Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oliver Recap and SNOW!

Momma: Well, Dex, it's been almost a week since Oliver went home. Do you miss him?

Me: No.

Momma: Wasn't it fun having him here? Does it kind of make you wish you had a brother or sister who lived here all the time?

Me: No.

Momma: Because, I think that Mango's half sister will be having a litter in the summer and...

Me: NO!

Momma: OK! No need to yell. How about we go check on the bird feeders?

Me: Fine.

Momma: Hey Dex, what are you doing?

Me: I'm making a zoomie path so that we can play tennis ball.

Momma: Oh Dex, there's too much snow for tennis ball.

Me: No there isn't. Just throw along my runway and we'll be fine.

Momma: You know that won't work. I can't throw precisely enough and then you lose the ball and I have to slog through the deep snow to find it and it makes me tired.

Me: Big deal. You could use the exercise. Come on, let's go!

Momma: Hey! Are you implying I'm out of shape?

Me: Not at all. Just noting that your jeans are kind of full lately. Now hop to it.

Momma: I think my jeans are shrinking in the dryer.

Me: If you say so, now can we please play ball?

Momma: OK, but if I miss the path, I'm not going to get the ball for you.

Me: Agreed.

Me: Um, this is kind of awkward, but I seem to have lost track of the ball.

Momma: ARG! 

Dexter done!


  1. Hey Dexter -

    Would woo be interested in a Siberian SIBling?

    I'm looking to rehome myself to New England as


    PeeEssWoo: Maybe I khould split my time between Khonnekht The Dots and Master Chew Sits
    PeePeeEssWoo: I know what woo mean - I don't miss my khampers when they depart the premises either!

  2. Geez Dexter, you still have lots of snow! Maybe in the winter you could try a bigger ball like a Jolly Ball? That's what our Callie uses and it never gets lost in the snow. Your Momma could kick it and not have to throw it (that's what I do) Just a thought!

    Maybe a brother or sister? Oh...that could be fun! Yes, I know. Easy for me to say!

  3. Gussie says he only WISHES Teka had gone away that easily.

  4. LOL that is such an awesome conversation! Did you get more snow too Dexter? We got hammered again! :-)

  5. Dexter Dude! That snow looks fabulous! I LOVE that last picture!

    your pal,

  6. How about Frisbee? Would those disappear in the snow?

    ...and think GOLDEN... Just saying....


  7. Yep we agree....maybe a frisbee would be least it would stay on top of the snow. Loved that last photo of you....but that is a lot of snow

  8. Hey Dex - ya kinda gotta at leest think 'boutz a siblin' - it cood mean more treatz fur ya. Both of us Beaglebratz r sittin'there waitin'fur our treatz butt sumhow one of us endz up with 1 more than the other. An'u will haf a baby sis or bro u can boss around. Shiloh here - Diva Shasta "will let" me open all packagez furst which meanz I uzually end up gettin'the good stuff furst. An'if your mom really wantz u tue haf a baby sis or bro - if u allow it then your mom iz eazier tue live with BUTT u can uze that tue git what YOU want - "MOM, I let u git me a baby sis so I NEED .... ??????????? (Shiloh still here) An'like I sed, a baby sis or bro will allow u the opportunity tue haf anuther sumone tue really boss around.

    Oh, an u'all can keep the snow - mom'n us r ready fur spring.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  9. Wow you sure have a lot of snow. I am a bit jealous.


  10. This is why we use frisbees. Much easier to find in the snow when Mom, erm, misses her target. True, we have lost two frisbees this winter, but that's because Abby has a tendency to pounce on them and in new snow, well, they tend to get buried... But it means we get to rediscover them in spring! If it ever gets here; we, too, received more snow overnight. However, I think you should consider a sibling. Then when you lose frisbees, uh, make that tennis balls, you can totally blame it on your sibling. You've got that innocent face down to perfection, so the new sibling would be the perfect fall guy. Trust me. I know of what I speak here. ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  11. We nearly didn't get past "Mango's half-sister is having a litter".
    But yes, Momma, of course your jeans are shrinking in the dryer....
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  12. If you change your mind about having a Camper... I could always send ERNIE to you.

  13. at least your momma is nice enough to through a real ball in the snow and not snowballs and then laugh when you're frantically searching for a snowball in snow.

  14. Hmmmmm, sounds like a new resident could be coming in the late summer/early fall. That would be pawesome!!!

    How did you get to keep all that snow. Ours has disappeared to the sun and rain gods:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Lacie stares at the words "Mango's half-sister will be having a litter in the Spring"...she grins, dabs at her eyes with a tissue and resumes typing.

    So Pea...are you what they call a "laconic New Englander"...all those one word answers? I pawsonally believe it's wrong to use one word if you can use 10. I'm just sayin'...

    Stan sent an email out; he's in trouble...never the Lacie; always the Boyz.

    XXOO Beast

  16. We so understand your wanting to be an only furkid, Dexter!
    We LOVE your header photo!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. SHE can't throw worth beans either. We think your mum did it on purpose so she didn't have to do more exercise.

    We think a brother or sister would be nice. Someone to chase on those summer days....oh, sorry, it'll be a little Mango....well something to tease.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Love the header.

  18. Howdy Dex, hey don't bother with a sister or brother, you can have mine. He's big, he slobbers and he's a pushover. Just say the word mate and he's all yours ok. I dont think I'd miss him would I? Love your snow photos. Today we're having stinking hot hot weather. Your photos make us feel a little cooler. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. from Rory, don't get a sissy cause they are bossy little turds!

  19. I'm right there with you Dexter.... just say NO to other dogs!! I tell The LB this every time we go anywhere. When I see her looking or even talking to other dogs I give them both a big dose of what-for!! Bring one into MY home? I don't think so!!!!!

    Stand your ground, Dexter! Stand your ground!!

  20. Haha! Us cats aren't much for playing in the snow or for chasing balls, but we sure love seeing you have fun out there, Dex!!

  21. A sibling? Hmmm now that's a thought. =)

  22. The ball will still be there in August, when the snow melts.

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Dex, your wit never ceases to amuse me!


  24. Hey Dex,

    The ball could still be somewhere there, right?! That's a lot of snow you got there. We got to give it to you pal, you did try to chase it. Never give up, Dex!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  25. Love this story Dexter! You ARE a Wonderpea! Even tho we are a duo, we totally get our one on one Mom or Dad time! We also get that tennie ball thing (tho we also think frisbees are good solutions) - our Pawrents aren't such good "aimers" either tho! Enjoy the snow! We are pretty jelly!
    Sammie and Avalon

  26. You're good at making sure your momma gets exercise!

  27. Heh heh heh! Hope you found it buddy! Momma says that last pic of you is positively dreamy!

  28. Bet you can't wait for that snow to melt. There could be loads a tennis balls hiding in there by the end of winter!!!

  29. My assistant claims her jeans are shrinking in the dryer, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  30. How long did you have to stand still for the snow to bury you like that, Dex? Wasn't it COLD? The Typist's jeans have been shrinking in the dryer for ages . She keeps buying new ones but they shrink too! Funny how our humans have the same problem eh.

  31. Yo Dexter! Sorry about all that snow. I am already having allergy issues with all the dang flowers and trees budding and throwing pollen on me. I kept Mum up almost all night chewing, snorting and sneezing. Benedryl was applied liberally to my morning nosh. Oliver looked like a handful. Keep to your ticket and make sure if they bring someone new in that you get a lot of presents for taking the orphan in. New bed, pool, toys, collar, etc.

    Love, Dozer

  32. The waistbands on all of my skirts have shrunk this winter, too, so leave Momma be, Dex! And a nephew of Mango's would be great fun for you! My dearly beloved is finally talking about hunting for a new mastiff, so....giant puppies all around?

  33. Oh Dex, you make me laugh and laugh!!!!!! You'll find the tennis ball in the spring...

  34. Dear Dex, if you're lonely, we'd be happy to mail Otto to you. What a pain he is!

    -Bart and Ruby

  35. BOL!!! OMD Dexter!! You are just toooo funny dude! I try almost the same technique with my Moms, and I get abouts the same response. (oh, and BTW, my Ma's jeans are lookin' 'a little full' too!!! hehehehe She blames it on the dryer, too!! Yeah, as IF!!)
    Well, it is our job to make our Moms MOVE Dexter!! (your doin' a better job of it than I...)

  36. Dex, you are WONDERFUL.

    And we think there's a small Mango dude on the way....

  37. Dexter, wow you still have bunches of snow. We don't have any. I hope you found your tennis ball. There is nothing worse than a lost toy in my opinion. I can't stop thinking about it, I can't think of anything else but my lost toy. It kind of drives Mommy crazy and usually I manage a few treats to distract me. I find the toy eventually and also got treats so not really so bad after all.

    Loveys Sasha

  38. Oh Dexter! I am so jealous of all your snow!!!! We got some on Sunday, but with the warmer weather it is almost ALL gone! Enjoy it while you can!

    Holly & Khady

  39. Hi Dexter,

    Long time no woof!! We're finally getting settled in our new home in Perth and so I'm FINALLY getting a chance to catch up with my blog friends! :-)

    Wow - that snow is amazing. It reminds my human, Hsin-Yi of when she was 8yrs old, living in New Jersey, and they used to have snow like that in winter - and she couldn't go out of her house to go to school, until somebody dug a path like that through it - but the snow was so deep that when she walked on the path, the sides nearly came up over her head! (Well, OK, you know Hsin-Yi has always been a bit of a shorty! ;-) )

    Honey the Great Dane

  40. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it is like yoo ar in a snow kanyon!!! dada sez it is like yoo ar a lone fiter pilot raysing thru a channel on the deth star trying to blow it up with a singel well playsd shot dada is sutch a nerd!!! ok bye

  41. BOL! Maybe my Mom and your Mom could both throw balls at the same time - that way at least one of them might hit your path ;P

    Lots of snow you have there Dexter! Fun! :D

    Waggin at ya,