Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being an Only Dog

Why is it that the state of being the sole canine in a household is referred to as "only dog?" As if to say that there being "just one dog" is a forlorn condition fraught with sorrow and sulking about the house? 

I admit that the night Momma absconded with the Relentlessly Huge only to return with his collar and a curiously painful expression on her face I was a bit put off.

Where's Mango? 

In the weeks since, I have had the odd moment of yearning myself for the days when Mango stumbled around the house and provided yours truly with entertainment and companionship.

But life goes on, does it not? And I will be honest that I am enamored with the benefits of being top dog. 

For starters, I am getting many more walkies during which we range further afield. Sure, there is the odd photo opportunity with which I need to indulge the DOH (as in the picture below entitled "black lab sitting in construction related donut").

Can we please move along now?

But that's a small price to pay for the adventure of new things to snuffle and the rush of trotting along at a brisk pace for miles on end.

Almost daily, I can now play with my stuffies for as long as I want and while I am content to buck and tussle with them on my own, I do also love the extra umph provided by encouraging my humans to give one the occasional toss.

Wild boar alert! 

I am, however, confounded by the fact that my morning supply of cheese food has been cut off and persist in casting mournful glances at the cold box.

Cheese, please.

Being the guardian of the estate is not all fun and games. Yours truly has rather reluctantly taken up the task of waiting on the deck for momma to come home. Why, I wonder, does this require being outdoors when the sight of my happy face in the warmth and comfort of the interior would certainly be equally joyful for her after a hard day of sitting in her cubicle and muttering HBO words (sometimes I fear, not as quietly as she ought).

Hurry up, lady, who knows what might be lurking in the dark?

But on the whole, life is good for yours truly. I am sleeping much better now and so is momma. I go to daycare twice each and every week to visit with my pals. I get to have snuggle and wrestling sessions to my heart's content and I am back to the selfless activity of doing odd behaviors in return for cookies.

Now, given that save for the year after Raja crossed over the bridge, momma and master have been a multi-dog family for over two decades, it seemed only natural to inquire as to their intentions along those lines.

"Oh Dexter," replied momma, "I am really enjoying getting to know you right now. If the time comes that another dog makes sense, we will all know it, but for now, I like our family of three."

Smart lady, my momma.

Dexter done!

P.S. We have been quite remiss in visiting blogs of late. While I realize that momma was never very consistent it seems that recently looking at posts from some of our dearest friends causes her to become quite weepy and mournful for her ridiculously large companion. So, I am being patient and I hope you will be as well.


  1. Well said, Dex! Being an only dog is fun, too. No more having to avoid tripping over the old one.. But I do want someone to run and play with eventually, I think!

    Kisses, Gummi

  2. Dexter Dude: I fondly remember the days of being an only dog, and while I occasionally enjoy the comic relief that Teka provides, my advice to you would be to go totally cracker dog if they even think about a Jack Russell

    your pal

  3. Oh Dexter, I hope you enjoy this time just as a family of three. That's what we are here and I am very content with it.

  4. Of course we will be patient with your Mommy, we understands how sads she is and how much she still misses Mango.

    I personally likes being an only dog, but then I has the cats to keep me company. I sure do wish Arty would come home and play with me. Scylla just runs from me and Socks whaps me when I try to play with him. ~Fenris

  5. I am kinda jealous Dexter and wish I could try out being an only dog....If you ever want to experience The chao...I mean crazi....well I can't put the feeling into words (or Mama may scold me), just let me know and I will let you borrow ALL my brothers for a day or 2!

    We more than understand and tell the DOH that she should by all means take all the time she needs...and thank her for me...she is the one of the main reasons we got Mama to get her butt in gear and back into DWBland!!


  6. Dexter, none of us has ever known what it is to be an "only dog", but we can see from your post that it does have many pluses. We hope you and Mom are having a great time together. And just one thought, even though the RH is not there in body, that huge body, he will forever be there in spirit.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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  8. Dex, live it up on all the extra attention. Sigh...I really do miss being an only dog sometimes...

    lots of licks, Ruby

  9. There's a lot to be said for being an only dog AND for having a sibling. I say experience both when it's the right time! Now's the time to be on your own, and it sounds like you're doing grreat at it.

  10. Dexter Dude,

    I know you and your momma miss Mango, but I'm so glad you're enjoying being an only dog. I LOVE being an only dog because I get ALL of the attention and mom can do more with me! Plus momma says we couldn't travel as much with two dogs, and we love to travel. Mom & dad used to want 2 dogs, but now they're very happy with just 3 of us. I like having friends over to visit and I love hiking with my friends, but I really like having my momma all to myself.

  11. Tell your momma we understand about reading/commenting on other blogs.

    Your pal,

  12. Dexter, I'm enjoying getting to know just you, too. I think most dogs, Cabana included, like to be the only dog sometimes. That's why fostering is so great--keep 'em for a while then send 'em on their way. You'll all know when the time is right. I think it's super sweet that you wait outside for momma to come home. Cabana doesn't even get up from wherever she's sitting when we come home!

  13. Dexter! Being an only dog sounds like lots of fun except for the no cheese part. Do you think you need to be in a multi dog household to get the cheeses?

    Sam and Pippen

  14. Please explain the no cheese part. Dairy makes our world go 'round so we're feeling your pain -- and concerned that a similar situation could happen here!

  15. We don't get the no cheese part - that is just rude! And as to being an "only" - there are times we would like to try it out. MOL Enjoy yourself friend!

  16. Monty is getting a taste of being the only dog today, while Sam is at the vet having bumps removed. We fear for our house!


  17. Dexter we all TOTALLY understand about your momma not feeling like leaving comments. We are just SO THRILLED that YOU are with us... when you can be.. around your many exciting adventures and search fur Cheese.
    I agree that there are both good and bad thingys about having a brother or sister in the house. I was an ONLY Dog... fur a LONG (Dachshund Pun fur you) time... Butt then I decided that I wanted my own Puppy. I now have about 87 seconds Every Day... that I do enjoy Ernie.

  18. I'm sure it is quite an adjustment for everyone in your household. I think your Mama is very wise to get to know you.

    Her blog friends will still be there when she has the time and constitution to visit.

  19. Hey Dex! We totally get the adjustment after losing a larger than life, bossy, pain in the tail area brother. While we miss him every day, we love the extra attention, longer walks, getting the toys we want and all together more relaxed atmosphere. We are fine being a two-pack! Our mom said the same thing...we'd all know when the time came, butt it hasn't come and we're just fine. We love your new blog!

    -Bart and Ruby

  20. We totally, totally understand, Dex! Hey, could you do us a favor and hug your mama for us? Seriously, dude. Oh. And I have an exciting post up today that you might really enjoy.
    Play bows,

  21. Awwee... Dex, you da man now! I have to admit, I don't think I'd step up to getting a 2nd either if I'd lost one of my two. That's what I did for Maggie who I think preferred being an only dog. And that's probably what'd I do for either of my other two. Having the DOH to yourself has its benefits, no?

  22. I totally understand, Dexter! After Maggie crossed I became the "only" and I sorta liked it. I got extra hugs and kisses and everything was centered around ME! And guess what - life kinda took a dive when Molly first came to live with us. She was a PIA with shark toofies! Enjoy being the only furchild for awhile. It's not such a bad thing!

    Yer buddy,

  23. We understand completely Dexter! While you and your Mom miss the RH a ton, it must be cool for you to get to know each other more at this time. Love the pix of you and your blog - we look forward to finding out if you ever get the cheese!
    Sammie and Ava

  24. Enjoy being spoiled! I would love two dogs but I do good to hang onto one when we hike and have no time for two hikes a day! Plus, Miss M is so spoiled... OY!

    Momma - give that boy some cheese PLEASE!

  25. No Cheese???? What?? Now, what's with that Dexter??
    I, myself, am an only doggie, and always have been, and I don't thinks I would want to share my Ma with another pups. I am selfish, and I don't likes to share. So there! Ma would love to have another pup, I keep hers in line, and remind her thats I am a Princess of the highest order, and refuse to let anypup invade!
    So far, so good.
    Enjoy your Moms, Dexter. Soon, you might have a new minion to train.



  26. Dexter,

    Your momma sounds very smart using this time to focus on just the three of you with no young pup getting in the way and chasing you. When her eyes leak less, maybe puppies will look different, or maybe your humans will decide three remains the right number for your family now, but in the meantime thank you for keeping us posted with your new blog. We totally understand the not visiting other blogs thing.

    We miss Mango too, and know that the RH one has left a massive hole to fill for your Momma. Give your momma as much time as she needs, lots of cuddles and every day try to do something that makes her smile - then (just maybe) you might get some of that special cheese!

    Sending love and gentle woofs

  27. Dexter, thank you SO much for putting the positive case for being a single dog household. Makes me feel much much better about our set up here in Aberdeen.
    Toodle pip!

  28. Alas....none of us has had the pleasure of being an 'only', but my predecessor, Carys was an only dog for a few years. She loved it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  29. Dexter, it sounds like you have adjusted to your only dog status, although deep down I know you miss more than those cheese treats when it comes to RH. More and longer walkies sounds really nice and I bet those help Momma too. Enjoy the extra attention and tell your momma to take some extra time for herself. Ann TBL

  30. I'm glad Dexter continues to blossom! I know Vito would love to be an only dog, but my hope is that will never happen.

  31. Howdy Dex, yeah mate, I too was an only child for about eight measley weeks! It was fabulous. Then you know who came along and I had to start throwing my weight around. Enjoy yourself buddy boy. Life as an only dog sounds fab to me. Just don't tell Rory cause I do love the big lump. We love your blog and don't worry about the comment thingy. Your Momma needs to relax for a while. Give her a smoochie from us. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  32. Dex, you've matured into such a thoughtful young man. It can be tough to assume the mantle of top/only dog, but you're doing it with grace. Looking for the silver lining and all that. When you're ready for a sibling, you'll know. In the meantime, there are some great You Tube videos out there to teach you how to open the cold box all by yourself so you can solve your cheese deficiency. Momma will be thrilled when you show her you can master this new skill all by yourself.

    Jed & Abby

  33. Dexter you just enjoy being the apple of Mommas eye while you can. And good luck with the cold box. We still haven't worked out how to open it either, now wouldn't that be a trick.

  34. Dexter it is a good thing you wait in the light on the deck for your Momma. Otherwise she might not see you when she arrives home all tuckered out from 'whispering' HBO words all day long and you could scare the CRAP out of her ;P You're a good boy Dexter :)

    Waggin at ya and Mom sends Hugs :)

  35. Dear Dexter

    I was an only dog for about 8 weeks then Taffy came along..... Life has never been the same since and now we have quite the pack here. Having other terriers to play with is fun but I do enjoy my special one to one time with Mum each afternoon.

    AS far as the fridge is concerned may I suggest you continue to train your Mom into opening it every time you stare wistfully at it. These humans get really soppy when we put on our most pathetic face. You will find your perseverance will pay off in the end.


  36. Hi Dexter - Indiana Bones here. I am so glad my human showed me your new blog - remember, fellow labbie - it's all about YOU!!! YOU YOU YOU!!!! Milk it for all it's worth - I do every day with my humans, ha ha ha.

    I will be sure to read from now on, count on it.

    ps - I do miss readying about Mr Relentlessly Huge....we all miss him. Special slobbery kisses for your mama, we are thinking about her.....

    Your friend,

    Indy Bones

  37. Oh Peewee...I hafta admit that pic of the RH's collar without him in it did make me a bit weepy...but life does go on indeed.

    You seem to be shamelessly exporting er um enjoying time with Momma and Master and being the Only Dog. What's it like? I'm not sure I'd even know what to do with myself, but then maybe I'd be all cuddly and sweet if those boyz weren't around??

    I seem to be in big trouble this morning. Mumsie's has been redrafting my ad for was SOOOOO not my fault. You know how I go all insane at many household chores that involve things that look like tunnels? Well, during the Cleaning of the Dryer Lint Thingy I was leaping and snapping at it and um well I might have latched onto Mumsie's arm and hung there for a while till she screamed bloody hell and starting spewing HBO invectives AND slammed the door in my face. Sheesch.

    I'm going to add your new blog to our pack list..about time, huh?

    I might need the spare room for a while.

    XXOO Beastie

  38. We understand, Dexter. Your mom doesn't need to visit right now. Dare I guess that everyone understands...

    R was in just your situation not too long ago. At first he was lost being the only furry one in the house and then he decided that he enjoyed being the center of attention. Then, a little brown dog arrived, and he seemed utterly confused.

    I am happy to report that he's decided that she's the best present ever.

    I know that you and your family will find your way. You remind me so much of our noire dog... What a sweet face you have, Dexter.

  39. Dexter, Dude. You NEED to talk to your mom about the morning cheese thing. You don't want to be wasting away!! We sure do understand about things that make your mom weepy...we go through that same thing here and our brother has been gone now a couple of years. You all will know when the time is right but for now...enjoy all that "only dog" loving!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  40. Mumsie accidentally typed "he" instead of the on her iphone this auto spell corrected her to RH....even the phone honors his memory....

    If you need me to come up and cut the cheese I'd be glad to...just open the darn fridge door...PULL ON IT...


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  42. Dear Dexter Dude, I can't help but mope around the house, look in the closet for Clover, and in general, I just can't shake this "blue funk" and I definitely don't enjoy the quiet and solitude around the house since she left. People ask "Your Woman" all the time if she's going to get another dog because Cosmo [that's me] must be so lonely," to which she usually replies "I am not going to get my dog a dog!" She's so not ready for another dog, but I don't like being an only/lonely dog and hope she gets her sh*t together soon, cause I really need a furry friend to keep me company."

    Oh, and a tip about the cheese thing ... You need to be right there each and every time the fridge door opens, and stick your head in there that way they can't close the door on you and you can just scout out the goodies and grab the cheese yourself and then run upstairs and eat it fast. Just make sure you don't eat tooooooo fast otherwise you might throw up and then you'll never get any cheese again.

    Hang in there ... your friend Cosmo.

  43. There is no shame in being an only dog -

    Just sayin'

    Khyra The Only Dog

  44. Dex...enjoy your special time being the top dog! And I do think that fridge needs a cheese supply for you though. Everything is better with cheese, we so agree! We think of you and your momma often...and no rush to visit blogs, we'll be here when she is up for visiting. :-)

  45. Glad to see you and your DOHs are adjustin' to life with the constant bombardment of His Honorary Hugeness. Lotsa pluses you mentioned there, with the downside of havin' to stand still for more posed Kodak moments...of which I am no stranger. I'm sure that if and when another dawg seems to fit the whims of the PUs they will be sure that you are in agreement with their choice. Until then, carry on my Labradork brotha from anotha motha.

    Woofs wild boar slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  46. Ooops - shoulda been WITHOUT the constant bombardment. Schtupid typist - if'n you want a job done right, gotta do it yourself 'round here.