Friday, December 28, 2012

On the Subject of Mango Minster

Hey Dexter! You want to help me choose judges for Mango Minster 2013?

What? I thought we were canceling the show.

No, I don't recall saying that. I think you would make a great MC.

I can't argue there. In fact with me as MC, the overall quality of the commentary would be vastly improved.

So you'll do it?

Sorry, no. It IS "Mango" Minster after all. Don't push your luck. You don't want to Jump the Shark. 

Well, maybe you're right. Hang on, what if I did a Mango Minster 2013 Special Rainbow Bridge Edition? It could like totally have only Rainbow Bridge dogs in it.

Dead dog Mango Minster? That's messed up.... even for you.

OK, you win. Mango Minster 2013 is officially cancelled.

Now what? Are you crying momma?

Oh Dexter, I miss Mango so much and I always loved Mango Minster even though it strained my mentals to the point of breaking.

How about a compromise? You can do a short history of Mango Minster (yes, on MY blog) and even use your blue italicized words.

You would let me do that?

Who loves momma best?

Thanks, buddy, here goes...

For any new readers, who never experienced Mango Minster, here is a link to the blog. I have the posts categorized by year and, of course, the special adventures can all be seen by clicking on the "mayhem" tag. 

Here's a short retrospective of four great shows.

Mango Minster grew out of my frustration with Westminster and the annoying partiality in the Best in Show category towards certain breeds (did somebody say Wire Fox Terrier?). I figured, a good joke, with some of my blogging pals. No biggie. So in 2009, Mango Minster was born (scheduled to coincide with that other dog show). I recruited some of my blogging pals to act as judges and we were away. The response was overwhelming (110 entries). Wow!

Mango Minster 2009 Best in Show

Friends sent me some impromptu photoshop images that got me to thinking about making a photoshop adventure a permanent fixture for the following year.

That first year was kind of expensive (I did all the awards and prizes) so for year two I started soliciting sponsors. Again, great support and I quickly filled the slots for all the awards.

Entry was still just "submit a photo" in 2010 and the number of contestants ballooned to well over 200, forcing some categories to be broken out into boys and girls (for the sanity of the judges). 2010 also included the opening of the official Mango Minster store (thank you Country Corgis). I still have my Mango Minster 2010 sweatshirt. In fact I'm wearing it now. Hehehe.

Mango Minster 2010 Best in Show

Moose Mom did a bang up job assisting with the photoshop adventure.

I usually solicited judges in the last week of the year. I assure you that ALL the judges comments and decisions were always entirely theirs. The hardest job for judges was listening to my hysterical rants as deadlines approached, late entries were dealt with, and the photoshop adventure seemed like it would never be done.

In 2011, I did my best to limit the work of the judges by requiring contestants to write posts about themselves. I also closed each category after just 20 entries (well, OK, I stretched it a bit). The complexity of the big adventures also increased (what fun). Try putting together a photoshop adventure as an internet "team" with other crazy dog ladies if you want mental fits.

Mango Minster 2011 Best in Show

Abby, self appointed Guardian of Ethics for Mango Minster played a pivotal role in unearthing less than stellar behavior on the part of some contestants and (gasp) judges. 

Not totally immune to the charms of cracker dog Loki, her integrity was near compromised.

And finally, Mango Minster 2012. All the thrills, all the excitement. Totally the BEST Mango Minster. For real.

Mango Minster 2012 Best in Show

I think my photoshop skills improved over the years. This is my favorite MM adventure photo ever. 

Water skiing on the Kansas Ocean!

You know it! Oh yeah!

Never say never, but for this year, I'll let Mango Minster take a breather. It was a wonderful ride. I am forever grateful to all the sponsors, judges, contestants, and fans. Despite the hard work, Mango Minster was a joyful experience which allowed me to make new dog blog pals and get to know some of the humans (meaning noble souls who agreed to judge) a little better.

To see more, visit the Mango Minster blog and enjoy.

Mango Momma


  1. I saw some of the mayhem on Bert's blog last year. I didn't have a clue what it was about, popped into the blog to try to find out more and got my knickers into an even tighter twist.

    Gosh! Those photoshop adventures. I couldn't do one to save my life. They certainly look like a lot of work (and fun).

    Have a good rest Mango Momma X

  2. Thanks for all the memories. And at last, an explanation. I had so been agonising about why I never ever won a coveted Mango Minster prize. Not first, or second or even third in any category...

    I should have pretended to be a different breed.

    Toodle pip
    Bertie (a wire-haired fox terrier and proud of it).

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  4. We'll miss the excitement MM adds to our usually boring Februarys, but totally understand the hiatus. Mango is missed by all of us who followed him for so long. Hang in there MangoMama and you too peewee!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

    ps~And yessss, your mommy's photo-shopping is now famous!

  5. Watch out Dexter -

    The DOH will have extra time on her hands -

    Make sure she uses it WISEly ;-)

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: I think I just felt the force of a tail of RH proportion tHumping from The RB!

  6. Blogville will miss the mayhem of Mango Minster, as we miss his RH adventures! I'm thinking we can count on Dexter to think up some other way to keep us amused throughout the long, cold and dark month of February!

  7. I always said I would enter next year. I'm sorry I missed it all this time.


  8. Gosh, I can't imagine Blogville without the wild and wooly competition of MangoMinster. But I sure do understand why you're gonna take a high-ate-us this year. Maybe Dexter will come up with something of his own. Maybe some sort of agilities competition or something! Anyway, we'll wait Most Patiently and in the meantimes, we'll have fun watching re-runs of MangoMinsters past!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Having just run a calendar contest with only 20 entries, then the ordering I can only imagine.

    You deserve the break! Maybe you'll come up with something with a different twist for next year.

  10. Thanks for the memories! We were so grateful we were able to pawticipate in the last Mango Minster Competition. It was fun.

  11. We consider ourselves to be super-lucky to have participated in MangoMinster for 3 years, as competitors and judges. It was a Relentlessly Awesome event, and we have faith that some time, some year, Dexter will decide he too has had enough with the #@$@! terriers winning that other dog show all the time... Seriously though, I made a number of new friends through the wildness and craziness that was MangoMinster, and for that, nice Nancy lady, I am eternally grateful. Even getting my family involved (especially my parents, who thought I was crazier than usual) was fun. Of course, the year TaiChi, Bufus and Fi all won awards was pretty cool, too! ;-) So thank you for the fantastic times, and I'm sure your brain won't be dormant forever. (Even if I just typed that as 'doormat'. Oy.)

    -Dr. Liz and all the Dranow family who participated in MM in so many ways (and yes, I still have my MM sweatshirt, too - and my ball cap, which is one of my Most Favorite hats EVER).

  12. We at the Portie blog are proud that we were participants in three MangoMinsters. It was fun and we met lots of new friends. Thank you for all the work you put in to making the event such a success that we all looked forward to each year.

  13. I'm glad I participated in one of them and I think I'm the prettiest and the cutest cracker dog :))

    Thanks for all the fun, Mango & Dexter Momma! We all enjoyed every bit of it and we treasure all the beautiful memories of those crazy years.


  14. Our beloved memories of MangoMinster are FROZEN into our brains. Well, into MINE anyway... after Mango DUMPED me into that hoooooge pile of snow... when I went into Sequestration in that most Secret of Secret locations.
    We DO understand the need to take the Hi Ate Us from the hustle and bustle of all the Pompous Circumstances involved in Blogville's GREATEST Event. I know First Paw just how much THOUGHT and WORK went into the show each and every year.
    MM brought out the BEAST in Some and the WURST in others... JUDGING from what we heard and saw each year. (Wurst... JUDGE... Dachshund... PUNS Just fur YOU)
    In the words of the lyricist... THANKS FUR THE MEMORIES!!!!

  15. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I too hope Dexter comes up with some other way to keep us entertained during February, but no pressure Mango Momma.


  16. It won't be the same without MM this year. I was hoping to enter this year. But we all totally understand why you're canceling it. I don't think it would be the same without Mango anyway. :(

  17. Mango Minster was a work of love and devotion. It is good to take a rest. Who knows what your fertile brain will come up with?

    And who is to say that the doggie named "West" is still alive after all these years? And "West" Minster still goes on ..and on...and on........

  18. But Dexter, I have a dozen formal complaints ready to go. What should I do with them?

  19. Mango Minster was JUST the light-hearted fun we needed in a very dark time. We're so grateful for the laughter and support, and of course, Sissy DIVA is still basking in the glow... and growing her tiara collection...

  20. Dex, thanks for talking your momma out of MM - Zombie Edition. That might have been creepy. Our mom still has trouble looking at photos of Gizmo... We DO think you'd make a great MC for SOMETHING... And we're happy to lend support to whatever and whenever that might be. We're WORKING DOGS, afterall.

    BTW, we LOVE your new header!

    -Bart and Ruby

  21. We all LOVE Mango to this day - and Mango Minster was a blast, through and through! ...even if you DID go water-skiing on the Kansas Ocean when Dave and I were jet-bound for Switzerland. Or somewhere. We loved reliving all the fun.
    Play bows,

  22. Thank you sooooo much for putting on this great show - the BEST!!!! We will miss it but you definitely deserve the break! Love the photos and memories!

  23. Hi Mango Mommy + Dexter
    Being a part of Mango Minster was the highlight of my 3 years! Thanks for the wonderful fun and enjoy your break from the action. We will still be here for you should you decide to revive a commemorative event.
    Love always

  24. Mango Minster was always a blast and I can only imagine all the hard work that you put into it! I think it's a good idea that you take a break this year, even though it will be missed by all of us!

  25. We absolutely adored every single year of MangoMinster! It will always be superspecial to us just as Mango was. We totally understand!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Howdy Dex and Mango Momma, we only got to know Mango Minster for the last two years and loved every bit of it. Of course, I am quite relieved it is not on this year as I was totally misplaced in "Cracker" dog section as everybuddy knows it should have been "Cutest, most adorable, sweetie pie" section. Mum can't even imagine how your Momma's mentals survived it all. She went coo coo in the head just trying to keep up with all the entrants. Anyhoo, we LOVED it. Thanks for all the good times Mango Momma. No worries, and love, Stella (sweetie pie) and Rory

  27. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the Mango Minster events. I know everyone loved them. I'm glad we decided to participate last year it was fun.

    I'm betting Dexter already has some ideas up his paw for his own kind of competition. I going to venture a guess if he does it's agility and/or obedience/trick themed.


  28. You did put a lot of work into Mango Minster. It was great. It must be so hard without that big boy. Mom can't imagine when we are not around. Miss you Mango....and we love you Pee Wee
    Benny & Lily

  29. We so understand your need for a break, but I had fun entering Mango Minster and forgot about our part in the adventures.


  30. Dexter,

    How have you never introduced me to your friend Waldo before? Those are some mighty handsome spots he's sportin. Of course, there is no one cuter than you ;)


  31. And we are forever grateful that Rusty the Rooster won Good Old Dogs Reader's Choice in 2011. I guess he and Mango are sitting at the Bridge smiling down at the memories.

    We understand the decision to skip this year. Just leaves room for something totally new = and crazy.

  32. We watched from the sidelines for the last couple of mama said she was always too busy to enter. A lot of hard work went into that whole thing!! We certainly understand about giving it a break this year!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  33. We sadly agree that this is the right decision. The RH has just left too big a hole to fill, at least so soon. MM just wouldn't be the same without the RH. Sometimes you have to retire a great iteration of an idea, the way sports teams retire a great player's jersey number. Although we did note with dismay that a WFT won That Other Show again this year.

    Abby was honored to serve the RH in the last two MM; it was one of the highlights of her career. We met so many terrific doggies and kittehs and other critters of all kinds that we otherwise would never have known. Abby confesses she will not entirely miss responding to "A-Complaint-A-Day" Tank; she suspects she would have needed to add a dedicated ethics staff member, with no Allred to impose a modicum of restraint on Tank.

    Dex is a Dog of Large Brain and we look forward to his unique ideas for bringing Blogville together in wholesome fun, once he has a chance to cogitate. Perhaps a World's Fair of invention, innovation and international trade?

  34. We will miss it. It was a blast, and a perfect antidote to the "real" show that you parodied. But, I understand your decision. Here's to all the fun over those years!!!!

    Thanks to Dexter for sharing his blog with you.

  35. Mango Minster was definitely the best dog show on earth, and yes, we will miss it. The posts and photographs by all the contestants were always amusing and entertaining. We fully understand your decision Mango Momma not to carry on. It just wouldn't be the same without our Relentlessly Huge friend at the helm.
    I, Molly, so enjoyed the adventures before the show last year. Aircraft maintenance is so much fun!
    Thank you for all your hard work over the years and for hosting such an awesome event.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  36. Dear Mango Momma, Dear Dexter,

    We just learned about your loss. As we were trying to figure out the dates for Mango Minster 2013, we learned about Mango's passing. Our hearts go out to you.

    All our best,
    Tootsie and her humans