Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My New Bed

Momma has been keen for me to take over supervisor duties in the dog cave. 

However, the only place to rest my labraself was heretofore something which might have formerly been a soft bed but which had become flat as a pancake (although the best pancakes are actually quite light, fluffy and not flat at all) due to the weight of the Relentlessly Huge.

I informed momma that given the proper motivation (meaning a new bed) I might be persuaded to keep her company while she puttered away on the computer.

To my surprise, just a few short days later, a box arrived. A box alleged to contain a bed just for yours truly.

That doesn't look like much of a bed...

My momma is pretty clever you know and I'll be damned if she didn't take the bits and pieces from that box and somehow wiggle and push and grunt and puzzle and..... what do you know?

Hey! Momma! How did you do that?

I wasted no time at all settling in. It is an extra special super duper therapeutic bed. Ah sweet relaxation.

I wonder if I could be a bed model?

Much as I love my momma, she is quite ill informed when it comes to comfortable sleeping positions. Because no sooner did she see me curled up in a happy little labraball then she exclaimed "Oh Dexter! That bed is too small for you!" And she was on the phone chatting away with those nice LLBean people about how best to effect an exchange for a larger version.

I hope she isn't ordering a new bed. This one is perfect.

"Blah, blah, blah too small, blah, blah, blabbity, paypal, blah, UPS, blah, blah..... "

The soporific effect of momma's conversation was too much and I soon found myself dreaming about cheese food and even possibly snoring a bit.

Bed... is... so... comfy.... zzzzzzzz

Happily, the sight of my labraself in blissful slumber seemed to have persuaded momma that her purchase had been correct after all.

My very first bed. All for me! Life is good.

Dexter done!


  1. Khute as Pea in a tan pod ;-)

    Woo so khould be a bed model!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm shuddering as I think of a certain BUM trying to khram herself into the bed!

  2. You should TOTALLY be a bed model - you make that bed look all comfy and snoozable! And just ignore the DOH's dithering - without the need to clean slobber from every surface in the house at every hour of the day, she's probably at loose ends. Keep her amused by showing her all the many ways a 'normal dog' can use a 'normal dog bed'.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. Dude... Are you SURE that's the right size for you? We thinks our beds are bigger than that one and we are teeny tiny versions of you!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. I think you were born to be a bed model! I am envious, that bed looks absolutely perfect! I hope that you really enjoy that fluffy bed for a long time.


  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh....Lacie stretches and yawns...plenty of room for me in here too....I would like an extra blanket, please...oh, can you put my bell next to my side, so I can ring for Momma for breakfast? Oh, I have to have the light on so I can read a chapter of this new mystery before bed. I don't care if you can't sleep with the light on.

    WHAT? WHY AM I HERE? Um...Lacie ponders and dwells, knowing full well she has worn out her welcome with Mango Momma. I guess, mostly just to irritate you. WHAT? Oh...I know I've been a bit demanding as a guest before...

    How bout if I just have one egg instead of two tomorrow, but double the hot carob with cream?

    XXOOOOO Beast

    Pee ess...quite cozy...did you brush your teeth? You have Labrastink breath.

  6. Pawsome bed there Dexter!! Your Moms really knows how to pick em'! She probally knew that you like your bed all nice and snuggly, instead of airey and roomy ~ nice job Moms!!



  7. Yay, Dexter. You should be a bed model! LL Bean rocks, don't they? And, your mom rocks... getting you such a nice bed!

    My brother once returned a navy fleece jacket. His reason was that he'd just gotten a yellow lab and the yellow fur showed up on a dark jacket. That was a perfectly valid reason for LL Bean to exchange it for him (not the Lab, the jacket).

  8. A bed model for sure!! know she can keep that bed and get you a bigger one too. Hey, I wonder dog can have 2 beds!!! Alls ya need now is a comfy blankie thrown over you and you will be in lala land in no time!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  9. We think LL Bean should hire you as a bed model. We like that built in pillow thingy,too!

    Bart and Ruby

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  11. Dexter there is always something about black and tan that is a timeless colour (or "color" for you Americans) combination. Congratulations - it looks like you now have a comfy place to rest your head.

    Young Enzo also got his first bed last weekend. He's always had handme downs, but my humans were out doing the important stuff like stocking up on our food last weekend, and the male one declared it was time for the 22 month old puppy to have his own bed. The female one only got a say on the colour.

    I have tried the thing once, but have left it to the young pup as I now get my own old bed to myself! Win win. Wishing you sweet dreams. Your bed looks very comfy.


  12. Dex, I think that bed looks a little small for you... But you sure seem comfy...I'm sure Momma knows best!

  13. Dexter,
    Doesn't 'clever' Momma know that sleeping with the head hanging off the bed/chair is the most comfy position ever? I do it all the time
    Toodle pip!

  14. Dexter, I am so happy for you!! There is nothing like a comfy bed to rest in and dream.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Dexter, Dude!!! We LOVE that bed! YOUR bed!! Your very own super duper therapeutic bed!! You look awesome in that bed and we think you should be a bed model! Mama looked at that very same bed for us...we aren't sure whether we might be getting one for Christmas?? We sure are happy for you!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  16. What a fancy bed for a special boy! Gosh, you even have pillow sides! You're going to be nice and cozy and warm this winter, Dexter!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. I have an LL Bean bed myself and it has held up wonderfully well over the past few years. But #1 has been looking at that model you now have and thinking it looks possibly even nicer...


  18. You are so lucky, Dexter! That bed/couch looks very stylish and sumptuous [if a little small]. I hope your upgrade comes soon.

    My bed sucks. It used to be a princess bed but is now old, lumpy and faded. My humans keep stuffing it with old bedcovers to plump it up, thinking I won't notice. But of course I do, which is why I am these days working hard to sleep on THEIR bed.

  19. Enjoy it! You look great on it!

  20. What a fabulous new bed you have Dexter!

    We cannot understand why people are funny about black dogs either.

    The Paw Relations

  21. It looks VERY comfortable.....You are going to have some fantastic dreams.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  22. Dawling Dextew,
    You must weveal those mind-melding ways of youws. Youw Mama has gotten youw message pawfectly and you have the most comfy, lovely bed..i think it's the pawfect size, as you've shown. You awe a pawfect bed-model
    thanks fow liking my sweatew, Mommi knitted it all by hewself..i only chose the colow
    smoochie kisses

  23. I says....if da bed HUGS you, den it be da right size! :o)

  24. A perfect bed for a perfect boy!

  25. How awesome! Sam doesn't have his own bed, Monty keeps stealing it. You are a lucky pup, Dexter.


  26. OH DEXTER.... I am so glad that your momma FINALLY saw the LIGHT.. or the correct sized Bed.. Whichever. You look TOTALLY RELAXED and ready fur the Long Winter... in Sheer COMFORT... WAIT... COMFORT??? Did she think to get you a nice DOWNY COMFORT while she was talkin to the Bean folks??? THAT would have been a NICE ADDITION.

  27. You look extremely comfy in that bed Dexter, glad your momma will let you keep it!!

  28. Woo, Dex! That looks sooooo comfy! I like the color on you, too.

  29. That looks SUPER comfy! I'm glad your momma didn't exchange it, because it's JUST the right size.

  30. LL Bean needs to hire you, Dex. You should get free beds for life. Cabana has a bolster bed in the back of our car--it's the best thing ever.

  31. YOu look so totally comfortable in that last picture. What I would give to have a bed all to myself. But no, I have to share it with every four legged critter that comes into my house to stay. Firts come first serve is the interlopers modos
    Oh well. enjoy your beautiful LL Bean comfortor.


  32. But, really, Dex, you miss having the RH around to torture. But it looks like your Momma got you a great new bed!

  33. Dexter, your bed looks very cozy to me. I have a futon but I have to share it with the other 5 pei in this household. I would love to have my own bed. Looks like just the right size for you. Enjoy all your snoozes in it.

  34. How funny that your mom panicked about the size of the bed before you even had a chance to test it out! My mom would've done the same thing but perhaps you and I should switch houses because then maybe I would get a better non-pancake-like bed soon!
    By the way, my mom awarded you and your mom with a One Sweet Blog award so please stop by to see it!

  35. Howdy Dex, cool new bed mate. Good choice on your Momma's behalf and she managed to make it too! Maybe you could get one in the TV room too. Possibly another at the foot of Momma bed. Kitchen, Spare Bedroom, Laundry. The possibilities are endless. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  36. that looks like the perfect winter bed - the kind you can curl up in be toasty warm.....maybe a bit bigger bed would be good for summer - that is when you need you need to stretch out .....hmmmmm how about a water bed for summer!

  37. Looks like you're going to get several days to thoroughly test out the new bed, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Mama is already battening down the hatches and says we won't be sticking our heads out again until next Weds. On the plus side, that includes cancelling our baths that were scheduled for Tues. Your new bed is certainly snug, but we figure that is a matter of personal taste and if it's what makes you happy, then we're happy.

  38. What a great new bed. It looks perfect to us. Tell your Mama that we dogs just like to sleep in strange positions.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  39. I am glad you are concerned about my gimpy back left leggie. Years ago, my stoopid groomer cut the pad by accident. For some odd reason, especially when it's cold, I limp. Now I haven't limped in months, but the weather was changing when I started limpin' at the park yesterday. Maybe arthritis? Maybe a prediction of Frankenweanie that is supposed to slam straight into Khyra and us? Sheesch. I'm sending Mumsie out for water, flashlight batteries and extra kibble. Only limping a bit this morning. For us tiny dogs, three legs is almost as good as four, cept Bruvver told me the muscles on my left side would rapidly atrophy, giving me a gigantic right buttock. I bit him.

    XXXOOO and thank you Dexter for caring. Beast

  40. Dexter, It's perfect for you. You would surely make a great bed model. We are so happy you got a new bed.

    The silvers and more

  41. Hi ya, Dexter! We hear you have your own blog now. We'll make sure to come visit you often!

    We like your new bed...we think it's purrfect for you...and we'd like to curl up in it too!

  42. Score Dude! The bestest doggie beds come from Maine. My Momma is always scoping the LL Bean outlets for them - I has 4 of the regular ones, BOL. SHe couch is awesome though, my Momma is too cheap to buy that one for me,

    woof - Tucker

  43. Hurray! That looks like a super Dexter bed! :D
    A therapeutic bed with bolsters?! PAWSOME! Your Mom deserves lots of kisses fur that one :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: That book your Mom's reading sounds like a trip. Yap, Mom and I would be totally confused by the role switchen too ;)

  44. Harrummpffffff! As glad as I am to see that you have garnered yourself a new piece of LabraLaLa Land furniture, it just makes me want to scream EL CHEAPOS at my PUs. For only a week ago, they had decided that one of my many sleepin' sanctuaries was not up to snuff and were shoppin' at LL Cool Bean for moi. In fact, they had narrowed it down to the very bed you are modelin' your Labraself on, or possibly another one without the bolsters due to space issues. They were countin' their pennies tryin' to decide if'n they wanted to part with so many of them. In the meantime, Mom made a pit-stop into the local Marshall's discount store and came across an Animal Planet Orthopedic bed for the low-low price of $39.99 and all of a sudden, thoughts of more pennies in their pocket overrode my LL Bean comfort level. What's a dawg to do? Don't tell them I said this, but I gotta admit that this bed comforts my Labradork bonez quite nicely. Glad you are enjoyin' your new Labradigs!

    Sweet dreamy slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  45. Ohhh that looks comfy even though you cant hang your head out. Momma has gotten me giant beds before only to find that I sleep half falling off or curled up at one end same as I do on smaller beds that dont take up the whole house! I am glad you convinced her! And yes,you could be a bed model! Soooo labradorable!

  46. Oh, how sweet of your Mama, Dexter! Your new bed is very beautiful and comfy! I think your Mama know that you're pretty much satisfied with it from the way you curl up in your new bed. ^-^

    Retha Ison