Sunday, October 28, 2012

Daycare Woes and Frankenstorm

Sometimes I wonder why momma does not seem to understand the fundamental rules of daycare:

The First Rule of Daycare is: you do not talk about Daycare.
The second rule of Daycare is you DO NOT talk about Daycare.

Meaning that a month ago when I had an eye owie, I was determined not to tell how I got it. Not even when vet lady put green gunk in my eyeball and let it run out my snooter.

I tried to show enthusiastic agreement when vet lady declared that it was most likely allergies. 

But you know my momma. I admit that she caught me pestering my eye a few times too many so she took me back to see a different vet lady and she immediately pointed out that the mark above my eye, combined with some marks on my snooter and a bit of swelling in the old eye socket could only mean that I had a tussle with somebody of the canine persuasion.

I want everybody to know that I am not a rat (I say that without really understanding what it means because I would think it would be obvious that I'm no rodent). 

But momma called Daycare and said "Oh Dexter was BIT by a doggie at daycare and the pattern of tooth marks indicates it was a small dog. Are there any little dogs beating up on Dexter?"

I am chagrined. How can I hold my head up at daycare now? Will all the doggies be laughing at me for being a tattletale? And will the gang of midget dogs plot their revenge on yours truly while I am enjoying a brief sun bake? 

Oh well, hopefully by the time I return they will be on to some other drama. My return, by the way, has been delayed by the impending arrival of Frankenstorm. Yes, Momma already told the daycare that I certainly would NOT be going in on Tuesday. 

We're all ready for Frankenstorm here at the estate.

Yesterday, my human brother spent the day hooking up Big Red the generator (I know that the generator is orange - I'm not color blind - or am I? hard to tell - but Big Orange just doesn't sound as cool).

He even put this transfer switch in so that momma can safely turn power on and off to Big Red as the need arises.

All that remains is for Master to put in the exhaust chimney so that Carbon Monoxide lady doesn't keep shrieking "EVACUATE! EVACUATE!" That really hurt my ears.

Now then, I want to tell you and your humans to stay safe during the big storm. There is NOTHING more important that your personal well being. No heroic trips to work or last minute runs to the grocery store. Just hunker down and ride it out.

Dexter done!


  1. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay stay safe dooring the frankenstorm!!! oh and dada sez he likes the naym big orange better then big red but he has sum sort of crazy fetish for ennything orange i do not unnerstand why maybe he wishes he wuz a pumpkin or sumthing!!! ok bye

  2. You guys stay safe and check in once in a while to let us know you are okay!


  3. Oh those mean small dogs. The problem is if you snap back then everyone gets all upset.

    And by the way, as University of Tennessee fans, we think Big Orange is a great phrase and feel free to use it. You can even hum Rocky Top. Remember, the mascot is a hound dog, so they are cool!

  4. We hope you all stay safe and Sandy stays away. At least you have Big Red to help out.

    Dexter, we sure hope your owie gets better quickly but we also think that daycare should be watching those pesky little ones more closely. Feel better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Dex, do woo want Juno to come and tackle any wee pups for woo? she's very good at hiding them in her jodhpurs... ;)

    that generator makes a lot of sense for a blogger like you. woo can't keep your fans waiting when there's a power outage... you're a thinker!

  6. WOW... I have a few moments of CONNECTIVITY... I want to hurry and say
    1. BE SAFE during FRANKenStorm...
    2. I am NOT responsible fur FRANKenStorm... In FACT I am going to try and do Battle with him... to keep my FURENDS SAFE.
    3. LOVE GENERATORS!! We have the SAME set up at our house... butt we DO keep OURS outside.
    4. It was NOT your Legless Furend Frankie Furter Nor his brother Ernie who did that hideous thingy to you and your handsome face. I'm just sayin.

  7. Teka says it was not her either!

  8. Gretchen Greer has an alibi for the time in question. Besides, she only does bity ear with Sissy, and NEVER bity face.

  9. Oh Noes, Dexter! Oh, those little doggies can be the most vicious of all, ya know?! We larger doggies seem like we would be the troubled ones, but it's the 'awwwe, isn't that a cute little doggie' ones that you have to worry abouts!! I've got your back!
    I hopes everyone on your estate stays safe, dry and warm in the wake of the b*tch Sandy!


  10. We would say that heroic trips to work should be the first thing to go... We've been reading all about Sandy and the Framkenstorm and are glad we live a whole ocean away. But we are crossing all we've got that all our friends are safe.


    PS: I'm sure no one will think you're a tattletale, Dex. Especially not if they've met your Mom...

  11. What day will you return to day care, Dexter? I'm bringing some popcorn and a lounge chair....

    Could we run a big cord to Big Red? Dog know what Mumsie will do sans blowdryer....

    XXOOO Beastie

  12. Our Big Red really is red, Dexter, and dad has ours ready to go! If you run out of good foodables over there in Masterchoosits you can visit us. We have lots of yummy cake here and we'd be more than happy to share with you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. and your family stay safe! Download the Red Cross phone app (its for people affected by Sandy) and stay inside!!

    As for your....incident....well, I think no one that works there will actually TELL the other dogs. They like to keep everyone happy!

  14. Always beware of the little dogs Dexter.
    Looks like you guys are well set up for Sandy's imminent visit. Stay safe now. (The evacuation of parts of NY was the top story here on the BBC this evening).
    Toodle pip!

  15. Poor Dexter! I hope the daycare people keep the mean little dogs off your snooter!
    Very envious of the generator and transfer switch; good luck with the storm! The Mr. said that signs on the Pike and 495 made it seem like the Apocalypse, which hopefully means it will be nothing.:)

  16. Did the little guy get any of your tooth marks on him? Does this mean that you are now going to have extra inspections by the momma after every visit to day care?

    The storm looks nasty, so take care Dexter, and look after your family. Remember that if your Momma grabs you tightly and doesn't let go, it may be because she sees you as an alternative source of warmth - her very own personal heater.

  17. I'm sorry to be laughing at your misfortune, Dexter but you are too funny. Littledogs can be very painful (figuratively and literally). My best advice is to sit on them. This keeps them quiet for a while though their humans might start to scream. I hope your storm doesn't turn out too bad. I have no idea where you are but The Typist thinks you must be where that big hurricane is blowing. Hunker down and stay safe. I will wish you some halcyon days X

  18. That makes me so mad! I'm sure Dexter didn't do anything to deserve a bite on the face. Someone at daycare better speak up and/or do some paying up of vet bills. Wow, hope you'll all be snug as bugs during Sandy. I knew some people weren't going to agree with Big Orange not sounding cool (Syracuse and UT fans both).

  19. Oh, Dexter, we've been hearing about Frankenstorm on the news - we hope you'll be ok!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie

  20. We know it was just a lucky bite! No LITTLE dog would ever get the better of you.

    We've been following Frankenstorm on the news way down here. We hope it's not as bad as predicted....glad you're ready....but the important thing is DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TREATS?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. Us little pups can pack a punch if we gots to! Just sayin'....not that ME would ever do dat to you.

    Be safe when old FRANKENSTORM comes a knockin!

  22. The the Herd is right. If you tell those little dogs to BACK OFF Ll the humans FREAK out. Sheesh. We just hope ou and the fam stay safe during the storm. We used our Big Red after the earthquake in 1994 and our freezer and our fishies who lived in their big glass house were very happy.

  23. Yah, I hope the little guys dont get you again, better sleep with one eye open ya know? Stay safe!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  24. Looks like you're well prepared Dexter. I don't think it's headed my way, but I'm hunkered down just in case.

  25. Those darn little doggies will get you everytime!!! The shame!! I hope all goes well when you return to daycare.
    Stay safe during the storm, and by all means make sure that chimney gets put up. We had to run a generator during the summer when we lost power. My daddy would not put it nowhere near even our garage. He put it outside, and covered it with a tarp so it wouldn't get rain in it.
    Stay safe we will be checking in on you handsome boy!

  26. The 2-legs slave and I have many friends in the path of that Frankfurterstorm, and the slave says we have to send all the good juju we have over to the east for them to be safe. As one of the Chosen Species, I do not understand all this fuss over frankfurters, as they are well beneath my gastronomical preferences, but say La-Vee.

    Do be safe, Mr. Dexter, and keep your momma and master safe as well.

    THE Cat

  27. Stay safe there Dexter! Big Red looks nice! We will come over if we lose power at our place ok. I'm sure it's not that far to go from NJ to your place. :)

  28. As a little dog, I just gotz to say... we are sneaky little buzzards!! BOL. Oh yes, I know of which I speak!

    You stay safe Dexter and keep the estate safe too!

    Your (little) pal, Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz

  29. looks like you are prepared for the storm......and as for those little dweebs - a few good bites will put them in their place!

  30. Really, does the DOH have NOTHING better to do than inspect your face for toothie holes? I mean, it's DAYCARE, for heaven's sake. It's not like it's obedience school or something. BTW, we've heard rumors that you might have been set upon by a terror-dog. Gotta watch those little devils - especially since if you retaliate, it will be all "Oh, Dexter, you a such a bully," while the sneaky little terror dog will be snickering away. Stay safe with the Frankenstorm on its way. BTW, after the big ice storm that hit the southern states in 2002 (or something), our Granny and Grandpa put in a big generator (they have a well, but an electric pump, and an ornamental fireplace - it works, but it is so small, it doesn't put out much heat). They lost power for a week during that storm, and had lost power several times before from hurricanes and whatnot. Since they put in the generator, they haven't lost power once. True story!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  31. Dexter, you aren't a never told anybuddy that you got bit at was the stoopid Daycare peeps that told your mom what happened. You're no snitch!! So hold your head up high at Daycare.

    We're purring that you all stay safe and sound from the Frankenstrom.

  32. Howdy Dex. As if you were bit by a small doggie. Why my dogness, you lived with the most Relentless Huge doggie of all and knew how to look after yourself. We believe it is all lies and was actually the biggest doggie there. Enough said mate.

    Keep safe from the big storm. We saw reports on our TV this morning and it sounds scary. We'll keep you all in our thoughts. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  33. Stay safe Dexter.... The list of possible attackers seems very long - midget dogs, Frankenstorm, and even carbon monoxide!

    We need a generator... but I'm so glad that you have one for this storm!

  34. We sure do hope that your owie gets better!!! We think the teachers at the daycare should be paying closer attention!! We have our generator ready to go to...but we don't have a name for ours because we usually run in the other direction when we see it!! Here in NY we are pretty much just planning on staying inside til the storm is over. Yikes, it is kind of scary!! Hope you are feelin' better!! Stay SAFE!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  35. Dexter, next time a bully starts botherin you, you just give me a howler. We'll gang up on the dude and he'll never bully another nice fella like you again! :)

    So relieved to know you have Big Orange (I like orange ;) and that you will all be riding out the storm together at home. :) Hopefully you will not be too affected by HS! Will be keepin paws crossed for you my furiend.

    Waggin at ya,

  36. Great advice there Dexter!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and The Sweet Buglets

  37. We're keeping our paws crossed for everyone in Sandy's way! Hopefully everyone at daycare will talk so much about the storm that they won't even think about your momma's little faux pas.

  38. I hope ur eye is all better soon. Hugs for the storm folks. (((Hugs))) and fir u and ur Mom. (((Luv)))

  39. OK, so tell me where your human brother got the transfer switch for the generator. I need one to run my furnaces, water pump and Monday Night Football. Although I must confess that PPL has not failed me yet, I do expect them to. And then I will be cranky.

  40. Well, Dex, your mom's gotta know how it happened so she can help you avoid eye owies in the future. You're not a rat. No one would ever accuse you of that. (I hope you enjoyed that rhyme.) And don't feel bad - I had a Yorkie come at me once. I mean - it was sitting on MY mom's lap and I went over to say hi to my mom and the little thing attacked me! ME! The Dave! Can you believe it?!?! I did the only thing I could do - I pinned my ears back and walked away. My mom was so proud of me for not eating the thing, she dumped in on her owner, then came and gave me treats and hugs. I think you should get treats and hugs. Just on general principles.
    Good move with getting Big Red ready!

  41. Well, Jed is perplexed as to why you didn't bite the little devil. Abby says it's a good thing you didn't, as the little devil would have found some way to blame it on you. Mama says life often isn't fair. Anyway, hope your infection is better and there is no lasting damage to your eyeball.

    You are SO lucky to have pawrents who provide you with a generator in case of power loss; can't let your cheese treats get rancid. Wish we had one.

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