Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oliver Slumber Party and I am an Uncle

Friends, the past few days have certainly been out of the ordinary for yours truly.

It started Tuesday evening when momma and master went to visit my human brother and sissy-in-law and came back with my nephew, Oliver.

Oliver is an odd sort who seems incapable of locomotion without something in his mouth. Subsequently, his first task upon arrival was to scour my toy basket and nab one of my stuffies which he proceeded to rattle in my face.

This is so rude. He didn't even ask permission.

I advised him that oral fixations are definitely not status quo amongst mature labradudes.

You need to settle down. You're four years old now. Time to stop being such a dork.

Perhaps I was hasty in my chastisement as the next thing I knew I was on my back, with his significant weight compressing my labrachest and causing me to see stars from lack of oxygen.

Get off me, lard butt!

Fear not! Living with the RH prepared me well for executing ninja moves when confronted with a rotund beast and I quickly righted myself.

Prepare for ninja lab!

And put the smack down right back on Mr. Porkydude.

Ready to say "Uncle?"

But he is persistent, so I am glad him came equipped with his padded cell to which he retreats willingly for much needed down time.

Peace at last. I hope he goes home soon.

I am told he will be here through the end of the week (have mercy). Why? Well, it seems my human brother and sissy-in-law are taking an extended holiday at the hospital which apparently provides accommodations for two in their deluxe suites.

And they are even getting a going away prize. That being a human pup named RW. 

Not sure how much of a prize that will turn out to be given that human pups are notoriously hard to housebreak and crate training is frowned upon.

Here's a photo of Momma with RW. She says she is now a Granny. More like an evil witch ready to pop the kid in the oven from the looks of things.

I suppose that makes me an Uncle. If that is the case, I say, "bring it on" and let me show little RW the ropes.

In the meantime, I have a full plate trying to teach Oliver to comport himself with dignity. To which end, I have been taking him on walkies with me where he dutifully follows like a good nephew and only pees where I tell him to. As it should be.

Dexter done!

P.S. Oliver does not visit our estate much. The last time he was here for a sleepover, there was an unfortunate incident between him and the RH which you can read about here. For a little trip down memory lane, here is a video from Oliver's sleepover. Kind of makes me nostalgic for the RH and the good times we had doing zoomies.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Almost) Silent Sunday - Snow Tennis Ball Fun

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma had some sickies and her medicine made her a little dizzy so we couldn't even read blogs. We decided to hit The Button in our google reader and get a fresh start. She's feeling better now and we're both looking forward to reading about the new adventures of our friends.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey Dexter! Come over here and pose by the snowmen I made for you.

Those aren't snowmen. I don't want to be seen with them.

How about putting on your monkey outfit too? You look so adorable in it.

Definitely not.

I'll give you a hot dog.

I need to rise above my hot dog addiction. This is humiliating.

Dexter done!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Big Snow

I have no doubt that many of you have heard by now of snow storm Nemo which came to visit our neck of the woods. The snow started on Friday and Momma took the day off from the work place to stay home with yours truly and try to keep up with clearing the deck and what not.

By Friday afternoon, the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts said that only emergency vehicles were allowed on the road, so we figured it was as good a time as any to squeeze in a nice winter wonderland walkie.

Momma did a good job of keeping things clear right up until bedtime, but I confess that I was not as thorough as usual with my evening potty run.

Subsequently, I was awakened at 5:30 AM with a most grievous need. 

Momma obligingly opened the door to let me out only to discover this!

I can't go out there! 

Yes, friends, while we slumbered, a generous two feet of snow had fallen and blown about and the snow against the back door was over my head!

Frantic, I beseeched momma to clear enough for me to take care of what had by this time become a very pressing need.

Good old Momma. She shoveled a path off the deck and enough of a spot in the yard to accommodate my morning business.

Laser beam eyes! I will melt the snow! 

As you can imagine, most of today was spent clearing snow. Two feet might not sound like a lot, but it is. To demonstrate, here I am posing along one of my comfort paths. 

I did my best to provide moral support to Momma but even still, the shoveling made her quite grouchy and there were many HBO words flung into the wind.

You're doing great, momma, just keep shoveling.

I thought a walkie would make a nice break and off we set (despite the driveway not yet being cleared).

But we soon had to turn back as the streets, while passable, were busy with super sized snow removal equipment that forced us more than once to dive into a snowbank lest we get caught up in the scoop.

So back we came to make the long journey up the driveway.

Maybe I should have let Momma go first and use her bulk to clear the snow.

Momma was ever so fretful that the birds have enough food and made the long journey out to the back feeder to fill it up and put some seed on the ground for the Mourning Doves and other ground feeders.

I did my best to follow along, but got a bit bogged down.

You'll have to go on without me. 

After some restorative macaroni and cheese and a brief nap, it was time to try our luck at walkies again.

We both wore our reflective gear even though it was daytime (one must be safe).

I was supposed to pose on this snowbank. No thanks. I had business to take care of.


The hands of the clock are moving towards 4:00 which means it is almost supper time. I am counting the minutes.

Momma says that there is no more shoveling to be done today as her little arms are shaking with fatigue and I think her mentals are in a perilous state. The Master continues to work on getting the driveway cleared, but this is how our deck and yard will remain for the time being. 

Dexter done!