Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Model Canines

Sometimes I wonder why members of the canine community are showing up with increased frequency in those innumerable clothing magazines that arrive in our postal box.

One can only assume that they are intended to increase the desirability of whatever garment is on display. Are humans so gullible that they are seduced into thinking that the right sartorial selection will attract canine devotion?

This golden gal is focused on what is unquestionably a fist full of nommies and not the "elaborate raw edge twill applique" which is, in any case, not even visible to her big brown eyes.

Two guesses as to what the dog in this picture is thinking.

Is it 

(a) Wow! You look fabulous in that ultrasoft and comfortable hoodie!


(b) Tennis ball, tennis ball, TENNIS BALL!

I also wondered, "why dogs?" 

After all, humans love all sorts of furry creatures.

Why not cats?

On second thought, perhaps the answer to that question is apparent.

But all of this did set me to wondering if perhaps yours truly could have a career as a model canine. 

I asked momma if she would help me put together a portfolio that I might peddle during my off hours.  She was happy to assist. Very supportive, my momma.

Show this photo to your humans and let me know what they say.... 

I can hear them now "I am going right out to find an ensemble EXACTLY like that so that I, too, can have a labradorable admirer."

Dexter done!


  1. Oh Dexter, you are so funny !! hahahahha Mom cannot stop laughing hahahahahah !!
    Love you !

  2. Very good Dexter! By the way, your fashion sense is impeccable. The outfit your model is wearing is practical and complements your Labradudeness.


  3. Bwhahahahaha...okays, I REALLY was NOT expectin' dat luvelry foto of you and da momma. Howevers, my mum already has dat ensemble.
    I think dat lady has a ball in her pocket.

    Dex, I gotted so giddy and happies when I gotted your comment. Glad to sees your around buddy.


  4. Dex, you are a super model...the human next to you...not so much :-D


  5. Woo SOOOOOO need matching snappy chapeaux

    Just sayin'


  6. I think the doggies are there to show that the humans are smart and have good taste, so if you want to have good taste too you should dress like them. In fact, as soon as Momma saw your portfolio, she immediately started planning a shopping trip!

  7. Both you and your human are supermodels but I like your coat more though. : )

  8. LMAO! hahahaha you got me LOL on this one hahahaha you sure are a super Runaway Model

  9. Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, Dexter, your sense of humor is why we love you so! I think the runways of Paris will be calling both of you in the near future.


  10. OMG! Too funny - this will become a classic!

  11. OMD Dexter, our mom got up and read your story and was laughing so hard we started barking and then she almost forgot to let us go out and pee.
    your pals, Morgan and Maisie

  12. Dude, that photo of you and your momma will absolutely get you a modelling gig! You totally make that whole ensemble rock!

    Sam and Pippen

  13. *giggle*snort* Um. So you're planning on sending your portfolio off to Crazy Plaids - the catalog for the crazy people who wear plaid and their long suffering dogs? I think you'd be a shoe-in. I mean, I can see people in the Yukon just SNAPPING those fashions up - especially when they see how it earns them the loyalty of a devoted labradude such as your handsome self. ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus, who may be forced to wear silly hats, but have a mother who refuses to be photographed when she is fashionably attired in plaid...

  14. Dextew
    Those doggies fow shoowe wewe being enticed wif tennis balls and someo0ne left it out of youw photogwaphews had, that's why you look wathew blah Say.
    Mommi loves youw Mama's outfit and would buy it in a second despite that.
    (as a funny aside, I gots a lettew fwom an animal agency in NewYawk the othew day to ask if I ws availabull fow a photot shoot fow Walf Lauwen, hehehe guess I missed my chance at fame and fowtoone by moving to Boo da Pest)
    smoochie kisses

  15. Dexter
    Whilst Gail is still collapsed in a heap on the floor, laughing hysterically, I feel duty bound to offer a appreciation of Mango Momma's splendid outfit. I feel the subtly matching plaid shirt and trousers are offset nicely by the wrinkly socks, and her expression matches yours so perfectly, as does the positioning of the forelimbs. Finally, the slippers have much offer on the chewing front, should she ever tire of wearing them.
    Toodle pip!

  16. I loved you and the Momma's fashion photo. It got our attention -- that's what marketing is all about anyway right.

  17. Hey Dexter!
    Wow, I think you're on to something there! If the peeps are so easily lured in by us, I think we should forget the clothes and try to encourage more treat and toy purchases! We could score more noms, and the modeling would be tons more fun. BTW: I think that outfit is totally perfect ... it's howloween you know. Everyone looks great in plaid!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  18. All we can say right now is oh Sh*t! Mommy just laughed so hard the tears rolled down her leg!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Welcome back :)

  19. Mom is gonna get SO FIRED if'n she don't remember to wait until she gets home to read your bloggie, Dexter. Apparently bosses aren't too crazy about ROFLAO....which she said she just did when she read this. If that happens I may ask you to send some of your modelin' monies so that I can buy biscuits. Alms for the poor and all that sort of rot.

    Woofs and fired slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  20. BOL! That outfit is certainly labradorable!
    Kisses, Gummi

  21. It's 6 a.m. and you've set us up with a huge smile for the day. SHE wears ensembles like that, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. OMD! OMD! OMD!! Thats photo is soooo hilarious!!! Ma might have peed alittle laughin' so hard! (Note to self: tell Ma to put on the Depends BEFORE readin' the bloggies!)



    pees: I thinks Ma has that EXACT same outfit....

  23. Dexter,

    You've just made my mum smile! Your black enhances the plaid ensamble, and we think you have a huge future in the "modeling" (or "entertainment with momma") industry. It seems to me that my mum shops from the same catalouge (even though we live in New Zealand ) as your momma does. Mum is beside me, drinking her morning coffee, catching up on her laptop stuff, her fur unbrushed, face not washed, wearing "comfy" clothes covered in dog fur. She is laughing again - glad that our webcam thingy isn't working, and smiling because of your blog.


  24. Pee.....for some reason Mumsie seems paralyzed....dunno why...I've seen the DOH in many getups as she served me breakfast whilst at the Estate.

    Asta had emailed me about the WFT shoot in NYC. I think that's horrible...line up fox terriers and shoot them....although there's many days I'd like to shoot Scruffy.

    We're goin' to the park and your blog is making us LATE.



    Miss Teacakes

  25. Hey DEXTER.... It is US... Frankie and Ernie... we FOUND You and HOPE we are now Following. Paws Crossed that it works.. Don't want to miss any of the FUN.

  26. Neither one of you look too happy in that last picture, Dexter. Cheer up! It's not so bad - really! haha

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  27. The Missus choked on her coffee when she saw the picture of you and your momma. Don't get me wrong, we think it's a great one! Way too funny!


  28. Well, Dex, if things are sold based on the SMILES photos bring, that pic of you and your mom is going to send sales sky-high! That is priceless - and made all of us smile BIG TIME!

  29. Howdy Dexter, our mum never notices the clothes in those advertisements only the doggies BUTT in your photo she didn't even notice YOU cause she thought she was looking at a photo of herself! Thanks for the smiles mate. Nancy, you are a treasure, we're so glad you're back. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  30. What? What's wrong with the picture? Momma looks comfy, The Pea looks happy, Momma looks hap.... okay, I see Momma's face now. Well, I think her outfit is delightful and you would be the perfect model. Ann TBL

  31. Dexter,

    Our mom has an outfit very similar to your sweet momma's, but since our dad never takes fotos her is safe from it being immortalized in print. ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  32. We think the ad people finally figured out that more households in the U.S. have pets than have kids, so ads with pets sell more stuff. And we agree you hit the nail on the head about why they don't use cats in many ads; much harder to get them to pay attention and pose while patiently awaiting a treat. However, we think your portfolio shot is an excellent ad for the fur-concealing qualities of plaid. Fur-concealing is always top in mama's mind when she considers an addition to her wardrobe - or to the house decor. Good luck in your new career!

    Jed & Abby

  33. BOL! Honestly I think my momma would be more likely to wear what your momma is wearing than either of those other ladies so yeah, I'd by that ensemble! The dog is included, right?

  34. Every outfit always, always looks better when you are sitting next to a dog. That picture of the cats - hilarious!

  35. Ah yes, you ad says " Stay warm and scare away intruders at the same time". Our Mom is wearing shorts and a big fuzzy shirt today. She can't make up her mind whether she's too hot or too cold.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  36. Wow Dexter, that is a popular outfit fur sure! My Mama also has one very similar to it...'cept she has her hair in a big ole knot up on the top of her head!

    Dogs are very helpful in making Mama pictures pretty!


  37. why you no is in a catalog Dexter, i no has a clue. you is a natural at the whole modeling thing!


  38. Dext...it's gonna take Momma a while to beat that post for showing the epitome of dog models. Perhaps I could pop up to the Estate and model for some cool Boston children's....you WANT petite 13 lb dog to show off the child's outfit...I would be perfect...perhaps I could wear a tartan kilt with one of those adorably cute tam hats....

    I meant to mention that side by side in the frozen section today at the supermaket was a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen Bubba burgers. Add a salad and you're a complete meal. Mango gave mangos all that exotic attractiveness....even to the large Mango tree at Mumsie's hotel in the DR. Now do you see clever signs for peas? Well, pea soup, snow peas...peas and corn (I am starting to nod off...) Perhaps I could be your knew manage my image consultant regarding this dilly ema. How to make Peas cool.

  39. Now before you get your tail in a twist, I realize there were several typos in our last comment, but Ipad was being stoopid and wouldn't let me correct. Sheesch.

    I will be working on this new project and will be able to get a proposal to you shortly, hand delieverd by my very paw. Please have pancake mix and fresh OJ available. I will also be bring you a great big bill for my services.

    Your favorite Lakie,

    Miss (to you) Lacie

  40. Our Mom already has many similar ensembles so she will not be purchasing anything from your new catalog!! You need to add some Scotties on those jammie bottoms to get her attention!!

    Lilly, Piper and Ivy

  41. BOL Dexter. That's actually a step up from my jammies - will you be sending out a catalogue real soon?? :)

  42. ROFL! Dex, I love your momma! She's a gal after my own heart!

  43. LOL! Dexter, your Momma is a girl after my own heart! I love her style!

  44. That's freakin' hilarious. And exactly what my own daughters wear to lounge around the house in the mornings. But we have no labradorers in sight.

  45. OMD! OMD!! That is the funniest post EVER!! Thanks for makin' The Publicist's SIDES HURT!!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  46. Isn't the blog title "WONDERPEA" an oxymoron????? And you know, Dexter...it WILL HAPPEN; no dog can resist the charms of the Lacie forever....

    Beastie Girlie

  47. I have to talk for My Vickie now because she is on the floor laughing. I don't understand it. I think that last picture is marvelous.

  48. omg Dexter... that portfolio picture is AWESOME. Your momma is wearing a classic ensemble that never goes out of style and you look like a successful, up and coming doggy model. Well done!

  49. Dear Peewee,

    Scruffy and Stan here....the harder you try to escape Lacie the worse it's gonna be. And stop calling yourself Leather Lips....

    She's been fluffing her furs and preening all day...her singing is particularly off key...

    Hey does this mean Oliver is gonna be a big brother?

    Pawslaps, S & S

  50. Wow Dexter you're onto a winning thing there. If we swap the slippers for the gumboots then that could be indoor outdoor wear.

  51. BOL! OMD! Rollin on the floor and cannot get up. Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs pals BOL!

    Waggin at ya,