Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Adventure Walkie

Momma and I sure are walking a lot lately. I don't walkie on daycare days, which are twice a week, so that only leaves five days a week to get out and get going. Even still, we're averaging 15-17 miles a week, momma and I, which is about twice as far as we used to go. 

I think we should make it an even 20, don't you? So today I told momma we need to go on another one of those "just keep going" walkies.

Sure enough, we reached our usual turning around point but we just kept going and before you know it, we had arrived at Simpson Park. Sorry about the sign being so bright. Blame it on the fact that it was a beautiful, sunny day. 

Simpson Park is located on the banks of the Sudbury River. It's close to where momma and master's original estate was. Legend has it that my human brother used to take young ladies here to go canoeing and they would come ashore downstream, on a little island for some teenager, recreation. Why not?

These signs were everywhere. I think it means, "don't eat fish here." I checked to see if momma had brought any fish along, but she hadn't so we were all set to explore.

I asked if I could go for a swim.

Momma said, "Oh Dexter, you can't go in there because there is a current..."

Then she stopped talking. "Current what?" I wondered. Something recent that makes swimming impossible? Imprudent? Unpleasant? 

That little exchange sure was frustrating for yours truly and you can bet I gave a mighty tug on my string. Whatever unfinished thought momma had, it boiled down to "you can't go swimming because I said so."

But life is too short to dwell on these minor setbacks and I was off to explore.

Further back from the road is a tree in the middle of a circle that somebody donated to the town (that would be the tree, not the circle). That road used to be Fenwick Rd (well, I suppose it still is), but it got cut in half back in 1955 when the Massachusetts State Turnpike was built. There's no bridge or anything, so now half the road is on one side of the Turnpike and half is on the other which causes no end of trouble for hapless humans seeking an address.

I suppose this explains why momma neglected to bring cookies on this particular walkie.

When did they pass a law about public feeding? Now I'm going to feel like some sort of miscreant every time momma straps on the bag of noms for our outings. 

I sure am enjoying our new walkie attitude. Momma says that every day she and I are both healthy we need to take pleasure in that and spend time together exploring the neighborhood.

Right on, Momma!

Back home, I "relaxed" with my weekly raw nommy bone. I used to have mine inside while Mango had his outside. Let's just say there were some "issues" between us regarding recreational bones.

But now that I am the dog of the house, I am supposed to have my bone outside and, frankly, I am having trouble adjusting to that idea.

Dexter done!


  1. Aw Dexter, you are taking good care of your Momma - remember Teka's Rules:

    Earlier is better
    Farther is better
    Dog gets breakfast first, then humans
    Treat bag comes for walkies

    If you keep these in mind, you and the Momma will go far.


  2. A most excellent walkie, Dex! And what a gorgeous day! We've had rain and today is nice and we're trying to get HER out, but she says she wants to read for a while. Sheesh! We think you and your momma made her feel guilty, though!

    Bart and Ruby

  3. We are SO good fur their DOH parts -

    Even when mine has had a rough day at The GKP, she still finds the energy to walk me -

    I think I'll keep her!

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe woo khan walk all the way to PAWSylvania!

  4. That sure looked like a fun walkie and what a great way to finish it with a bone!


  5. What a wonderful long walkie for you, Dexter and you got to top it off with a marrow bone! You had a great Sunday!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Dexter Dude,

    Mom and I are thoroughly enjoying your blog. Mom even sent dad a link to it because she thinks he'll enjoy it too. I'm so glad to hear that you're taking your momma on more Adventure Walks! But Gussie is right, she can't forget the treat bag. Glad you got out and enjoyed the day -- it was beautiful here too.

    your pal,

  7. Dexter, I'm glad you and momma are going on those longer walks. I need to think of you both when I take the black and whites out on their strings, so we will go further. Moving to California has caused weight gain and upcoming holidays will wreak further havoc. Longer walkies. Think of Dexter. Think of Momma. Pretty soon it will snow and then your bone chewing will move indoors, yes? Ann TBL

  8. Oh, Dexter, I just love seeing all abouts your walkies! You've got to nip your Moms in the hinnie if she tries to leave the house without your NOMS! Unthinkable, buddy. You are one lucky pups Dexter. Nothin' better than a marrow bone to finish the day!

  9. Beautiful adventure! We like the end result, yum yum
    Benny & Lily

  10. What a fun walkie! Thanks for taking us along Dexter!

  11. Wow, what beautiful walk! It sounds like you and Dexter are really hitting life in stride!

  12. I love your new walking attitude, too! I hope that some of it rubs off on my mom. It would be a welcome change, although I love our weekend hikes when they happen. I wouldn't complain about having that bone anywhere!


  13. We are drooling over that bone! That was a great walk, even if you couldn't go in the paddle. We hope you christened that dumb sign about feeding animals!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Dear Dex, First of all, I think you make a most excellent tour guide. I think you should keep your momma walking further and further and show us all around!

    Second, Mabel Lou says a bone anywhere is still a bone. Enjoy it dude!

  15. Hey Dexter, you're racking up some serious mileage, this year Simpson Park, next year New Zealand, you can come stay with us!! Hey what's with that weird feeding sign, did someone have a spare sign and didn't know where to put it or whatski?

  16. Howdy Dex, wowza you are turning into a true walking machine with your Momma. You will have legs of steel! Lots of good stuffs to look at too but the sign about not feeding you in public is quite strange! Maybe you could walk to Oz, although you may have to walk a little way underwater hehe. Glad to see you and Momma are having fun together. It sounds very relaxing mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. Sounds like you are getting some great walkies Dexter. As for all those signs, well, they certainly can be confusing at times can't they. I don't think that the 'not feeding animals' one applies to noms for doggies, but I do appreciate that over in the USA you live in a very litigious society, and perhaps it's best to stay on the safe side.
    Toodle pip!

  18. Odd signage for sure and wonderful walks for you both! Thanks for bringing us along!
    Sam and Avalon

  19. I has nevers had a real bone cuz of my blob siblings too, ain't dat a shame?

    I say make it an even 20 miles...da peeps love to make us all tired out anu hows.


  20. Oh, I love walkies where you just keep going until you feel like stopping! We don't get to do many of those because my sissy gets tired sooner than I do, but they're still fun.

  21. Dexter, Gretchen says not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever. We *DEMAND* 20+ miles a week, so I - Sissy DIVA - say GO FOR IT!! We got ditched on Saturday; something about the first day of gun season and better safe than sorry? Whatever. The woman owes us another 2 miles; she did make up 2 of 'em yesterday.

  22. Hey Dexter... I'm excited because I can start taking walks around the block this week. Omg, it's been soooooo long since I've had a decent walk. Thanks for the link to the food truck. Sounds like a great menu they have BOL. We might just have to cook something up like that.

  23. You know if you are like us - with all the weaving back we do - we figure we actually walk twice as far as the Mom anyway - but hey - no self respecting dog is going to turn his nose up and some extra sniffing time. You and your Mom are going to be so fit and we will be hearing you are planing a marathon !!!

  24. Master Chew Sits is really rather unfriendly to Labradudes, isn't it? No eating fish here? No feeding animals there? And no swimming because of current events? Unfair!

  25. Oh Mango/Peewee mom, I just got over to Mango's blog today and saw he has passed to Rainbow Ridge. I am soooo sorry! I feel awful that it took me a month to send you sympathies. Mango was The Princesses first blog friend, and was so faithful to encourage and support her during her fun and bad times with us. We pray for the memories to comfort you and for peewees licks and slobbers to fill that huge hole Mango left behind. He is and will be missed. We are so sorry for you--- Love Sasha the Princesses Mommy!

  26. 15-17 miles a week? Wow!! I think we need to up our walks! Thanks for the motivation Dexter! Sometimes it's nice to just keep on walkin!

  27. Wow! What an awesome walk you had Dexter!!! Thanks for taking us along!! And you got the best treat at the just have to adapt to having it outside instead of inside! Still nommy! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  28. great walking adventures !
    I know about humans getting ideas for new spots for savouring raw bones and such ! Such a waste of time ! Let's just stick to old habits, they're the best..:)

  29. This is bizarre! Maybe you're just not allowed to eat fish with a knife and fork! But then ... what's up with the sign saying you're not allowed to eat on public property? What if you get hungry? I mean, a guy needs to keep his strength up with snacks and stuff.
    It's a really cool adventure, but it's like you landed in Weirdville or something. Sure glad your momma gave you a nice treat when you got home.
    I like your idea about walking together. That's the best part - being together!

  30. What a great walk! Blueberry also enjoys it when we go further than normal. But that water area was a little frightening - gosh, sure were a lot of rules there!

    I know it's hard to adjust, but you will get used to it. Mango left a huge hole when he left. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and aren't too sad. Maybe you can have some extra turkey in memory of him. :)

  31. Ooo adventures! Yay! Sorry you didn't get to go paddlin in the wooter Dexter butt your Momma was right about strong currents - better to swim in the pool :) Great bone you got! I eat mine outside too :)

    Wishing all of you at the Estate a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  32. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Don't forget to stop by Pet Blogs United next week for a week of giveaways.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  33. Phew Dex'! You have far too much energy. Together we could launch a rocket. Tell your Momma to send some of your energy this way - my Momma needs a lift off.
    Toby in SA

  34. Wow, they sure have strange rules about eating where you live, no fish, no nothing. We hope you had a big breakfast before you started. It would be awful if you felt faint from hunger and your Momma had to carry you home. Stay strong.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  35. Love your walking adventure. We don't have wide open spaces like that in our part of Houston but Mommy can't hardly walk to the end of the drivewaay since her surgeries.

    Love that bone!!


  36. Nice work on getting the DOH out more! All the crazy signs in your neck of the woods. No public feeding. No public eating of fish. Master Chew Sits is a land of laws and fines, isn't it? We still think it's pretty cool that you can walk to other towns. Our next nearest town is many miles away, and our Mom is too lazy to walk that far! We love your adventure walkies!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus