Friday, March 29, 2013

Google Reader and Two Photos Without Me

Friends, in an effort to be proactive regarding the ultimate demise of Google Reader, I persuaded Momma to do the Feedly thing yesterday. But we are now having some mental anguish.

Do you see this screen shot? It's my Google Reader and on the left hand side it has a list of all of my feeds.

But now look at my Feedly. Under My Feedlist it not only has a little subset of my feeds, but the contents of the list itself seem to change somewhat whimsically. Not to mention, I have no use for that stupid financial section and would like very much for it to go away.

I know that it imported my feeds because the unread item count is correct. I am looking for help from some alert and savvy reader who can tell me how to get my full list of subscriptions back in the margin. 

And now, let me ask for your sympathy and support regarding the foolish images clogging up our flashy beast. Images of things other than yours truly.

First, this turkey atop our garage. That is newsworthy because?

And this shocking and heartbreaking photo of my momma putting the love on none other than Porky Pig Nephew Oliver. Bad enough I had to suffer through three days of him living in my house, but to see this and have to smell his stinkiness all over momma after being abandoned for hours, well, it is almost too much to bear.

Dexter done!


  1. it is is the preference setting - you can turn off that financial is a little different and takes a little while to get use to but just browsw around it and you will figure it out :)

  2. Dexter, you can see the feeds if you make your window a bit wider or if you hover your cursor over those three lines in the upper left corner in the grey area they will pop up. I am loving Feedly. It seems like I can read my blogs faster than I did with Google reader. The only quirky thing I have found is that when you are adding a new blog you have to be in the "All" category or you get an error (unless it's been fixed by now). Good luck.

    Cindy & Millie

  3. We looked at netvibes and it was just awful. We also did Feedly but maybe we need to look at it again. We hope some more of your commenters leave more tips.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Go to Index and in little grey letters under the word "Index" it will tell you how many feeds you have. I have 708 showing, but it only shows you the active blogs. It seems to work fairly well for me, I went back and forth between it and Reader when I started and it is syncing fairly well.

    Hope it helps!


  5. Hi Dexter,

    Sorry, we aren't techie enough to help with your feedly thingy. I feel your pain with the peoples vanishing for hours and coming home with other dog perfume on though. Sometimes my mommy even goes to the cookie store and touches their dogs and then has the nerve to greet me as if nothing is amiss! Yesterday I swear I smelled new toy scent under her coat, but then there was whispers about Sunday and bunny and wrapping and hiding. What is this about?

  6. Hmmm my feedly page looks like yours except that there's a column on the far left that has all my blogs listed just like GR did...maybe it's a display setting? Our issue is that for some folks my blog is showing up as "title unknown" and not showing my blog name and we don't' know how to fix that...any help appreciated...If you click on "edit" by the Finance heading you'll get to a screen where you can get rid of it...That one I did figure out...Also giving Bloglovin' a try to see which one I like better...And I just heard about "The Old Reader" and will be checking that one out too... And who knew turkeys could fly that high?

  7. I have no idea, I'm still using the damn reader!

  8. Tried feedly ages ago.. HATED IT! Pulse on the Ipad is nice but it doesn't allow for ALL my feeds. Don't know what I'm gonna do...

  9. Mom is trying to get used to Feedly, Dexter. Reilly is right - you have to spend time with the preference thingy to get it the way you want it. We still are using Reader to add a new blog or delete one. We haven't gotten the hang of that one yet. We're glad Millie left that tip!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. I think I have Feedly on my iPad somewhere. I just switched on my desktop because of the Reader debacle and I like it. To get rid of the Financial bit, if you go into settings or preferences, there is a textbox with tickers automatically set up for you. If you empty that box and then save your preferences the financial box should go away.

    HOpe that helps.

  11. Dexter, we're SO disappointed that Google Reader is gonna go away. The mom has tried Feedly but doesn't like it as much....'specially the Feedly app for her ipad.

  12. We've switched over to Netvibes and are quite happy with that. Maybe you should check it out and compare!

  13. I like Feedly a lot...but there's another step you probably didn't take to get more menu options. i think you have to sign into google chrome or circles or have an account then it sees you and gives you more options. so you can press "all" and it will look a lot like google reader again. it even has an FAQ page on feedly to show you how to make it look like google reader (which i hate anyway so i was glad to be done with it). but like i said, it requires that extra step to be logged in. when i look at my feedly, i see my google circles photo... that's how i know it needed that.

  14. hopefully you figured it out by now :) I find using the "latest" tab, then viewed "tiles" is most google reader like. I also like it sorted by oldest to newest for when i fall behind and want to catch up without missing a post.

  15. Oh dear. I might be in trouble cause I don't know what the heck everyone is talking about. I have my blog list on the side of my blog homepage, so if they disappear I don't know what I'll do. I just add to the list through my design page and then it pops up on my homepage. Is this through Google Reader? Oh oh. Luckily it's morning, I think I need a strong cuppa.

    P.S. Hey Dexter, we love your wild turkey on the roof cause we don't get them around here that's for sure. As for your chubbo nephew, he only gets your mum's belly rubs every now and then, whereas you can get them every day! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. Those turkeys are the next DOH's -

    Mom saw one or two of them all spread 'out' when she went to The GKP on Saturday -


  17. definitely helps if you are signed in to Google when you are using Feedly. And you have to get all of the preferences set up right...the way you like it! So far, it seems to be working out ok. Like anything else, it seems we all just have to get used to it! It appears that Feedly imported all of my Google Reader blogs ok...but I have not tried to add an individual blog yet! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  18. We tried Feedly and didn't like it, so now we're using NetNews Wire. It's much easier!
    Mmm! Turkey!