Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Festive Tour of our Estate

Hello friends. Today I am going to take you on a short, festive tour of our holiday decorations.

First, I want to say that momma had a bit of an arithmetic challenge this year and did not buy enough cards for all my friends. So for those of you who missed out, here is my official holiday photo (looking my most labradorable).

Look at all the beautiful cards I received (yes, there are a couple in there for momma and master).

Momma really jams them in so that she can see them all from her comfy chair, but she tried not to cover any faces up. You might need to bigify to find yours, but trust me, they are all there and accounted for.

Thank you so much.

We always get a little tabletop tree. Easier for momma to decorate. I think she did a decent job this year.

That angel on top is in honor of Grandpa Angus. It's an Airedale!

Under the tree are some of momma's little holiday birds.

Momma just bought this tarted up cardinal yesterday (I fear her bird fever might start to approximate the snowman fever at Frankie and Ernie's estate - better keep an eye on her).

And of course our dogtivity. Sorry, gentle readers, but this is now an official collector's item as it is no longer in production. 

Mango's portrait gets hidden away every year (but Beautiful Raja gets to stay on the wall) to make room for a lovely quilted tapestry that Momma picked up at her annual work place charity auction.

There are some ornaments that one wishes to admire and they can get buried in the tree. We have an ornament tree for those. Uh oh, more birds, but also a cool Dexter ornament that Norwood's momma made just for me.

The folks at the bird store gave us this (momma says because they love us but I think it is because we buy about 20 pounds of bird food every week). In any case, tradition dictates that you put the seeds out for the birds as a special treat today.

Finally, yours truly, all cozy with my glittery sled and happy wreath.

Dexter done!

P.S. I am carrying on the blogville tradition of disabling comments for the holiday. Just enjoy, stay safe,  and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.