokes.

  16. No way would we dunk our paws in that thing. We usually need to get wet to our stomachs to be the dirt off us.

    We were thinkin' a cheap remote car with a stuffie on top, too. Great minds.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. No way are we sticking our paws in any flower vase but that first toy looks like fun! We would love to have that!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Great Dog! Those have to be a bad joke. Get a brudder or a sisfur to chase around - much more fun than a remote control device of any kind. The 'punishment for peeing' device amounts to torture and should be banned under international law. And the foot washing device [no rinsing, we note, after the paw is forced into the soap & water mixture] will probably lead to a nice case of diarrhea once those soapy paws are licked a few times. Serve the peeps right when they have to clean it up.

  19. You could just rent ME instead of spendin' 200 greenbacks for THAT!! I might poo and pee on your lawn, butts I'm much more funs!! hehehehe
    Alarm in my undies???? WHAT?? Only if you want revenge of some kinds.....

  20. I would like to comment but I cannot because my jaw will not lift up off the floor. What in the sam hell.......

  21. OMD Dexter...what ridiculous stuff will hoomins think up next...And that electronic diaper beeper thingie...That's just mean

  22. It's just scary that people invented these things and thought they were good ideas. Scarier still that people might be out there actually buying them.

    I think those eyes look like boiled eggs, too!

  23. Are you sure that none of those are jokes? I agree, Dexter, that potty training thing is inhumane.

  24. I don't even like baths I can't imagine putting my delicate paws into that torture device. What people won't think of to amuse themselves! I think they should test those devices on humans first and then we can decide if we want to use them.

    Loveys Sasha

  25. The first really expensive toy can be replaced with any $10 plastic remote control child's toy from KMart. The second sounds cruel and should be reported to the SPCA. The third is just plain stupid. Are you sure this isn't a very elaborate April Fool's joke post, Dex? x

  26. No thanks to all of those. Can you see our Mom sticking forty paws into that bottle?
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  27. What are they going to come up with next? De-charge batteries for dogs? I wish...
    I fun post never-the-less :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  28. ps...meant to read 'A fun post never-the-less' :)

  29. Dextew
    I love yoow headew. Total abandon and comfowt
    I think hoomans awe widicooloos sometimes in theiw puwsoot of the almighty dollaw. I wooldn't use any of those items no mattew how much gween papews I had. I will gladly cum ovew and play wif you, went fwee
    Soochie kisses

  30. Humans sure come up with some crazy ideas. The pee-detector has got to be the worst! But the paw wash thing looks like it would be fun to chew up.

    your pal,

  31. Oh dear, I don't even know where to begin. Well obviously the whole diaper/pee detector thing is just horrid horrid horrid. As for paw washes, what's wrong with warm water in a bowl? Of course if the alternative is the dunk in the cold Scottish stream, then suddenly the product doesn't seem so bad after all. And surely the world is full of objects to chase (other dogs, cats, squirrels, seagulls, crows, magpies, butterflies, leaves, children on scooters... I could go on) all available for $0.00.
    Toodle pip!

  32. And then there are the (diots) people that actually bought those items. Oh my. Wonders never cease.