Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Harness Lead (with video)

I have long since stopped wondering why I must always be on a string when out and about. That's just the way things are.  But that doesn't mean I can't be comfortable and stylish. Right?

I found a new invention called a Harness Lead. It's a harness and leash all in one. Amazing.

Here I am modelling it. What do you think?

Except for the fact that it took Momma more attempts than I care to count before she had it on me properly, I will give it four paws up.

I love that it doesn't clang and jangle against my leggies like that sports bra I've been wearing for years. Since the main pressure is on my chest, no more gacking when momma and I have disagreements over what constitutes an appropriate amount of time to snuffle in one spot (momma has no appreciation for the limitless discoveries one can make on a single telephone pole).

If you think you want to try one out, you can order a harness lead directly from the people who invented it by clicking on this link.

Momma helped me craft a demonstration video. I tried to spice up momma's boring zombie voice a little by adding peppy background music.

Watch it here.

 Dexter done!


  1. Blue is such a great kholour -

    Whitney wanted me to khompliment woo on your excellent modeling poses too!

    Thanks fur having The DOHZ do this fur us!


  2. Hey, Dexter! That's a really nice harness/leash. I, Patches, need one of those! Our "power steering" is a prong collar and peeps look at my mom kind of funny when they see it on me. (Not that she cares), but yours looks easier to deal with and not as scary looking! Have a great Sunday!

    Patches (and Ezzy Rider and Jagger too)

  3. that is an interesting idea - kind of like a rope bridle in a way but around the neck and chest - I would still have some concern about the main pressure being on the neck and throat and noted in the video that mentioned not to pull, tug or correct the dog using the harness for this reason. I think I still prefer our harnesses which have the pressure firmly on the front of the chest not the neck.

  4. I think Bart the Rottrover may like this alot!

  5. You look so happy with your new harness lead, Dexter, and it looks very nice on you. Does it prevent pulling? We love to pull our mom and dad around the block pretending we are draft horsies!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. You have the best DOH ever. I really love her demo videos. Informative and entertaining...she should quit her day job!

  7. We may need to try that.


  8. That looks really cool! And the color is great on you!
    I like how you kept trying to get into your momma's lap.

  9. THAT is very cool. I agree abut the easy walk harness - it often gets tangled under Bart's front legs and it just doesn't look comfortable under his dog-pits. My concern is that YOU are an engineer and had trouble getting it on correctly. I am a dufus and have concerns about my problem solving abilities...

    I'm also curious as to why you did not model the lead in evening wear like they did on the website?!? (WTF)

  10. Personally, I am most reluctant to concede the point that there is any such thing as a 'good' or 'comfortable' or 'stylish' lead, leash, harness, walking string or what ever you want to call those horrid horrid horrid inventions.
    Toodle pip!

  11. Dear Dexter. It is a shame the DOH figured out she had the harness on wrong. I could have gotten you out of it the way it looked on your walkies in about 15 seconds.

    Teka Toy

  12. Dexter your harness looks super comfy and blue does suit you very well.

  13. You look so stylish. We do not understand why humans do not get pee-mail, and how important it is. Sheesh!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Oh, Dexter, Ma was LAUGHIN' at your antics on your back! Flashin' the camera and bein' all silly!! She thoughts it was the cutest things ever!
    You do looks good in blue!


  15. Yep Dude, Blue suits you. That was a pretty good video too. We laughed a little.

    Bert and My Vickei

  16. Dexter looks so happy! The way the leash attaches in the back looks like it would be more comfortable than a front clip. Glad his 'dog pits' will be more comfortable. :)

  17. Hi Dexter, you look grrreat! I can see how much you love your momma!


  18. Dexter I love how you demonstrated the new walkie leash. I also loved the wiggling on the floor, you are a master of it.

  19. That thing sure is different but pretty cool!
    Benny & Lily

  20. Dexter, your harness lead is pretty cool. And you modeled it really well. We can tell you like it!!

  21. Howdy Dex, that harness looks cool. I (Stella) would like to get one for Dad cause he ALWAYS walks in front and NEVER gets behind me! He is very frustrating and hard to train. Thanks for the heads up. We loved seeing you and Momma on the video. It made us happy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  22. You look terrific, Dexter! That blue goes so well with your beautiful coat!

  23. Dexter, this may be a good thing for our Sadie as she tends to like to be the lead horse. I do think the electric blue was perfect against your glossy black coat and it's good to see you rolling around in such a happy state. Ann TBL

  24. Very stylish, and that color complements your, I mean, fur....perfectly!

  25. look so very handsome in that blue harness Dexter!!


  26. That looks super nice!!!! Can you haul your mom very fast with that harness?

  27. Dexter you are a demonstrateur extraordinaire. Not too polished just au naturale.

  28. That's an interesting harness, almost like being naked. Mom isn 't sure it would give her enough control. She 's a control freak.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  29. Excellent demo, Dex & Momma. Our mama is afraid Abby would wriggle right out of that lead, even if mama could get it on right, but it's good to know what's out there. It's a constant challenge, trying to balance comfort and safety with escape-proof and able to control Abby.

  30. Ha! Oh Dexter your video made me smile lots! Pretty talented that you can wag upside down BOL :D I think my Mom would have a very hard time puttin that on right Hardy Har Har. I do like it that it has the leash up top vs. in front. Mom and I have the same issues with the bangin and gettin tangled in my legs too butt when I forget my manners and lunge after an SQ it does give her more leverage and has yet to leave her sprawled on the ground. She says this is the good part. Me, I kinda miss the fits of laughter she gave me when bein drug along the ground. She can howl pretty good! ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  31. We Beaglebratz wuz wunderin'if u'll haz had trouble with the snow? Winter hazn't even started yet - u'all ready for it tue b over?
    Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta

  32. Funvideo and very interesting! We have harnesses with the hook in the front. M stopped using them because we kept stepping on the leash and stuff just like you said. This new one sounds interesting. We loved the video and Dexter, you are one happy puppy and can wag your tail no matter whether you are standing up or wiggling on your back. Awesome talent! Besides you are very handsome.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and wishing D well. He continues to improve bit by bit. We know all the well wishes from friends has helped a lot. :-)
    Ernie, the pack, and M

  33. that blue looks fabulous on you Dexter!!!

    your pal,

  34. Dexter, you look very handsome in your new leash. Mommy thinks she would end up hanging me by my feet with it. She is not very coordinated. I am tiny and don't need that kind of leash, but I hope yours is comfy for you. Thank you for the demonstration.

    Loveys Sasha

  35. Dexter is a STAR !! I am still smiling after watching the video .. Dexter reminded me so much of Clover acting the way he did!!

  36. Nice harness, Dexter! I can see that it perfectly fits your body tightly and without the throttle. Plus, the blue color looks good on you. You look handsome! Anyway, I like how playful you are in this video, which made it fun to watch.

    >Mariah Blum