Thursday, March 28, 2013

Potholes and Mystery Revealed

Two posts in one week? With any luck, Momma will soon be back to helping me read blogs. 

One can only hope. 

Plus I need her to get on the stick and move my blog list out of Google Reader before it vanishes (paws down to Google on that one).

Driving around town often feels to yours truly like a carnival ride and I confess to sometimes getting a bit woozy from all the bumps and bounces.

That, my friends, is due to the numerous potholes which are opened up every winter by the aggressive plowing and chemical application, all in the name of keeping the roads safe for motorists.

Check out this (rather conservative and poorly patched) crater at the end of our street.

Just yesterday, Momma had the Pea-Mobile in the car hospital for yet another repair on the suspension. She claims it is due to potholes. Personally, since the repairs are always in the rear area, I am of the belief that the vehicle suffered structural damage from all those years with a 200 pound load in the dog compartment.

Even the sidewalks aren't safe now that our town has purchased a new monster sidewalk plow. 

Maybe we should go a different route. This looks just right for making momma fall on her face.

This one is particularly vexing. No ordinary pothole, rather, the plows popped the top right off the protective covering of a hole leading to places unknown (where no doubt there are vicious creatures waiting to bitey the faces of doggies who linger too long).

I think I smell Australia.

But I doubt you tuned in to see how our local DPW will be keeping busy over the summer. 

Quite a stir from my previous post.

Momma took this shockingly blurry photo of the helpful sign on blue man #4. Since I doubt you can read it, let me fill you in.

It seems our library is running a "spot the whale" program to encourage reading (something of which I wholeheartedly approve). To which end they have placed the blue men with whales about town, along with fact sheets regarding whales. 

This didn't exactly get me fired up to run out and grab a copy of Moby Dick, but I applaud their efforts.

Dexter done!


  1. Dear Dexter, unlike poor Cyprus, we're not down the sewer (yet). Or are you implying we stink? BWAH haha!

    Please could you get your mama to tell The Typist how to migrate the blog list thingy? She hasn't been keeping in touch with this heinous move and would so appreciate it if your mama tells her so she doesn't need to stress and have to google how. (Yeah, she's a slacker.)

    I shall make sure she checks back. Hooroo! X

  2. Hey...are roads and sidewalks look likes dat too...but we don't has snow plows cuz we not has snow. Anyways, not only is it bad fur your car and tires, it's bad fur clumsy mum's. Of course, I has also been known to be clumsy too but I won't mention dat.

    I thinks da school has a good idea to encourage readin' and stuffs but I still tryin' to figure out da relationship between whales and readin'. I know, I know, I shouldn't think so hard.


  3. I'm fixated on the header pikh -

    Totes jelly -


  4. Anything that encourages reading has to be good. In the thumbnail of the first pothole, we thought it was a hole in the ice and you may have fallen in!

    We're so glad that wasn't the case.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I had forgotten the great pothole dilemma of winter..yes we remember those from the good old days of living up north. The only one we have seen here is right outside krogers...not sure why they keep having to fill it in or what causes it but it is doubt our one and only pothole monster. I guess the blue man represents the blue water o the ocean....or maybe a severely depressed guy.......still seems odd but as you said nice try.

  6. We gots potholes too, but fortunately not where the muzzer walks. No sidewalk plows here...everyone just waits for it to melt away. Maybe your Momma can make a video of your potholes and send it to some kind of municpal meeting or something? Bet they would like that better than listening to one another talk.

    gus n teka

  7. At least you have sidewalks... Our neighborhood has no sidewalks (seriously), but our streets have their fair share of potholes, craters, and other irregular depressions that result in Mom muttering HBO words when she hits them. However, our snow is melting quickly, so we fully anticipate in another month or so Mom will be muttering less about the potholes and more about the lane closures and people in orange vests flagging her toward destinations unknown. As for encouraging kids to read, we think cut-outs of Walter the Farting Dog would encourage WAY more kids to read than something that suggests kids should go read some big long book about a crazy guy obsessed with a whale with an attitude. Just saying. (Although our Mom LOVES Moby Dick - we blame it on that elitist prep school education she got.)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  8. Nice to see you Dexter. We thinks instead of a blue man they should have a black dog to encourage reading. Everyone knows a book is better with a doggie curled up by your feet and a cat in your lap. ~Fenris & the zoo

  9. Dexter dude I was so glad to see you visited me, we have been looking for your posts but never seem to find them. But then we are having all kinds of Internet problems. There are some pretty big potholes you guys are dealing with. Is it because of the extreem weather? You best be careful that your human doesnt fall in and break a leg.

    Good to see you again buddy

  10. Hey Dexter, good to see you. We been missing for awhile.those are some potholes. Looks like you are being watchful so you and the mom don't trip or fall . What a header pic. That snow looks like you are in a canyon. That is a Loy of snow. It shows off your black handsomeness!

  11. Ah! That explains the mysterious figure from before! That is a nice effort! Darn those potholes. We have a bunch too.

  12. BaaaaWaaaah Dexter... Ernie is all upset about that HOLE that you found... he is afraid that if you CAN sniff to the Down Under... that you might sniff his ROXY's BUTT and he does NOT want you to do that. BaaaaaWaaaah.
    You should see our ROAD... it not only has POT HOLES... it has Ditches as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon. VERY treacherous.

    We don't do the Google Reader thingy... tried it once though... do you suppose OUR list is there and will go POOF ??? THAT would be horrid.

  13. Holey cow dexter! Don't they know you need a nice surface for walkies! Good thing you are an almost fullsized doggie (using the Mango standard) or you might fall in the hole! Hope they patch it up!

  14. Oh that is the story of the blue man with the whale. That's pawesome though, we agree that maybe they should have put your photos instead.

    Our roads can be worse here, too. Do watch your step there, Dexter.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  15. We have those hideous potholes too. YUCK.

    Can your Mama share what she will be using in place of the google reader? We're still unsure.

  16. Thanks for solving that blue man mystery for us - reading is a good thing, so kudos to them for that.

    If you have found something good to replace Google Reader, please let us know. So far the only one we find that is user friendly is The Old Reader. Thanks.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Momz sez she didn't realize that Winter brought you such damage...Do be careful on your walkies...The reading program sounds like a good idea...It should help encourage children if it's fun

  18. Wow - that is some serious road damage!! Beware of creatures from deep below trying to climb their way up through the cracks...especially at night! ;)

  19. When we started teaching Ryan to drive last June, he didn't fully comprehend the mechanical dance known as "Pothole Dodge". So he drove my Cadillac through a particularly nasty pothole on the road to the farm dairy store that sells the best ice cream ever. And cracked a spring. And killed a shock absorber. Which meant all 4 shocks had to be replaced, because just replacing the one made it look like a Mexican hopping car.

    And when my 3rd son, Dan, lived in South Carolina, on one back road he was doing the Pothole Dodge, all within his lane, and a cop spotted him, and pulled him over, thinking he was drunk at 3PM. After passing the field sobriety test, Dan explained that he had learned to drive up north, and this was how we saved our cars from certain suspension death. The cop was amazed, because he had never heard of such a thing. Then he announced that he was going to try it on the road they were on right then, and cut Dan loose. Phew. Sometimes those Good Ol' Boys can be downright hostile toward Damn Yankees, but the Pothole Dodge saved Dan!

  20. Howdy Dexter, glad to hear about the reading idea. We agree, anything that encourages reading is a great thing. Jeez we didn't realise what damage clearing snow can do. Those pot holes do look dangerous. Hey Dexter, did you cooeee down that hole? If you smelled cow poo and dog farts, it probably came from near our place hehe. Take care walking mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. It had all of us interested!


  22. Your mom sure keeps you busy! Hope they get your pot holes all filled up really soon. Having the Pea-Mobile under the weather is not good!

  23. Dexter, my Mom is notorious for tripping and falling so we have to be really careful. We have some really bad spots here as well. There is a road pothole so big in our subdivision that we thought we saw it swallow a whole car one time. All we saw was the license plate. What is the problem with Google?? We must know, I don't want to lose any of my precious blog information.

    Loveys Sasha

  24. So that's the story on the blue man and the whale!
    YIKES! Those are serious potholes, Dexter. Make sure you and your momma are extra careful!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  25. I hope those potholes are repaired before we return to MA,in a couple of months! I remember them only too well!

  26. O hai! I like walkies too. :)

  27. We are VERY interested in that hole that goes to Australia. We might have to come over there and help you investigate!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  28. The mom says the roads around here are full of holes! We're lucky we don't go out and have to deal with them, but the mom says they are terrible!

  29. Careful your nose doesn't get stuck in that pothole
    Benny & Lily

  30. Our roads look bad too and makes a bumpy ride!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  31. We totally love your header picture!! We have tons of those potholes too...very bad for the car...and for the tires!! Xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  32. Wow,those are bad roads!

    I switched to feedly and am enjoying it as a replacement for google reader. I used to use igoogle though and loved that I could see my email, blogs from google reader, and calendar all on one page. So if you find anything that can replace that awesomeness let me know...

  33. That whole thing with the whales seems a bit fishy to me. Ha roo roo --- oh, yeah. Right. They're mammals. Whatever.
    Your roads and sidewalks look as bad as ours. I think our road guys use shoddy means to repair them so they have to do it all over again -- you know, keep themselves employed and all. Hmm.
    Play bows,

  34. We knew you'd explain that Blue Whale Man. Are all of the Blue Men also Whale Men, or is the library pushing other books besides Moby Dick? It's great to see them pushing reading; now if they'd just push cursive writing, too, before it goes the way of the Dodo.

    Those are some impressive pot holes. Only thing worse would be sink holes. You & Dexter Momma be careful out there!