Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Topic of Couches

Sometimes I wonder why humans often refer to "sleeping on the couch" as a punishment vile. 

I have oft heard "I'll sleep on the couch" uttered as if it were a supreme sacrifice. "If you don't stop snoring you'll have to sleep on the couch" is intended as a threat, the idea of which will alarm the listener into stifling their sonorous expressions of a deep and restorative slumber.

Yours truly has a couch. I consider it the optimal location to rest my weary labraself at the end of a long day of walkies, tennis ball, and the odd behaviors that momma compels me to perform in order to earn my daily cookies. 

Allow me to demonstrate the endless variety of comfort afforded by my couch.

I can sleep on this end.

Or I can sleep on this end.
It appears Mango's portrait has fallen off its hook. Must have been a poultry guest.

I can allow my toes to dangle in the breeze.

Or tangle them up in an artful pose.

My favorite position of all.

Here shown with a close up to demonstrate that I do actually sport a very acceptable and full set of chompers.

No, Beastie, I did NOT forget to remove my dentures.

Friends and loyal readers. I ask you. Do you have a couch of your own? A favorite chair? Where do you lay to rest and escape into dreams full of chasing squirrels, swimming, or other assorted pass times?

Dexter done!

P.S. Whenever I post pictures of my couch, momma frequently receives queries as to the origin of my tasteful couch cover. It comes from Orvis, although it appears that the particular model that I have is no longer available. Fear not. They have this substitute model which Master has on his chair to great effect (he tends to shed construction debris).


  1. Dexter - We applaud your mastery of the couch and Frankie particularly approves the upside down approach - as he lives the majority of his life upside down.

    Sometimes we all try to get on the two couches in the den, but then the humans complain that they have no where to sit - as if that is our problem.

  2. Good job Dexter! We sleeps on the couch, or the futon in the TV room, or the guest bed, or on Dad's lap (Mom's lap is too short) or on the big bed. Humans are also allowed on these items of furniture, but not without permission from the dog or dogs occupying it at the time.

    gus n teka

  3. So versatile, those couches! My peeps generally find me on the couch in the morning in all sorts of poses too. I particularly like the feet in the air pose.

  4. Nicely done, Dex! Personally I prefer to lie on top of the back cushions and flatten them nicely!

    Kisses, G

  5. Monty has a favorite ottoman, and Sam has an arm chair he prefers when he is reading. ...but, you are truly the king of couch positions.


  6. Fabulous Photos of your Sofa Skills my furend. You have raised the bar fur those of us who aspire to Sleeping Greatness.

    Ernie and I enjoy OUR Cliner Chairs. Esp. when MOM is in one and puts up the bottom FLIPPER. It cradles us just perfectly... Well ONE of us.. the other must squeeeeeeeze in beside her.

  7. What I want to know is why a couch POTATO?
    Toodle pip!

  8. Dex, your couch skilz are on a par with our own - quite masterful, indeed. Gizmo and I ATE the leather couch when we were tykes and the humans have replaced it with this AWEFUL loaner, hand-me-down couch. For some reason SHE hasn't purchased a new couch and while we pose in all sorts of delightful positions, the Publicist is adverse to posting photos with THE COUCH in them. Perhaps she can be induced to purchase a new couch for our lounging pleasure if we chip-in for one of those snazzy cover thingys.

    -your pal,


    Oh, SHE met the most delightful labradude yesterday (it was a very full day of meeting strange blogville look-alikes). A handsome fellow was strolling through the neighborhood. When SHE stopped her car the fellow trotted right over to her wagging. Mom made sure she called his humans to come and get him but she was kind of hoping she could bring him home to us. He was 8, and very handsome...

  9. she can't spell either: awful. There.

    (she also met an 8 month old GOOSE look-alike who was very handsome and VERY energetic...)

  10. We do like the couch too but we must be invited up on it. We are sure that you don't snore! Ambrose does though.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  11. We have our own couch in the living room (occasionally Dad will try to join us when Mom is doing disruptive things like vacuuming and changing the sheets on the bed - and then he grumbles about how there's no space for him; well duh, it's OUR couch...). We usually keep to our own end (we don't have a set end - it's just whichever end we happen to get on any given day), but we like to try a variety of poses, from curling up into doodle balls, to sleeping with our heads off the front of the couch. We also like to rest our chins on the arms of the couch to maximize the 'pathetic' look. That said, our belly-airing naps usually take place on the bed, as my ample-bottomed sister has been known to fall of the couch if she starts sprawling recklessly... Heehee.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hipppobottomus

  12. Ohs, I DO love the snoozin' on your back position! Nothin' beats gets to air out your underbelly while lettin' your feets stretch out! I loves snoozin' on every piece of furniture in the house (Ma has that same couch cover!), buts since I do gets to sleep on the furniture, Ma has blankets and throws covering everything! She says I stink. WHAT???? Moi stink?? Nah.



  13. The couches and chairs are ALL OURS! Yeah, we can't figure out humans either. The couch is so comfy. Ours is big enough for the three of us, and sometimes SHE even fits on it with us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Well... not only are we not allowed on the furniture (what a CRAZY, crazy rule!) but we don't even have a couch!!! Yeah, OK, there's a love seat, but it's downstairs in the Quilt Studio. Is there any question why I make do with the sitzbank?!?!
    Play bows,

  15. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont tel yore mama i sed this but kowtches are also absolootly delishus!!! ok bye

  16. That is definitely a grreat couch! I also have a couch of my own where I snuggle up or watch TV. If Momma's sitting in her big chair, I'll go snuggle with her for a while, but my couch is where I hang out by myself.

  17. You are such a lucky dog, Dexter! We're not allowed on the sofa and we think it stinks!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  18. In our house the beasts have taken over and occasionally allow us on what used to be our couch and our bed. All our fault, of course, it's what a smaller dog can get away with, as our old, bigger dogs were never allowed such privileges. My how times change... Love all your poses Dexter and your super neat couch cover! Ann TBL

  19. Dear Leather Lips...

    Obviously you have gotten implants...that's an improvement on your teeth being like the stars and coming out at night...(Lacie chuckles at her wittiness...)

    Daddy just pulled Scruffy out of he mouse's also the snake bush...Scruffy bit him.

    We had a lovely romp in the Cold Tub today...wanna come for a swim you odd Lab????

    XXOO Sweet Beastie Lips

  20. Dexter excellent post. Yes, I have my own couch. I just got a new couch over Labor Day weekend and I'm just now getting it broke in to fit me. At first I was not at all happy because the cushions were very stiff and it was a bit uncomfortable, but it's getting better with frequent use.

    You and my sister have the same favorite position. Me, I like to dangle my toes in the breeze.


  21. Dexter excellent post. Yes, I have my own couch. I just got a new couch over Labor Day weekend and I'm just now getting it broke in to fit me. At first I was not at all happy because the cushions were very stiff and it was a bit uncomfortable, but it's getting better with frequent use.

    You and my sister have the same favorite position. Me, I like to dangle my toes in the breeze.


  22. We just love your couch Dexter....We also have our own couch...sometimes, if they are good, we let Mama and Daddy sit next to us on it!

    Dory (and her pack)

  23. Howdy Dex, you are a lucky dog. We aren't allowed on the couch. Well, Rory did get on when he was little and cute but now he is a big doofer he's not allowed. Instead he just sits on people's laps and there is not a darn thing they can do about it hehehe. Love your couch positions, especially the upside down one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  24. Oh Dexter, you sure do know how to relax on your couch! I love the upside down pose! Our dogs adore sleeping on our bed... but, don't be too shocked... they're not allowed on our couch! They have their very own memory foam beds in the living room, and seem to love them!

    I lost your blog location for a little while. Now, I'm going to sign up as a follower so it doesn't happen again.

  25. I pondered your question and have come up this

    Kisses & Nudges,

  26. I wholeheartedly approve of couches... and chairs... and beds.... and pillows... and piles of comfy laundry...

    Oh how I could go on and on!


    Your pal, Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz

  27. We too give the big tick to the couch, the recliners, the bed in Mums room, the bed in the spare room. Sometimes the wooden floor if it is hot in summer. Pretty much everywhere is a snoozable space but the couch is definately a fave.

  28. I loved your demonstration on "how to use the couch", Dexter.
    I have my own couch (mom & dad can sit on the floor...) and I usually use the 1st and 2nd position but when I was younger I loved the "upside down" one ! (Moommmm, I'm not old, pls check what you are writting !!!!)

  29. Love the picture of your tootsies hanging off the sofa in the breeze.

  30. Hi Dexter, yes we each have a spot. Sidebite has claimed Dads recliner with his own blankie, I have a small couch I share with Mom and Shadow has the big couch and she is a lab and seems to injoy the same types of sleeping you do!!
    Your Furiends
    Susie & Sidebite

  31. Fur sure!

    EvFURRYone knows of MY chair ;-)

    Of khourse, woo would fit on it/in it BUT so NOT that OTHER Master Chews Sits HUNK!

    Whitney thinks woo are khwite hot in THAT pose!


  32. Labradude - you have the couch sleeping down pat - well done!

  33. Yes, I have a couch. I also have one Big Boy bed, 3 dawg beds, and an outdoor patio abode with fencin' so that my groupies cannot fondle me. I have pre-determined times of the night that I switch from my BigBoy bed to the couch and vicie-vercie. (that's French for back and forth). We musta went to the same school of couch sleepin' 'cuz I have the identical moves and positions that you do.

    Took me a second to figger out what a poultry guest is. You must mean GHOSTESES. Careful they don't own your couch coverin' for Halloweenie.

    Woofs and french slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  34. Dexter, of course I have a couch of my own! On top of that, I have a new elevated bed next to Mom's computer desk and of course I have that king-sized bed that I let Mom and Dad sleep in with me. We Greyhounds love our creature comforts!


  35. Dexter, what an important post. You have truly mastered the art of "couching" I am also a "coucher" and being that I am small in size, I pretty much have my choice of spots. One of my favorites is wedged betwixt my Daddy and the arm of the couch. It is warm and comfy and provides me with excellent dreams. I am told that sometimes I whimper and kick him in my sleep. I am sure I must be dreaming of running off and chasing squirrels. Do you have nice dreams??

    Loveys Sasha

  36. You sure ride that couch masterfully! :)

    Freddy says his favorite position would be where ever the humans are... he just has to have some part of his body touching them. A paw or his whole butt on our lap or glued at our side.

  37. Do you share your couch with your humans?
    My favorite spot is my bed(aka mom and dad's bed).


  38. You know there are ten of us, but we have several couches, chairs and window seats to choose from so everyone gets a comfy place to rest.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  39. I love the poses of you on the couch Dexter. You remind me of my Sampson who poses in the same fashion.

    You can also add psychic to your resume as I was going to inquire about that cover...

  40. I laughed out loud (which is quite rare for me; I usually just chuckle internally) at the dangling feet photo! Cabana lays on her favorite ottoman, and on a blanket at the end of our bed. I have 2 beds for her in my sewing room, but she doesn't like being in there with me. Maybe I need to move a couch in there.

  41. Mabel would always sneak onto the fainting couch as a pup and now, she just expects to come up and cuddle! I simply gave up trying to keep her off it!

  42. This is a sore subject for Abby because mama's training in this area is inconsistent. Sometimes mama takes the guard chair off the sofa and Abby enjoys her favorite lounging area for a few weeks, then mama gets all in a twist about how dirty the cover is and puts on a clean one, then puts the guard chair back on the sofa. More training is definitely called for. Congrats on having your momma so well trained that she is reliable and consistent in ensuring you have uninterrupted couch access.

    Jed never cared for sleeping on the couch for some reason that is quite beyond Abby's comprehension.

    For the nonce, sadly sleeping on the dog beds on the floor,

    Abby & Jed

  43. Couch = Good :) Your cover is really nice! Much better than my old holey sheet. Makin a note for Mom ;)

    Waggin at ya,