Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Onesie v. Top Clip Harness - a video comparison

You know how I said putting on my top clip harness is a fun wrestling match every time? Well, I thought I'd make a movie to show you what I mean.

I had momma help me into my Onesie and then my Top Clip.

Check it out here or below and let me know which looks better to you.

 After we made this movie, I told Momma she would feel better if we took a longer walkie out in the fresh air. I was wrong. Sorry, Momma.

 Dexter done!

P.S. From Momma - There's no such thing as a "no pull" anything. If your dog is acting like he's attached to a sled, no harness is going to help. Dexter only does that when he's headed into daycare, in a strange place or pointed towards the swimming pool. Otherwise, our main disagreements are over how long to sniff in one spot, or what pace to set and a slight tug brings us back into alignment (I owe this to lots of training and the fact that he's a lab - which makes him kind of a suck up).

Yes, when he spots a coyote (yikes) or rabbit he goes cracker dog mental fits, but that doesn't count as leash pulling, right?

For walking comfort, I would rate the onesie and the top clip about equal. His clip on is a Cetacea Step-In.  His Onesie is a Harness Lead.

I purchased the Harness Lead from the vendor and the Step-In at a local pet supply store. They were about the same price.

I prefer the traditional harness if I am taking him someplace where I will be unleashing him (like to visit a pal) because I can clip and unclip the leash without fussing. But, as you can see in the video, the onesie is significantly easier to get on (and off).


  1. That's hilarious! I think he really looks forward to that step in harness because he does know fun will ensue!

    I still need to find a harness for Blueberry - sadly, she has a funny shape (don't tell her though) and the mediums are too small and the large is too large! I spent a looong time in the harness aisle trying to fit her and it was just not working out. Thankfully - she was very calm and allowed me to try on about 6 different harnesses.

  2. That was a fun video. We are trying to find a good harness for Millie and I'm not sure about that second one you have. Looks like Dexter thinks it's a game to put it on.


  3. We have harnesses similar to the Cetacea Step=In -- but ours are made by Lupine. For some reason, mine gets all twisted up and stuff and Mom gets frustrated -- it always seems to happen when she gets one foot in (DON"T TOUCH MY FEET!!!) then goes to put the other one in (DON"T TOUCH MY FEET!!!). Must be a design flaw. That Onesie might be the way to go for those of us who are a bit on the squirmy side. (Although I don't mind my seatbelt harness too much because it means we're going somewhere cool.)
    Great video demo - thanks!
    Play bows,
    PS: Is your momma feeling any better?
    PPS: What exactly did you mean by that "acting like he's attached to a sled" comment? Ha roo roo roo.

  4. Teka also has the lupine step in harness. Or the step out harness, as we have started calling it. She only wears it now for "formal" occcasions, otherwise she uses her collar and lead. She was never nearly as much fun as Dexter!


  5. We only pull when we first start on our walks....gotta speed HER up. Then SHE has to drag us home.

    Roxy has a martingale collar....she wriggled out of her 'gentle leader' harness.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Do woo have something against sleds?

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: My DOH and I both nodded off during the latter hook up - I mean, was that really like 87 days?

  7. And the award for best performance of a lab getting into a traditional harness goes to..... The slo mo effect is what clinched the deal! We have a puller here - the usually obedient Sadie. She always acts like we are on our way to a specific place and she must get there before everyone else. If I loop her leash across her chest it helps somewhat, but I have yet to find a harness that discourages her. Thanks Dexter. Hope your Momma is feeling better. Ann TBL

  8. What a great video!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. I hate that 2nd style of harness. Such a pain! The lift one leg syle is ok, but i prefer ones where i slip over the head and don't have to lift any legs like the Comfort Flex harness (my fav!!) or several of the no pull harnesses are like that as well.

  10. Thanks, Dexter! Those both are better than my easy walk harness, cuz Ruby always gets tangeled up in that front clip thingy. I don't pull, actually I'm a very good walker, butt because I have that pinched nerve in my neck, I dont want anyone pulling my neck AT all! The harness lead might work well for me, cuz I get to go off leash when we're at our creek! This was very informative. Thanks!! I'm putting that on my Christmas list :-)


  11. Have you ever tried the Freedom No Pull harness? That's the one I wear. I don't really pull much, unless we're in a place where I'm really excited about lots of other dogs or something, but it's really easy to put on. I cracked up at the "that's my butt" part! I wonder how many dogs tried to sniff it through the monitor.


  12. Hi Dexter,

    Neat instructional video. My mom will have to watch it over and over again. She tried to put one of those thingies on me and ended up with it on her instead. HAHAHAHAHAHA.... She wasn't very good at it.

    Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

    pee ess Great vid of Mango!

  13. We loved your video, Dexter! We wish we could wear a harness but mom says we pull way to much to wear one like yours.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Harnesses are the thorns in my side:) All I need is something that is easy. One clip with "this is up" stamped all over it!

  15. Love all that tail wagging going on in that video!!!!

  16. Great video Dexter.
    We are just like Mitch and Molly, no harnesses fur us either. We use da Gentle Leader. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  17. You're amassing an impressive wardrobe of walking strings, young Pea. But they all seem to be blue. Mama tried the 'step in' harness for us, but it took Abby next to no time to wiggle out of it - in a risky pubic place, too. So we're back to traditional collars and leads. At least Jed has a traditional collar; Abby has one of those Martingale thingies to keep her from wriggling loose. Ours are a tasteful black, suitable for all occasions.

    Hope your momma is feeling better by now! And that you're getting a warm up for the weekend like we are. It's been a bit nippy here recently.

  18. Oh Dexter, that slo mo bitey face was most impressive! You need to teach me some of your fancy moves!

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Dexter you are an excellent model. Have you considered trying out for The X Factor? I would totally vote for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  20. Savannah, Clementine and I are fans--big fans--of the easy walk. Now, I've seen some "dress" with the clip on top, but in our opinion, the clip should be in the front, right at the sternum. Two big dawgs and no pulling. Plus, it's really easy to put on! I'll try to make a movie for you, Dex.

  21. So entertaining! I just admire your blog for constantly keeping us entertained and not only that, you also are consistently giving out some quality information that is very much dear to all of us following your blog. I do love to see people in onesies for adults and I know that the popularity of the fashion style of them are getting higher every second.

  22. I loved the video and definitely needed the laugh. I find the harness works best for either of my dogs when they are alone. If they are both with me, well I'll be pulled for sure.

    I have the easy walk harness for Delilah and it slips over her head and buckles on the side, what I don't like about it is the clip is in front, I would prefer it on the back. The person who fitted her for the harness told me to have a treat in my hand. I have the harness over my arm and hand her the treat pulling the harness over her head with the other hand. It works great, but then we do a round about dance as I try and clip it.