Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Message from Momma

Mango Momma here, taking over the blog for some thank you's and a bit of a confession.

First the thank you's.

Shortly after Mango died, I received a package from Benson and Ping. I admit that at the time, I opened it and stuffed it right back into the envelope with barely a glance. The loss of Mango was still so fresh. I sobbed all the way into work.

I wanted to wait until I had purchased a frame, but that hasn't happened, so I'll show it to you now.

Yeah, that's my Bubba.

I recently received a photo memory book from Stella and Rory

They chose some wonderful pictures to include, many of which brought tears to my eyes.

And Khyra and Kira sent me a beautiful hand made box with tiny little Mango and Dexter snuggling on top (I am going to put Mango's dog tags in it once I get around to removing them from his collar).

These gifts, along with the sympathy cards, emails, and good thoughts on Mango's blog mean the world to me. They remind me of what a wonderful thing DWBs is, how much it has changed my life over the years and, of course, how special Mango was.

Which brings me to the confession.

Who knew that penning posts for Dexter would prove such a challenge? Let's face it, Mango was an easy dog when it came to providing entertaining material for his blog. Big, clumsy, dim, goofy, how could his blog have been anything other than fun?

Ah, but Dexter. Such a nice, normal dog. So well behaved, so accepting, so clever. What a gift he is to me and what a challenge when it comes time to write posts.

I fear the blog has become, well, mundane. I am not quitting, but I am struggling. The temptation to apply Mango voice to Dex is, at times, overwhelming. I mean, WTF, am I right? It is like totally easy to get my mentals around going all freak-a-zoid cracker dog because (gasp) the COUCH MOVED TWO INCHES! Seriously? Hello?

And what of the Pea? Shall he have a doggie pal? Not now. I am determined to apply myself to helping him be all the dog he can be. That means getting more serious about training and funballs. It's easy to ignore him. He doesn't DEMAND anything, but always waits patiently to see if I will play with him. He's never shown any sign of missing Mango. Quite the opposite. He loves being able to wrestle and play with toys without any big bully dogs knocking him out of the way. He is enjoying significantly longer and more frequent walkies. He is sleeping better (as am I).

I appreciate my loyal fans that have continued to follow the Wonder Dog blog. Hang in there. My wee little brain will click at some point and Dexter will emerge as an engaging, funny, "I can't wait to read the next post" kind of guy. 

Until then, here's a video from the archives for your viewing pleasure.

Mango Momma! Oh yeah!


  1. Those pressies are so sweet and beautiful. We miss Mango the relentlessly huge too.

    Little puppy Dexter was so adorable!

    Take it easy, Dexter Momma. You will find your pace with gentle Dex; he will lead you to another interesting path which is just like what you had had with Mango before.

    We love Dexter as much as Mango : )

  2. Beautiful, special gifts. And really... there's no pressure from this end! We just enjoy reading whatever you post. I grew up with labs, so I love their rock-solid ways, but... hem... that's why I now have JRTs and bassets to keep me humble. Sometimes, boring is good. Give Dexter a nice pat and an extra toss of a toy for us.

  3. I love all the people I meet through our blog - it is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. You will find Dexter's voice, and when you do, we will still all be here.


  4. F. & E's MOM here...
    Those are marvelous gifts of Love and Friendship.
    I must say that Frankie and Dexter are so much alike. EASY like a Sunday Morning. When "Frankie" started his blog... he had to use his.. INNER Self.. the Frankie Wanna Be... He writes about things from THAT POV. The only exceptions were the BUNNIES... Those tiny ones born in the garden... that he ADORED and tended even more than their mother... and then the two Tame ones that were turned loose and found their way to Frankie's Hill. He LOVED his Charcoal and Charcoal. He was devoted to them. FRANKIE could touch them and Nap with them. They Romped and Raced together. WE never went near. Simply left them carrots and Rabbit food and water every day. They were FRANKIE's Friends. He was Miserable. when the second one met his fate. THAT is why we decided to ALLOW him to procure his OWN Puppy.
    WELL now ERNIE is a Totally Different Dog. But he has never quite found HIS blogging Voice.
    I guess what I am saying is... Perhaps Dexter could tap his INNER SELF. THAT Ornery Grouchy FUNNY Complainer that he ASPIRES to be. The one that he kept to himself.. and allowed Mango to be... MANGO.
    I hope this helps.

  5. Sweet post. I loved the intriguing high speed chase, made me smile & brought a tear to my eyes. We all miss Mango.

    Don't worry about lack of inspiration. Just post as you can. We'll all still be here. Merry Christmas!

  6. MayzieMom here. Such sweet tributes to the Relentlessly Huge. And that video is one of my all-time faves.

    I can totally understand the struggle. It's hard for me to imagine blogging for any length of time as any of my other pets. Mayzie's voice just comes easily to me.

    What if you just blogged as yourself for a little while? Use your own authentic voice (which is pretty hilarious) until you find Pea's? Some of my favorite blogs are those that blog ABOUT their dogs, not AS their dogs. And I've always loved it when MangoMomma has stepped in with her own view on things. Maybe doing that will help bridge the gap and give you some time to develop Dexter's voice. Either way, you WILL find his voice eventually.

  7. what wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I can only imagine how much you muct miss Mango. I do enjoy reading your blog about Dexter and I'm sure you will eventually find his voice, too. I admirer anyone who can blog. I'm just not a writer. In the meantime, I will read about Dexter when you post and about your House blog. Connie

  8. As ever, a thoughtful and interesting post. We all miss Mango, but are also, believe me, enjoying seeing Dexter come into his own.

    When Hamish died I knew, having for so long had his 'old man' blog voice echoing round in my head, that it would be a challenge writing in a different voice for a different dog. And it was. Of course that different dog was a puppy, and a spectacularly feisty one at that, so he provided me with plenty of material which sort of tided me over until Bertie found his own unique voice. I can quite understand how a sober, well behaved adult dog, though so loveable, provides more of a blogging challenge.

    So long as you still enjoy blogging, I do hope you continue, and I'm sure that your many fans will continue to await each new post as eagerly as Bertie looks forward to that apple core I bring home for him from work each day!


  9. It is so nice to have wonderful friends like that to try to comfort you with those lovely gifts. Mom says she totally understands how you feel. It is a true sign of the love and bond you and Mango had with each other. She also thinks that this time of the year may be especially hard for you to find the words to blog, the holidays are always tough when you have experienced a recent and tragic loss. We like Mayzie's Mom's idea.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. I totally understand where you're coming from.
    You'll find Dexter's voice. Or maybe he's the "normal" one in a sea of crackers? :)
    And I agree with the OP Pack - it's a tough time of year.
    Take your time; it needs to be fun.

  11. Oh, those are such sweet and wonderful gifts!! It shows just how much Mango and you are loved. I think you will find the groove of Dexter's vibe. It's just gonna take awhile to switch from Mango's voice, to Dexter's. It'll come more easily in time. I thinks your doing a great job! I wouldn't worry about it at all! As long as your having fun, it will show!


  12. Awesome gifts. I too can relate. I hear The Princess voice in me still. Now with a kitty (much personality) and a mellow Dane, I am not sure what direction to go, and to make sure I still keep Sasha girl seperate. Until then, I think blogging from our own voices was a good idea. Until then, hugs and slobbers from The Princess' family - Mindy Lu

  13. I never knew Mango and thoroughly enjoyed that video. A dog that huge is hard not to miss, I know that from the loss of Rufus.

    I'm struggling with Georgia's voice too these days. She's grown up to be a sombre loner, a far cry from the ADHD dog she was. I guess that's why I'm writing more and more about our life with her in it. I'm quite determined to continue as best I can because I want the blog to be a diary of her life with us. But I totally understand where you're coming from.

    For what it's worth, I enjoy your Dexter voice and use of big words :) And p.s. you have some very good blogging friends.

  14. What a crack up! We're sure Dexter will prove to be very interesting...just different.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    He was the perfect 'straight man' to Mango's.......whatever.

  15. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Our friends from Blogville are the bestest ever.
    Dexter is a nifty little guy. His voice will come out.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. As you know, Bart and Ruby don't really have "voices" except to be annoyed with me. Still, it was very hard for me to blog for several months after Gizmo went to the bridge - first because he had the biggest personality and second because I was so sad. I've been enjoying the new blog. And I liked the suggestion of you just writing as you foe a while; then, you've always been pretty good at those dialogues between you and Dex. Maybe that's a way to segue into his voice...

    We at rottrover remain your loyal fans.

  17. That's supposed to be "for" a while. Sheesh!

  18. ...and if his tags need any fresh huzzy floof fur a khusion, please paw me -

    I'll get my DOH on it!

    What great pressies - and what a special post -

    Oh yeah!


  19. What sweet touching gifts! We're purring that you will find your inspiration again.

  20. What lovely gifts from friend for such a special member of Blogville. Dexter's voice will come through in time.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. You know I'm extremely emotional this time of year don't you? :)
    This teared me up. What special gifts from your friends and kind and honest words from you.
    I have no doubt that Dexter will shine through, he had a great mentor.

  22. The first Greyhound I had was Treat, and while that was before I was blogging, we were active on several forums and that was where I found her voice. When she was gone, I felt very disconnected. Bunny had been with us for about nine months when I started our blog, and her voice became really natural to me, and it is distinctly different from Treat's. At least, it is in my head. I understand what you're saying and what you're struggling with really well.

    One of the things I always loved about Mango Minster was the fact that Dexter took over the blog for a little while as Mango ran the other blog. I love how intelligent and distinguished he always sounds, and I have a feeling he and Bunny would be fast friends if they met. One suggestion I can offer up is letting Dexter tell about the things that he's drawn to. I remember the post you did during the Civil War reenactment, and I loved how he shared the history and the fun of the whole thing. I found myself wishing I could have Dexter as a tour guide. One of your great strengths is your videos, too. Maybe you should take the video camera along on more of your walks and to classes and other things, and let Dex tell his stories through pictures for a little bit, too.

    Bunny and I would read Dexter's blog no matter what he wrote or talked about. I'm sure things will click for you when the time is right! The more you stress about these things, though, they harder they become.

    Bunny's human

  23. I enjoy reading Dexter's thoughts! He's a more serious, thoughtful kind of guy, and the introspective posts are good fun. Don't worry, you'll hit your stride.

  24. WE ahve written this two times now but keep erasing what we say, just know that there is understanding and love out here for you. Those are beautiful and thought ful gifts from your blogville friends and when you and Dexter "Hit Your STride" as Casey says, all will be better. Relax and enjoy blogville again. WE love Dexter to and can't wait to read his posts.


  25. What a wonderful post. We love Dexter too and he will show you his voice in time. We look forward to any posts. The video has always been our favorite too.

    God Bless...........the Mommy, Sarah

  26. Howdy Mango Momma, I can relate to what your sayin'. I started my OWN blog and was having heaps fun and then guess what. Little brother comes along, grows into a big doofer slobber guts and he sits funny to boot. What chance does a perfect, normal, little sweetie pie like me have? Don't get me wrong, I love him and I love to boss him around too. We're sort of like Uncle Mango and Dexter but in reverse. I'm a bossy little turd (mum's words) and Rory is the quiet, stoopid type (my words). Sometimes he is just funny cause of how he looks whereas I have to work for my accolades (hey, mum used a sorta big word hehehe).

    Don't worry Mango Momma, we love Dexter as much as our Uncle Mango and ALWAYS look forward to reading about whatever he's been up to. You take your time and blog when you want to. We're always here. If you post a photo of Dexter, looking at the camera and smiling, that's enough for us. We're always glad to say hello. That's what we LOVE about Blogville. The friendships we've made. Sometimes, even when nothing is happening, it's just nice to drop in and say hello and spend some time together. It makes us feel good. Anyhoo, glad you liked the photo album.

    We're sending you gentle hugs (from me) slobber and eye boogers (from Rory) and LOVE.

    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol x)

  27. What thoughtful gifts! You have such wonderful friends, Mango Mama. I miss Mango, still and feel that he's as big as his loss. On a happy note, it's so great to see Dexter come into his own and enjoy his single-dogness (if there is such a word.) Anyway, I, for one, am not bored hearing from Dex, seeing his walkies, just seeing a glimpse of his life. But if you feel you need to take a break, Mango Mama, please don't feel guilty for doing so. We'll take what we can get and we just wish you all the best.

  28. Hey there Mango Momma! We truly enjoy reading your posts or Dexter's posts...whichever. We just love hearing from you both! It takes time to get over a loss like Mango. I still struggle with getting over my Zip...and he's been gone this will be the 3rd Christmas now. I just can't get over him. He was a very special was Mango. Take it one day at a time. The holidays are tough. Sending you hugs and love from all of us!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  29. I love reading Dexter's posts, too! It's slice of life, which all readers can relate to. Although, you will always be Mango Momma to us. What beautiful gifts. It shows how much you've touched people with your humor, writing, photos, and videos! I loved that video of Mango and Dexter. Such personality!

  30. It must be so hard losing one of your pups. Mollie's a good girl, it's my imagination that makes her naughty most of the time. We have popped over and we think Dexter is great, your blog isn't mundane, we love it. Oh one of your buddies thought Mollies new boyfriend was Dexter :) You never know..LOL What lovely gifts you recieved, people are so kind. xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  31. Those were paw some presents of mango. We loved seeing the memory video of mango

  32. We had forgotten that video...I have never seen two dogs move so S L O W L Y. And that last pic of Pea is hilarious.

    Now, Auntie Nancy, I confess I have injected a few Lakeland stem cells into Dexter. (I had a few extra from my slighly CUR VA SHUSS derriere.) But, he shows no signs of being more of a terrier. Harumph, I tried.

    Oh, Mumsie is in the process of ordering a Jack in the Box for that stoopid baby. She tried a couple of her toys on us last night. We went apeshit.

  33. Blogger wouldn't let me finish...and BTW, looks like Dexter forgot his dentures again in his Christmas photo op.

    Beastie Girlie

    We miss that big lug nuts.

  34. I have followed your blog but never commented. Its always such fun to see what the boys are up to. And I confess being a labradorable parent myself I always loved it when Pea got his turn to dish. His voice will come to you, give it time and dont rush. Remember inside every lab is a Bad Bad Dog waiting to get out.

  35. I have followed your blog but never commented. Its always such fun to see what the boys are up to. And I confess being a labradorable parent myself I always loved it when Pea got his turn to dish. His voice will come to you, give it time and dont rush. Remember inside every lab is a Bad Bad Dog waiting to get out.

  36. Oh I understand. Even with 4 dogs there are weeks when life is too normal to find anything to post

    Stop on by for a visit

  37. I am right there with you ... with Clover gone, I find Cosmo and myself just boring. I am thinking about moving to Tumblr. Motivation is lacking.

  38. I can only imagine the loss you are feeling over Mango. :-( I just wanted to share that I struggle too sometimes with posts. When I first started blogging it was because I want to share my wonderful Sampson with the world, but the truth is Delilah is the crazy one and so more and more of my stories tend to be about her. LOL

    I'm working on getting Sampson's website up and running and then I will be struggling to find HIS voice. Take the time you need or just experiment, it is all a process. :-)

  39. I chuckled at your video. I keep forgetting how big a mastiff is in a normal house (mine is anything but normal). I know how you feel about losing Mango. I'd have thought we'd have another dog by now, but it doesn't feel right to just replace a personality like that. You and Pea are in my thoughts.

  40. How wonderful to receive such treasures - it goes to show what an impact you, Mango, and yes, Dexter have had on many lives. I think you are doing a wonderful job as Dexter's voice and just finished reading your next post - Dexter would be one of those highbrow PBS types!! He must surely register that Mango is gone, just maybe not visibly. Just the fact that he spreads his wings and can be more true to himself means he senses a difference. Mango's time has been so well documented that although it may still sting to look and remember, I am willing to bet there is always a smile with the tears. Ann TBL

  41. The photo of Mango brings tears to my eyes! Yes, he was so amazing. But I do think you have Dex's voice. He is sweet and funny and adorable! He has his own fan base out there too!

    Hugs to you and the Pea!

  42. What a wonderful post. Thank you for giving Mango his voice. Seriously you cannot imagine how many times on bad days that I have gone to your archives and looked for a Mango/Dexter movie to cheer me up. Mango in the ice pool, Mango and Dexter wanting to go outside and then inside and then outside. Mango defending peeing on the plants on the deck and on and on. You are like chicken soup for the blogging soul for me. Thank you and I look forward to Dexter finding his voice. I know it is in there and Dexter will guide you. Dexter is quite intelligent as I discover and I am looking forward to learning more from his mind.

    Anne and Sasha

  43. We have only just seen the very sad news about Mango, having been away from dog blogdom for some months. We saw Dexter commenting about Mr Moo (thank you) with his own blog and had a bad feeling :-(

    So, so sorry to read that the magnificent Mango has crossed to the Bridge. We hope he has said hello to our Cassie (our rescued brindle Bullmastiff cross) there, she would like him, I'm sure.

    Sleep tight, Mango,

    Minnie-Moo & Muzzle