Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wowza! It's COLD!

Same old same old at the estate. Not much action for yours truly other than our walkies.

I am so proud of momma who has not missed a single walkie despite the absurdly cold weather. Sure, we aren't going as far, but even still, it's something.

Of course it takes almost as long for momma to put on all her clothes as it does for us to walk. Here she is this morning (single digits and a chilling breeze). 

Even I, hearty labradog, have made concessions to the cold. My feet get snow in them which freezes and is so owie that once I even just lay down until momma warmed my toes with her mittens. So I gladly wear my boots.

As for the fleece jacket... yes, it is pink. Don't know what "you know who" was thinking, but I am hoping that my manly appearance makes pink the new black for he dogs everywhere.

Dexter done!

P.S. Momma decided to leave up the little ornament tree with just her bird ornaments on it. She says it is "holiday agnostic" and it makes her happy to look at. I agree. It is very cheery.


  1. We are most impressed that you're getting her out for her daily exercise! THEY need it. I'm SO proud of myself, Dex! I just went outside IN A LIGHT RAIN!!! I came in immediately to get toweled, but there's a major difference between swimmies and getting rained on... Course, you're a water dog. How do you feel about the rains?


  2. Wowee...your momma is tougher than my momma. We had a super cold week this year, too, and one day my momma was like...we're NOT going for a walkie today. So we did training and that was fun but not like a walkie.

    Oh, and I think you make pink look pawsitively manly!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. You lie down when your tootsies get cold? We'll have to try that... We usually try walking on 3 feet (which kinda works) and then 2 feet (which doesn't work so well at all). TaiChi used to just stop walking and stand there. Which meant Mom would pick her up and carry her for the rest of the walk. Mom has already informed us she will NOT be carrying us for ANY portion of the 2 mile loop. What a wimp! And dude, we think you look super stylish in pink - seriously, it takes a manly (dogly?) dog to carry of pink, and you do it with panache! Good job in getting the DOH out even in cold weather - it's good for her!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh FINALLY we get to see the LOVELY Bird Tree. WE are glad that she left it up. It looks so Cheerful.
    We don't blame you fur wearing your coat and Boots... butt where in the world are your Ears Warmers and your NOSE COZY???

  5. We applaud you and your momma, Dexter! Our hoomans are very lazy about walking us in this frigid cold and we are most sad to miss our walkies. They're one of the highlights of our day!
    You look great in pink, Dexter!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. You both look good in pink, very springy! Good job on the walking.
    We are warming up for the Itida Walk. We need all the motivation we can muster, to get out there in the rain!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  7. Dexter, I am confident that you are secure enough in your masculinity to wear pink with pride. I am however, a bit concerned about Momma's pink/orange combination. But I suppose she can be forgiven much if she has managed to take you out walking each day despite the frigid conditions.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail is wondering how Momma manages the picking up poop business, for which humans generally need to take off their mittens. These little details are interesting you know.

  8. I like how colorful your momma's outfit it! And no good reason you can't have an equally colorful one. You really rock pink in your black furs!
    Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind

  9. At least you are both toasty warm when you go walkies are you do have matching colored coats :)

  10. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada is kwite enamord of yore mommas headware on akkownt of his ineksplikabul luv for ennything wot is orange!!! and i think yoo luk verry nice in yore kote pink and blak go together kwite nicely almost as nice as orange and blak dada sez hay dada git over yore obseshun with orange things alreddy!!! ok bye

  11. It never gets that cold here BUT SHE still takes ages to get dressed when we want to go out! So we know what you're talking about.

    Don't think we could move if we had boots on.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  12. I agree with Momma, that tree with the birds is very cheerful and with weather such as you have, you need some smiles. Dexter, puhleeze, that isn't pink, it's fuschia, and dare I say it looking fetching and quite masculine against your black coat. We saw a fancy dog in Malibu with a harness just like yours, so see you are a trendsetter for the Northeast! Ann TBL

  13. Our mom loves the bird tree. She saw one like it several years ago and thinks it's a neat idea. It was 60 something here today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 70. Come on down.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties and the pups

  14. We have to bundle up for walks every day at our house lately, too! I don't blame you and your mom for suiting up. I happen to adore pink and I wear it proudly, but I would call your coat more of a purple color, which I think could be as manly as anything.

    We like the bird tree, too! It is quite fetching!


  15. I think that pink looks very handsome with your black furs.

  16. We think you look great in your pink coat, Dexter!

  17. I do not like the boot gig. It makes me feel like a prancing horse. So for now we just run around the house in the snow and come back in by the fireplace. We admire you and you mama's braveness to go out in the cold weather.
    Your coat makes no difference the color as long as it does its duty in keeping you toasty warm. Hope the weather starts warming up there.

  18. you and mom look like you are ready for that freezin weather
    Benny & Lily

  19. I need to get one of the hoods that your Mom has on! It looks so warm!
    I like your pink coat Dexter, I've been trying to convince Leroy that real man dogs wear pink but he's a little slow to come get on board with it!

  20. Dexter Dude .. Pink? hahaha! See what happens when you let someone else dress you? Cosmo.

  21. Dex, would you rather be a manly man and be flippin cold or a girlie man and be nice and warm. We'd vote for the pink coat and being warm any day. And beside, you have your stompin' boots on so if anyone gives you cheek you stomp them hehe. Glad to hear you are still having your walks even though, from the sounds of it, your weather is pretty darn cold! Take care mate and don't slip. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  22. Dexter, we think that you're handsome whatever color you're wearing! None of us wear coats, we all seem okay in the cold, The Mom says it's because we're wild and rambunctious.

  23. Dear Dexter, I feel for you guys. We've been watching the snow and ice blow across Where You Live and are very glad we only have a cyclone to worry about here.

    Yeah, that pink thing is a shocker. Almost as bad as my Little Stinker collar. Humans have such a healthy disregard for our happiness.

  24. We will trade you temperatures....

    Stop on by for a visit

  25. Hi Dexter, even I had to concede with the cold one day last week and it's predicting freezing rain tonight which means I will bypass the walk again.

    Don't worry too much about the coat, you do look very handsome and manly in it. BTW tell your Momma that I still have a little artificial tree up at my house. Everyone needs something that makes them smile. :-)

    Stay warm, okay?

  26. It's been gawdawful cold here, too. Of course right in the middle of the cold snap is when our furnace's circulator pump decided to crap out. I'm glad poor Momma decided to bundle up for the walkies, so she wouldn't be as chilled to the bone as I was. And good for you, wearing your boots. You look mighty stylish there, LabraDude. Watch out for the freezing rain currently attacking us; you know it moves east!

  27. O hai to ur Mom. :) I hope u are warm and cleen. :)

  28. We do not like this frigid weather we have been having...we can't stay out for longer than like 87 seconds...our paws freeze to the ground! Not to worry are ROCKIN' the pink fleece!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  29. We like your little bird tree. We've been cautious with our walks - during winter here the pollution gets very bad. We check to see if there are pollution advisories first and yes, it limits how many walks we go on.


  30. PINK??? You and Momma MATCH....I, Scruffy, know my colors!!

    And we are totally impressed that Momma doesn't whine and say things like "it's too cold out there to walk...."; we hear that enuff...

    Wonder if you'd put some bird feed by your tree if those litttle birds would eat?


    Scruffy; the brightest bulb in the shed.....

  31. What a happy lil birdy ornament tree! My Mom would want to look at it every day too :)

    Dexter, on the pink coat...only real guy dogs can wear pink ;) You the Dawg!

    Y'all go out in single digit weather?! :O BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Butt good for yaz :)

    Waggin at ya,